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    197:00PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Garden City Community College  
     208:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) Southwest (N.M.)  
    214:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) University of Alabama  
    235:30PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Cedar Valley College  
    245:30PM(A) Central Georgia Technical College @ (H) Middle Georgia State  
     2511:00AM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
     4th Annual "Make It A Kid's Day"
     8:00PM(A) San Diego Mesa College @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     At San Diego Mesa College
      8:30PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Miramar University  
      8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Pacific Union (Calif.)  
     26 (A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Southwest (N.M.)  
       (N) Hiwassee College vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Chamber Classic
      2:00PM(N) Talladega (Ala.) vs. (N) Life (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.) vs. (N) Washington Adventist (Md.)  
      2:00PM(A) Cal Miramar University @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
      2:00PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     Faulkner classic Oct 26-27
      4:00PM(A) Selma University @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     Jimmy Faulkner Classic
      4:00PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      6:00PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      6:15PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Manhattan Christian College @ (H) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     8:00PM(A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) Baylor University  
     27 (A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
       (N) Brescia (Ky.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Chamber Classic
      1:00PM(A) Wright State-Lake @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      2:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      2:00PM(A) Association Free Lutheran Bible School @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
      2:00PM(A) Cottey (Mo.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
      4:00PM(A) Manhattan Christian College @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
      4:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      6:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Florida Memorial  
     6:00PM(A) Tohono O'odham CC @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     Grossmont College
      6:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
      6:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.) vs. (N)   
      6:00PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Westcliff University  
      6:30PM(N) Talladega (Ala.) vs. (N) Selma University  
      8:30PM(A) Life (Ga.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     Jimmy Faulkner Classic
    28 (A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Middle Tennessee State University  
     3:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Drury University  
      3:00PM(A) LSU Alexandria (La.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     29 (A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Bethel (Tenn.)  
      (A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) University of Southern California  
      6:00PM(A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Paul Quinn (Texas)  
     7:00PM(A) Oklahoma City @ (H) Oklahoma Baptist University  
      10:00PM(A) Corban (Ore.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
    30 (A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Tulane University  
       (A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Morehead State University  
      5:00PM(A) Trinity College @ (H) Florida College  
      6:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.) @ (H) Central Christian College  
      6:30PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Southern-New Orleans (La.)  
      8:00PM(A) Pensacola Christian College @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     316:00PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      7:00PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Southwestern (Kan.)  
      7:00PM(A) Stillman (Ala.) @ (H) Xavier (La.)  
    1 (A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Murray State University  
      (A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) Stanford University  
      4:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) University of Saint Katherine  
      5:00PM(A)  @ (H) Florida College  
     Florida College Classic
      5:30PM(A) Brewton-Parker (Ga.) @ (H) Coastal Georgia  
      6:00PM(A) Webber International (Fla.) @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
      6:30PM(A) Mississippi University for Women @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
     6:30PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) University of South Alabama  
     6:30PM(A) Alabama A&M University @ (H) Talladega (Ala.)  
     NCAA Division 1
      7:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Emmaus Bible College  
     8:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) University of Tulsa  
      8:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.)  
      10:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Notre Dame de Namur University  
    2 (A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Louisiana State University  
      (A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Austin Peay State University  
      2:00PM(N) Bluefield (Va.) vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Played at East Kentucky Expo Center
      2:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
     Indiana East Red Wolf Classic
      2:00PM(N) Stephens (Mo.) vs. (N) Graceland (Iowa)  
      2:00PM(N) Regent University vs. (N) Middle Georgia State  
     Paul Thigpen Classic
      3:00PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Bethel (Kan.)  
      3:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Arizona Christian  
      5:00PM(N) LSU Alexandria (La.) vs. (N) Langston (Okla.)  
     Xavier University Kick-Off Tournament
      6:00PM(A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     Culver-Stockton (Mo.) Tournament
      6:00PM(A) Warner (Fla.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      6:00PM(A) Cottey (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(N) Saint Mary (Kan.) vs. (N) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     KCAC-Heart Challenge
      6:30PM(N) Missouri Baptist vs. (N) William Penn (Iowa)  
     Grand View Classic
      7:00PM(N) Concordia (Neb.) vs. (N) Peru State (Neb.)  
     Cattle Classic - Seward, Neb.
      7:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) McPherson (Kan.)  
     McPherson Classic
      7:00PM(A) Florida Memorial @ (H) Xavier (La.)  
