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Yesterday's Scores


Men's Cross Country
 2210:00AMStillman - AL@FireHawk InvitationalNo Team Score
  5:30PMBaker - KS@Raven Invite2nd of 6
   Soka - CA@@ Titan Invitational (Cal State University, Fullerton- Fullerton, CA)9th of 11
  Team Time: 145:00 Distance: 8k
Course Description/Comments: very fast course, but gps watches all said 4.95-4.96 miles, so pretty accurate 8k...
Competing NAIA schools: Vanguard, Soka, Marymount, Pacific Union
Randall Lindenmayer27:15
Kofi Sarkodie34:47
Adrian Echavarria31:36
Naoki Kasai26:42
Gudari Castillo32:58
Jordan Bravo26:59
Ryota Kamiuchi32:20
  7:30PMVanguard - CA@Titan Invitational5th of 11
  5:15PMRio Grande - OH@at Rio Grande Classic in Rio Grande, OH1st of 2
  Team Time: 138:15 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 16
1-5 Time Split: 03:03
1-7 Time Split: 04:46
Competing NAIA schools: Rio GRande, Pikeville, WVU-Tech
1Cody Booth25:26
2Danuel Persinger27:51
3Austin Setty28:06
4Dean Freitag28:27
5Matthew Spetnagel28:29
7Jason Springer29:38
10Kyle Lightner30:12
   Bryan - TN@Fire Hawk Invitational1st of 8
  Team Time: 137:37 Distance: 8000 Meters Total Runners: 65
1-5 Time Split: 02:47
1-7 Time Split: 04:49
Competing NAIA schools: Freed Hardeman, Stillman, Tennessee Southern, Point
3Zachary Sever26:19
4Jackson Hughes26:37
15Devin Henderson27:28
19Nathan Vander Wilt28:04
32Luke Page29:06
33Elijah Johnson29:08
46Samuel Olson31:08
Women's Cross Country
  11:00AMStillman - AL@FireHawk InvitationalNo Team Score
  5:00PMBaker - KS@Raven Invite3rd of 5
   Soka - CA@@ Titan Invitational (CSU Fullerton Campus- Fullerton, CA)9th of 10
  Team Time: 110:42 Distance: 5k
Course Description/Comments: Very fast course, flat, lots of pavement
Monica Donayre22:56
Clam Belisle24:34
Wendy Wimmer23:16
Naomi Otsuka19:32
Hiromi Hashide23:26
Miranda Lam21:02
Virtoria Souza e Robles24:27
  7:30PMVanguard - CA@Titan Invitational3rd of 10
  4:30PMRio Grande - OH@at Rio Grande Classic in Rio Grande, OHNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 6
Competing NAIA schools: Rio Grande, Pikeville
1Mackenzie McCarthy18;47
2Jayden Roach20:56
3Abrielle Kerns22:49
4Alyssa Dingus23:58
   Bryan - TN@RedHawk Invitational2nd of 7
  Team Time: 107:53 Distance: 5000 Meters Total Runners: 51
1-5 Time Split: 03:02
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Competing NAIA schools: Freed Hardeman, Tennessee Southern,
4Sarah Welch19:54
8Savannah Fruth20:43
14Katherine Riggs21:33
18Elena Irwin22:43
19Autumn Brazzell22:56
28Sarah Kinzalow24:09
  3:00PMMontana State-Northern@Northern Light Invite1st of 3
  Team Time: 227:20 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 14
1-5 Time Split: 4:29
Course Description/Comments: Full 8K course on mostly grass. Very windy, affecting times. Very small, informal meet against 2, incomplete teams. It was a good trial for the guys, but not a large enough field to be really competitive.
