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    248:00PM(A) Indian Hills CC-Ottumwa @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     25 (A) Loyola (La.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     308:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Ottawa (Kan.)  
     317:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Ohio Christian  
      8:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H)   
     1 (A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
      6:30PM(N) Central Methodist (Mo.) vs. (N) Park (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Champion Baptist @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     Texas Snowstorm
      8:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
      8:30PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     2 (N) Central Methodist (Mo.) vs. (N) Kansas Christian College  
       (A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) TBA  
     Columbia College Classic
      4:00PM(N) Ottawa (Kan.) vs. (N) Graceland (Iowa)  
     Heart/KCAC Classic
      8:00PM(A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     HIE Express Tip Off Classic
      8:00PM(A) Carver College @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      8:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Kansas Wesleyan  
     3 (A) Voorhees (S.C.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     Jimmy Faulkner Classic
       (A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) TBA  
     Columbia College Classic
      2:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
      3:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
      3:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) University of Northwestern Ohi  
      3:00PM(N) Saint Mary (Kan.) vs. (N) Graceland (Iowa)  
     Heart/KCAC Classic
      4:00PM(A) Maranatha Baptist University  @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      5:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Texas College  
      6:00PM(A) University of Saint Katherine @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
      6:00PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      8:00PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     HIE Express Tip Off Classic
     8:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Union University  
     58:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Park (Mo.)  
     6 (N) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) vs. (N) TBA  
     Nov. 6-7: Central Baptist College Tournament
       (A) Oklahoma City @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     Baker Classic
      8:00PM(A) Mobile (Ala.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      8:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      9:00PM(A) Southwestern Adventist @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     7 (N) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) vs. (N) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
     Nov. 6-7: Central Baptist College Tournament
      8:00PM(A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     87:00PM(A) Tougaloo (Miss.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
      8:00PM(A) Baptist Bible College @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Missouri Baptist  
     9 (N) Central Methodist (Mo.) vs. (N) Tabor (Kan.)  
      7:30PM(A) Goshen (Ind.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      8:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      8:00PM(A) Selma University @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      8:00PM(A) Webber International (Fla.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      8:30PM(A) Kansas Christian College @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     Baker Classic
    10 (A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  
       (N) Avila (Mo.) vs. (N) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     Baker Classic
       (N) Central Methodist (Mo.) vs. (N) Bethany (Kan.)  
      3:00PM(A) Webber International (Fla.) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
      4:00PM(A) Avila (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     Baker Classic
      5:00PM(A) Welch College @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
      5:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H)   
     13 (A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) Texas A&M University-Commerce  
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
     8:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Maryville University-St. Louis  
    148:30PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     155:00PM(A) Trinity Baptist College @ (H) Florida College  
      8:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Wisconsin-Parkside  
      8:00PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) Loyola (La.)  
     8:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)  
     165:30PM(N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) Ohio Dominican University  
      7:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Blue Mountain (Miss.)  
     17 (A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) Texas Wesleyan  
     3:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      3:00PM(N) Blue Mountain (Miss.) vs. (N) Rust (Miss.)  
     4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)  
      4:00PM(A) Mississippi University for Women @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     5:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     5:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
      7:45PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Cedarville University  
     198:00PM(A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) LSU Alexandria (La.)  
      10:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) University of Saint Katherine  
     208:00PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
      8:00PM(A) Texas College @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     8:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
      10:00PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Nebraska Christian College  
     218:00PM(A) William Carey (Miss.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     23 (N) Missouri Baptist vs. (N) Clarke (Iowa)  
     Columbia College Classic
      3:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
      5:00PM(N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) Presentation (S.D.)  
     Played at William Penn University
     24 (A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
     Columbia College Classic
      3:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     Played at William Penn University
      5:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     26 (A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) St. Mary's University  
       (A) LSU Shreveport (La.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     8:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     8:30PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
    278:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
    288:00PM(A) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas) @ (H) University of Texas of the Permian Basin  
     294:00PM(N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) Hiwassee College  
     8:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     9:00PM(A) John Brown (Ark.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     30 (A) Life (Ga.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     Classic on the Oaks
      4:00PM(N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) Grace Christian University  
     1 (A) LSU Alexandria (La.) @ (H) Dillard (La.)  
     Classic on the Oaks
      (A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
     3:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     Toys for Tots & Snow Storm Game
     3:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
      4:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
     4:00PM(A) Bacone (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     5:00PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     3 (A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Tougaloo (Miss.)  
      8:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H)   
    4 (A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) William Jewell College  
      8:30PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     10:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    58:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Rockhurst University  
     68:30PM(A) Faith Baptist Bible College @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) The Master's (Calif.)  
    78:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) University of Missouri-St. Louis  
      8:00PM(A) Oakwood University @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
     81:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
     3:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     4:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Quincy University  
      4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Blue Mountain (Miss.)  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     128:00PM(A) Haskell (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     138:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) William Woods (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     147:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
    153:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     4:00PM(A) Columbia (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     5:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
      5:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Rust (Miss.)  
     5:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     6:00PM(A) Science & Arts (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     17 (A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     18 (A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
    19 (A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Augustana University  
      (A) Florida College @ (H) Florida Atlantic University  
     216:00PM(A) University of Saint Katherine @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     223:00PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
     284:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) University of Dubuque  
      8:00PM(A) Oglala Lakota College @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     29 (A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.) @ (H) Faulkner (Ala.)  