     Xavier Classic
      8:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Oregon Tech @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
     Bill Holtz Warrior Classic - Rocklin, California
      8:30PM(N) Ottawa (Kan.) vs. (N) Baker (Kan.)  
     Heart/KCAC Challenge
     3 (A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
      10:00AM(N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Played at East Kentucky Expo Center
      11:00AM(N) Doane (Neb.) vs. (N) Peru State (Neb.)  
     Cattle Classic - Seward, Neb.
      12:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Lee University  
      12:00PM(N) Lyon (Ark.) vs. (N) William Penn (Iowa)  
     Grand View Classic
      12:00PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.) @ (H) Montreat (N.C.)  
      12:00PM(N) Warner (Fla.) vs. (N) Middle Georgia State  
     Paul Thigpen Classic
      1:00PM(N) Bethel (Kan.) vs. (N) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     McPherson Classic
      1:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     Culver-Stockton (Mo.) Tournament
      2:00PM(N) Graceland (Iowa) vs. (N) Cottey (Mo.)  
      2:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Indiana East Red Wolf Classic
      2:30PM(A) Piedmont International University @ (H) Florida College  
     Florida College Classic
      3:00PM(N) Saint Mary (Kan.) vs. (N) Baker (Kan.)  
     Heart/KCAC Challenge
      3:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Paul Quinn (Texas)  
      3:00PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
      3:00PM(A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      3:00PM(A) Selma University @ (H) Talladega (Ala.)  
      4:00PM(A) Arlington Baptist University @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
      4:00PM(A) Regent University @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      4:00PM(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas) @ (H) Southwest (N.M.)  
      5:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Ottawa (Kan.)  
     KCAC-Heart Challenge
      5:00PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) McPherson (Kan.)  
      5:00PM(N) Xavier (La.) vs. (N) Langston (Okla.)  
     Xavier University Kick-Off Tournament
      6:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Science & Arts (Okla.)  
      6:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
      6:00PM(A) Stephens (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Holy Names University  
      8:00PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
      10:30PM(A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     Grossmont College
      11:00PM(A) Northwest Christian (Ore.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
     Bill Holtz Warrior Classic - Rocklin, California
    4 (A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) University of Connecticut  
      2:00PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     56:30PM(A) Southern-New Orleans (La.) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
      7:30PM(A) Dallas Christian College @ (H) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     6 (A) Bethel (Tenn.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
      (A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) University of Central Arkansas  
     Farris Gymnasium
       (A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
      (A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Oral Roberts University  
      (A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana-Purdue University at Indianapoli  
     12:00PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) University of Southern Mississippi  
      6:00PM(A) Trinity Baptist College @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:30PM(A) Mobile (Ala.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      6:30PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      7:00PM(A) Arlington Baptist University @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
      7:00PM(A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Xavier (La.)  
      7:00PM(A) Oklahoma City @ (H) Paul Quinn (Texas)  
      8:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Friends (Kan.)  
      8:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Texas) @ (H) Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  
      8:30PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
      8:30PM(A) Bethesda University of California @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    7 (A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) North Texas  
       (A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Bethune-Cookman College  
     5:30PM(A) Middle Georgia State @ (H) Kennesaw State University  
      6:00PM(A) Berea College @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) William Woods (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) St. Ambrose (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) McPherson (Kan.) @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
      8:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      8:30PM(A) UC Merced @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     8 (A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Sam Houston State Univesity  
     Huntsville, TX
      5:30PM(A) Coastal Georgia @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      6:30PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Blue Mountain (Miss.)  
      8:00PM(A) Florida College @ (H) Pensacola Christian College  
     Pensacola Christian Classic
      9:30PM(A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
     9 (N) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Benedictine Classic
       (N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Mid-South Conference/Southern States Athletic Conference Challenge
      4:00PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Walla Walla (Wash.)  
      5:00PM(A) Florida College @ (H) Huntingdon College  
     Pensacola Christian Classic
      5:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Martin Methodist (Tenn.)  
      6:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      6:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) Sterling (Kan.)  
     Tara Patter Classic
      6:00PM(A) Florida Memorial @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:30PM(A) Wiley (Texas) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      6:30PM(N) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) vs. (N) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     Benedictine Classic
      7:00PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
      7:00PM(A) Campbellsville (Ky.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     Mid-South Conference/Southern States Challenge
      7:00PM(N) Oklahoma City vs. (N) Texas College  
     Southwestern Assemblies of God Classic in Waxahachie, Texas - Nov. 9-10
      8:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Prairie View A&M University  
      8:30PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     BC Classic
      9:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     SAGU Classic Tournament
      9:00PM(N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs. (N) Bethel (Tenn.)  