Competing NAIA schools: Montana State University Northern University of Providence
1Field Soosloff
2Michael Irvine
4Brady Albus
5Jaden Koon
7August SpottedWolf
8Eddie Harmon
Men's Soccer
 6:30PM(A) Point - GAdef(H) Kentucky Christian10-0 
 10:30PM(H) RV Embry-Riddle - AZdef(A) Westcliff - CA3-2 (2OT) 
 4:30PM(H) RV Southwestern Christian - OKdef(A) Oklahoma City3-2 (OT) 
 10:30PM(H) UC Merced - CAdef(A) Cal Maritime9-0 
 Senior Night & Ring Ceremony
 8:30PM(A) Southwestern - KSdef(H) Ottawa - KS3-2 
 Senior Night & Alumni Night
 2:00PM(H) RV Oklahoma Panhandle State - OKdef(A) Texas Wesleyan1-0 (2OT) 
 5:30PM(H) Sierra Nevada - NVdef(A) Pacific Union - CA3-2 
 4:00PM(A) Bushnell - OR @ (H) Southern OregonFORFT 
 7:00PM(H) Eastern Oregondef(A) Carroll - MT1-0 
 4:00PM(H) Providence - MTdef(A) Multnomah - OR5-0 
Women's Soccer
 4:00PM(A) Point - GAdef(H) Kentucky Christian1-0 
 2:00PM(A) Oklahoma Citydef(H) Southwestern Christian - OK6-1 
 8:00PM(H) UC Merced - CAdef(A) Cal Maritime15-0 
 Senior Night
 8:00PM(H) 22 Embry-Riddle - AZdef(A) Westcliff - CA2-0 
 6:00PM(A) Southwestern - KSdef(H) Ottawa - KS1-0 
 Senior Night & Alumni Night
 3:00PM(H) Sierra Nevada - NVdef(A) Pacific Union - CA3-1 
 4:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyandef(H) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OK1-0 
 5:00PM(H) Providence - MTdef(A) Multnomah - OR1-0 
 9:30PM(H) RV Eastern Oregondef(A) Carroll - MT2-0 
Women's Volleyball
 10:00PM(H) RV Westmont - CAdef(A) Hope International - CA25-22,25-15,25-16 
 8:00PM(A) William Penn - IAdef(H) Baker - KS15-25,23-25,12-25 
 10:00PM(H) RV Life Pacific - CAdef(A) Vanguard - CA11-25,25-22,25-15,25-13 
 9:00PM(H) Arizona Christiandef(A) Menlo - CA22-25,21-25,25-18,25-16,18-16 
 2:00PM(N) Wiley - TXdef(N) Texas College25-10,25-11,25-9 
 RRAC West Round-Up
 2:00PM(N) Wiley - TXdef(N) Texas College25-10,25-11,25-9 
 Jarvis CC
 8:30PM(A) 16 Dordt - IAdef(H) RV Hastings - NE40-38,17-25,25-21,23-25,8-15 
 7:00PM(A) RV Dakota State - SDdef(H) Dickinson State - ND22-25,15-25,16-25 
  8:00PM(A) Missouri Valleydef(H) UHSP St. Louis - MO25-16,22-25,21-25,19-25 
 9:00PM(H) Park Gilbert - AZdef(A) UC Merced - CA25-20,25-14,25-21 
 8:30PM(A) 1 Jamestown - NDdef(H) RV Concordia - NE19-25,21-25,21-25 
 8:00PM(H) Presentation - SDdef(A) Waldorf - IA25-23,20-25,19-25,25-14,15-11 
  7:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Indiana Northwest - IN25-18,23-25,25-14,25-20 
 9:00PM(H) San Diego Christian - CAdef(A) The Master's - CA25-16,20-25,23-25,25-16,15-11 
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 8:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Rochester - MI24-26,22-25,25-21,22-25 
  6:00PM(H) Rochester - MIdef(A) Goshen - IN25-20,21-25,26-24,17-14,16- 
 8:30PM(A) 14 Northwestern - IAdef(H) 23 Doane - NE19-25,18-25,3-25 