      (A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Pittsburg State University  
      4:00PM(A) Oglala Lakota College @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
      9:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.) vs. (N) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     University of the Cumberlands Classic
    303:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Lincoln University  
      3:00PM(N) Campbellsville (Ky.) vs. (N) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     University of the Cumberlands Classic
     31 (A) Dillard (La.) @ (H) William Carey (Miss.)  
      3:30PM(A) Lake Erie College @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
    28:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     8:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
    38:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) LSU Shreveport (La.) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
    53:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Missouri Baptist  
     4:00PM(A) Pikeville (Ky.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     4:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
     5:00PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     5:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Martin Methodist (Tenn.)  
     5:00PM(A) LSU Alexandria (La.) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     77:30PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Central State University  
     8:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
    88:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Texas Wesleyan  
    105:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     8:00PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      8:00PM(A) Rust (Miss.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
     8:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Park (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     9:00PM(A) Langston (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) (AZ) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    12 (A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     3:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     4:00PM(A) Life (Ga.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     4:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     5:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     5:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     158:00PM(A) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.) @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
    168:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     8:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
    177:30PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)  
     8:30PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     9:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
     9:00PM(A) Southwestern Christian (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) Westmont (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    193:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     3:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     3:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     4:00PM(A) Faulkner (Ala.) @ (H) Florida College  
     4:00PM(A) Harris-Stowe State (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
      6:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Thomas More College  
     6:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Oklahoma City  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
    218:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     8:30PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
    228:30PM(A) Lyon (Ark.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
    248:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
     8:30PM(A) Paul Quinn (Texas) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     8:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Bacone (Okla.)  
     10:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    26 (A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     3:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     4:00PM(A) Campbellsville (Ky.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     4:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) John Brown (Ark.)  
      5:00PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
    308:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Culver-Stockton (Mo.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
    318:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Life (Ga.)  
     8:30PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) William Woods (Mo.)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Science & Arts (Okla.)  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
    23:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Columbia (Mo.)  
     4:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
     5:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     5:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     6:00PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     47:00PM(A) Thomas More College @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     8:30PM(A) Blue Mountain (Miss.) @ (H) Bethel (Tenn.)  
    510:30AM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     9:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyan @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
    68:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     8:30PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
    77:30PM(A) Bethel (Tenn.) @ (H) Dalton State (Ga.)  
     8:00PM(A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      8:00PM(A) Tougaloo (Miss.) @ (H) Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)  
     8:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
     9:00PM(A) Oklahoma City @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) The Master's (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    9 (N) William Penn (Iowa) vs. (N) Baker (Kan.)  
     3:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) Clarke (Iowa)  
      3:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
     4:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     5:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     6:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Southwestern Christian (Okla.)  
    128:30PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
    138:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
    148:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Pikeville (Ky.)  
     8:30PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.) @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     9:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Arizona Christian  
    16 (A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) (AZ)  
     3:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa) @ (H) Evangel (Mo.)  
     4:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)  
     5:00PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)  
     5:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     5:00PM(A) Mount Mercy (Iowa) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
     Senior Day
     5:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     5:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Cumberland (Tenn.)  
     6:00PM(A) SAGU (Texas) @ (H) Langston (Okla.)  
    208:30PM(A) Clarke (Iowa) @ (H) Culver-Stockton (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     8:30PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     8:30PM(A) MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
     Senior Night
    218:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     8:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Park (Mo.)  
     8:30PM(A) Jarvis Christian (Texas) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     9:00PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     10:30PM(A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
    234:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.) @ (H) Stephens (Mo.)  
     4:00PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     4:00PM(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas) @ (H) SAGU (Texas)  
     Senior Day
     5:00PM(A) Evangel (Mo.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
     Senior Day
     5:00PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
     Senior Day
     5:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(A) Wiley (Texas) @ (H) Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)  
     5:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     10:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) Westmont (Calif.)  
    25 (A) TBA @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     Heart of America Conference Tournament First Round
    27 (A) TBA @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     Heart of America Conference Tournament Quarterfinals
     1 (N) Dillard (La.) vs. (N) TBA  
     GCAC Basketball Tournament
      (A) TBA @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     Heart of America Conference Tournament Semifinals
     2 (N) Dillard (La.) vs. (N) TBA  
     GCAC Basketball Tournament
     3 (N) Dillard (La.) vs. (N) TBA  
     GCAC Basketball Tournament
      (A) TBA @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     Heart of America Conference Tournament Championship
     4 (N) TBA vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Played at East Kentucky Expo Center
     5 (N) TBA vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Played at East Kentucky Expo Center
     6 (N) TBA vs. (N) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
     Played at East Kentucky Expo Center
     12 (N) TBA vs. (N) Grand View (Iowa)  
     NAIA Division 1 National Tournament
     20 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     21 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     22 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     23 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     5:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     25 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     26 (N) Shawnee State (Ohio) vs. (N) TBA  
     Played at Municipal Auditorium
     28 (A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) TBA  
     AMC Conference Championship
    % Scrimmage Event
    ^ Exhibition Event

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