     10 (N) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Benedictine Classic
       (N) Mobile (Ala.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Mid-South Conference/Southern States Challenge
       (N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Mid-South Conference/Southern States Athletic Conference Challenge
      12:00PM(N) LSU Shreveport (La.) vs. (N) Oklahoma City  
     Southwestern Assemblies of God Classic in Waxahachie, Texas
      1:00PM(A) Middle Georgia State @ (H) Voorhees (S.C.)  
      2:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Thomas (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(A) Emmaus Bible College @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
      2:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
      2:00PM(A) Pikeville (Ky.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
      2:00PM(N) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) vs. (N) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     Benedictine Classic
      2:00PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      3:00PM(A) Welch College @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
      3:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
      3:00PM(A) University of the Ozarks @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
      3:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Texas Wesleyan  
      3:00PM(N) Martin Methodist (Tenn.) vs. (N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
      4:00PM(A) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     BC Classic
      4:00PM(A) Texas College @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     SAGU Classic Tournament
      6:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) WVU Tech  
      6:30PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Langston (Okla.)  
      7:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Bethel (Tenn.)  
      7:00PM(A) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) @ (H) Arizona Christian  
      8:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) Southwestern (Kan.)  
     Tara Patter Classic
      8:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
      8:00PM(A) Trinity Christian (Ill.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
      9:00PM(A) Cal Miramar University @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
      9:00PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Simpson (Calif.)  
      9:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
      10:00PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Walla Walla (Wash.)  
     12 (A) LSU Shreveport (La.) @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
      5:30PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      6:00PM(A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) LSU Alexandria (La.)  
      6:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Coastal Georgia  
      6:30PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Mississippi University for Women  
      8:00PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Multnomah (Ore.)  
    13 (A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Ouachita Baptist  
      (A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) University of North Alabama  
      1:00PM(A) Spring Hill College @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     Champions of Character Game
      6:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Dallas Christian College  
      6:30PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Missouri Southern State University  
      6:30PM(A) College of the Ozarks (Mo.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
      6:30PM(A) Texas College @ (H) Langston (Okla.)  
      7:00PM(A) Trinity College @ (H) Florida College  
      8:30PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
      9:00PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
      10:30PM(A) Bethesda University of California @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
    146:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) University of Nebraska-Kearney  
     6:30PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     6:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
      7:00PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
     7:30PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) Louisiana-Lafayette  
      8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
     156:00PM(A) Brewton-Parker (Ga.) @ (H) Life (Ga.)  
      6:00PM(A) Voorhees (S.C.) @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:00PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.) @ (H) Talladega (Ala.)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)  
     6:30PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) Spring Hill College  
      6:30PM(A) Arlington Baptist University @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
      7:00PM(A) Johnson University Florida @ (H) Florida College  
     8:00PM(A) Stephens (Mo.) @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
     16 (A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Oklahoma Christian University  
     OKCU Classic
       (A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) TBA  
     Huston-Tillotson Classic Tournament
      2:00PM(N) Georgetown (Ky.) vs. (N) Oakland City University  
      5:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Texas) @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
      6:00PM(N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) Asbury (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(N) Bellevue (Neb.) vs. (N) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
      7:00PM(N) Science & Arts (Okla.) vs. (N) Haskell (Kan.)  
     SCU Classic
      7:00PM(A) Haskell (Kan.) @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
     Eagle Classic
      7:00PM(A) Manhattan Christian College @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
      7:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) University of Redlands  
      7:00PM(N) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) vs. (N) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
     at Oklahoma City
      9:00PM(A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Oklahoma City  
     Oklahoma City Classic at Abe Lemons Arena - Nov. 16-17
    17 (A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Harding University  
      (A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Ouchita Baptist University  
       (A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) TBA  
     Huston-Tillotson Classic Tournament
       (A) TBA @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
      12:00PM(N) Oakland City University vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     1:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     1:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     1:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     2:00PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
      2:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     2:00PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)  
      2:00PM(A) Florida College @ (H) Johnson University Florida  
      2:00PM(A) Johnson University @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      3:00PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) LSU Alexandria (La.)  
      3:00PM(N) Science & Arts (Okla.) vs. (N) St. Thomas (Texas)  
     SCU Classic
     3:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     3:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      4:00PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
      4:00PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
      4:00PM(N) Philander Smith (Ark.) vs. (N) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
     at Oklahoma City
      6:00PM(A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) Oklahoma City  
     Oklahoma City Classic at Abe Lemons Arena
      6:30PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
     195:00PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
      6:00PM(A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) William Carey (Miss.)  
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
      8:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) University of Saint Katherine  
     20 (A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) Stephen F. Austin State University  
      2:00PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
      5:00PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
      5:30PM(A) Coastal Georgia @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
     6:30PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     6:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
      6:30PM(A) Barclay College @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
      6:30PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
      6:30PM(A) Southern-New Orleans (La.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     6:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Pensacola Christian College  
      7:00PM(A) Northern New Mexico @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
      7:00PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Cumberland (Tenn.)  
      8:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Nebraska Christian College  
      8:30PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Brescia (Ky.)  
      9:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
     215:00PM(A) Southern Oregon @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
      5:00PM(A) Northern New Mexico @ (H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
      6:30PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) St. Thomas (Texas)  
     Eagle Classic
      7:00PM(A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) Florida Memorial  
     7 p.m. EST
     23 (N) TBA vs. (N) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     Jackson Rotary Classic
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Champions Classic
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Xavier (La.)  
     Virgin Islands Tournament at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Vanguard (Calif.)  
       (A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     Thanksgiving tournament Nov 23-24
      3:00PM(N) Oklahoma City vs. (N) Dillard (La.)  
     Our Lady of the Lake University Tournament
      3:00PM(N) TBA vs. (N) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     Neutral Game: Dillard vs. Oklahoma City
      3:00PM(N) Oklahoma City vs. (N) Talladega (Ala.)  
     Our Lady of the Lake Classic in San Antonio - Nov. 23-24
      5:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
      7:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Colorado Mesa University  
     Holiday Inn- Airport Thanksgiving Classic
     24 (N) TBA vs. (N) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     Jackson Rotary Classic
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Champions Classic
       (N) Edward Waters (Fla.) vs. (N) Oklahoma City  
      (A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Northwestern State University  
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Xavier (La.)  
     Virgin Islands Tournament at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Vanguard (Calif.)  
      12:00PM(A) Carver College @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     2:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Quincy University  
      2:00PM(N) Arizona Christian vs. (N) Western State Colorado University  
     Holiday Inn- Airport Thanksgiving Classic
      3:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
      3:00PM(N) TBA vs. (N) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     Neutral Game: Edward Waters vs. Oklahoma City
      3:00PM(N) Dillard (La.) vs. (N) Oklahoma City  
     Our Lady of the Lake Classic in San Antonio
     3:00PM(A) Midland College @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
      5:00PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     Our Lady of the Lake University Tournament
     253:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Texas) @ (H) University of Texas Rio Grande Valley  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Wayne State College  
     265:30PM(A) St. Thomas (Fla.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      6:00PM(A) Fisk (Tenn.) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
     6:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      6:30PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     6:30PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     6:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     275:30PM(A) Simmons College of Kentucky @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
     6:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
     Toy Toss Game
      6:30PM(A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     8:00PM(A) Stephens (Mo.) @ (H) Park (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Midway (Ky.) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      10:30PM(A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) Antelope Valley (Calif.)  
     286:00PM(A) Morris (S.C.) @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:00PM(A) Arlington Baptist University @ (H) St. Thomas (Texas)  
      6:30PM(A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) Talladega (Ala.)  
     7:00PM(A) Auburn University @ (H) Xavier (La.)  
      9:30PM(A) University of Saint Katherine @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     Grossmont College
     29 (A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Brescia (Ky.)  
     5:30PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Middle Georgia State  
     5:30PM(A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Florida College  
      6:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      6:00PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Ecclesia College  
      6:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Trinity Baptist College  
     Game At Trinity Baptist
     6:30PM(A) Bethel (Tenn.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     6:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     6:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     6:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     6:30PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) Southern University - Baton Rouge  
     6:30PM(A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Missouri Baptist  
     6:30PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Park (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
     6:30PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Stephens (Mo.)  
     6:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) Oakwood University @ (H) Talladega (Ala.)  
     7:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
     7:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
     7:00PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
     7:00PM(A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) Oklahoma City  
     8:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) University of Missouri-Kansas City  
     8:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
     30 (A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) LSU Shreveport (La.)  
      6:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.) vs. (N) Morris (S.C.)  
      7:00PM(A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) Southeastern Louisiana University  
     1 (A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Florida A&M  
      1:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     Toys for Tots Game
     1:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     1:00PM(A) Bethel (Tenn.) @ (H) Middle Georgia State  
     2:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
     2:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Stephens (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) Florida College  
     2:00PM(A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
     3:00PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     3:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     3:00PM(A) Bacone (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     3:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
     3:00PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
      3:00PM(A) Paul Quinn (Texas) @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
     3:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Fort Hays State University  
      3:00PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
     3:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     3:00PM(A) Oklahoma City @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     3:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
     4:00PM(A) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Langston (Okla.)  
     4:00PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
      4:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.) vs. (N) Voorhees (S.C.)  
      4:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Texas) @ (H) Sam Houston State Univesity  
      7:00PM(A) LSU Alexandria (La.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     8:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
    23:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) University of Nebraska-Omaha  
     3 (A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
      1:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) Oral Roberts University  
      6:00PM(A) Simmons College of Kentucky @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
      6:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Webber International (Fla.)  
      6:00PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      7:00PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana Southeast (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Mobile (Ala.) @ (H) Xavier (La.)  
     4 (A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Stephens (Mo.)  
       (A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
       (A) Wayland Baptist (Texas) @ (H) Northern New Mexico  
      5:30PM(A) Brewton-Parker (Ga.) @ (H) Thomas (Ga.)  
      5:30PM(A) Carver College @ (H) Middle Georgia State  
     Morris Gym
      6:00PM(A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Coastal Georgia  
     6:15PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Quincy University  
     6:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Oklahoma Christian University  
      6:30PM(A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) Texas College  
     6:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) William Jewell College  
      7:00PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) St. Edward's University  
      8:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Texas) @ (H) Texas State  
     8:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     8:30PM(A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
      8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) UC Merced  
     5 (A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Southern-New Orleans (La.)  
      6:30PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) McKendree University  
      6:30PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Selma University  
    66:30PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) West Texas A&M  
      6:30PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Philander Smith (Ark.)  
     8:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) The Master's (Calif.)  
     71:00PM(A) Fisk (Tenn.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     Elementary Day
      6:30PM(A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Classic Dec 7-8
      6:30PM(A) LSU Alexandria (La.) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
      7:00PM(A) College of the Ozarks (Mo.) @ (H) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     8 (A) TBA @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
       (A) Tougaloo (Miss.) @ (H) University of Arkansas-Pine-Bluff  
     1:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     1:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
      2:00PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      2:00PM(A) Life (Ga.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(A) Voorhees (S.C.) @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
     2:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Southwest Baptist University  
      3:00PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
      3:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Blue Mountain (Miss.)  
      3:00PM(A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Cottey (Mo.)  
     3:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     3:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     4:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.) (AZ)  
      6:00PM(A)  @ (H) Edward Waters (Fla.)  
      6:30PM(A) LSU Shreveport (La.) @ (H) Jarvis Christian (Texas)  
     8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     8:30PM(A) The Master's (Calif.) @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     Grossmont College
     8:30PM(A) Westmont (Calif.) @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
     93:00PM(A) Voorhees (S.C.) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
     106:00PM(A) Simmons College of Kentucky @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
      10:30PM(A) Bethesda University of California @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
     116:00PM(A) Welch College @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
      6:30PM(A) Mississippi University for Women @ (H) Blue Mountain (Miss.)  
     6:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     12 (A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Haskell (Kan.)  
      (A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) Troy Univesity  
      6:30PM(A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Wiley (Texas)  
    136:30PM(A) William Woods (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     6:30PM(A) Columbia (Mo.) @ (H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
      6:30PM(A) Philander Smith (Ark.) @ (H) Mississippi College  
     7:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyan @ (H) Science & Arts (Okla.)  
     7:00PM(A) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Bacone (Okla.)  
     7:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     7:00PM(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas) @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     7:00PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) Langston (Okla.)  
      8:00PM(A) Simmons College of Kentucky @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
    14 (A) Talladega (Ala.) @ (H) University Puerto Rico - Carolina  
     Puerto Rico Classic Dec 14-18
     6:30PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     6:30PM(A) Middle Georgia State @ (H) William Carey (Miss.)  
      7:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Western New Mexico University  
     15 (A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Rust (Miss.)  
       (A) Edward Waters (Fla.) @ (H) Jacksonville University  
     Game at JU
       (A) Xavier (La.) @ (H) Louisiana-Lafayette  
     1:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     1:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      1:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
      1:00PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Alice Lloyd (Ky.)  
     2:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Park (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) Columbia (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     2:00PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
    % Scrimmage Event
    ^ Exhibition Event

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