 8:30PM(H) Mount Marty - SDdef(A) Morningside - IA25-16,25-21,25-22 
 8:00PM(H) 4 Park - MOdef(A) Graceland - IA25-16,25-22,25-12 
 7:00PM(A) Midway - KYdef(H) Carlow - PA16-25,13-25,17-25 
 8:00PM(H) Cumberland - TNdef(A) Tennessee Southern - TN25-17,22-25,25-27,25-22,15-12 
 8:00PM(N) Florida Collegedef(N) Crowley's Ridge - AR23-25,17-25,17-25 
 2:00PM(N) Cottey - MOdef(N) Florida College25-17,25-19,19-25,23-25,15-9 
 Court 1
 6:00PM(H) 25 Embry-Riddle - AZdef(A) Simpson - CA25-17,20-25,25-12,25-16 
 8:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MSdef(H) Mobile - AL25-20,20-25,21-25,25-18,13-15 
 8:00PM(H) Saint Mary - KSdef(A) Friends - KS25-21,25-18,25-16 
 Senior Night
 8:00PM(H) Trinity International - ILdef(A) Trinity Christian - IL25-23,27-25,23-25,25-20 
 8:30PM(H) 11 College of Saint Mary - NEdef(A) Briar Cliff - IA25-12,25-13,25-21 
 8:00PM(A) Evangel - MOdef(H) Clarke - IA25-15,14-25,18-25,20-25 
 8:30PM(H) 6 Midland - NEdef(A) 15 Dakota Wesleyan - SD25-21,25-13,25-9 
 6:30PM(H) Bryan - TNdef(A) Tennessee Wesleyan25-14,25-10,25-13 
 Senior Night
 8:00PM(A) RV Indiana Techdef(H) Lawrence Tech - MI22-25,24-26,17-25 
 8:00PM(A) 24 Grand View - IAdef(H) Benedictine - KS22-25,19-25,19-25 
 8:00PM(A) 10 Central Methodist - MOdef(H) Culver-Stockton - MO11-25,12-25,22-25 
 Pink Out
 8:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Oakland City - IN8-25,19-25,22-25 
 7:00PM(H) Point Park - PAdef(A) Indiana Southeast - IN28-26,25-12,22-25,25-21 
 Pink Night
 7:00PM(A) 2 Viterbo - WIdef(H) Mayville State - ND15-25,15-25,23-25 
 8:00PM(H) Rio Grande - OHdef(A) St. Mary of the Woods - IN25-17,25-17,25-21 
 3:00PM(N) Florida National - FLdef(N) Cottey - MO25-15,25-19,25-21 
 Court 2
 7:00PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Siena Heights - MI25-13,21-25,25-22,24-26,15-11 
 8:00PM(H) 20 Ottawa - AZdef(A) William Jessup - CA25-15,25-15,25-15 
 7:00PM(H) William Carey - MSdef(A) Middle Georgia State25-11,25-20,28-30,25-16 
 7:00PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Lourdes - OH25-14,25-23,21-25,25-23 
  7:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) RV Saint Xavier - IL25-17,31-29,25-21 
 Senior Night
 7:00PM(H) RV Loyola - LAdef(A) Brewton-Parker - GA25-12,25-15,25-12 
 6:00PM(N) Florida National - FLdef(N) Lincoln Christian - Il25-23,25-17,25-17 
 7:00PM(A) 8 Bellevue - NEdef(H) Valley City State - ND23-25,18-25,12-25 
 7:00PM(H) RV Loyola - LAdef(A) Brewton-Parker - GA25-12,25-15,25-12 
 7:00PM(H) Madonna - MIdef(A) Concordia - MI25-15,25-17,25-6 
 7:00PM(A) RV Texas Wesleyandef(H) Science & Arts18-25,13-25,14-25 
 7:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) WVU Tech11-25,10-25,20-25 
 5:00PM(H) Northwest - WAdef(A) Walla Walla - WA25-6,25-11,25-15 
 2:00PM(N) RV Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(N) Jarvis Christian - TX14-25,9-25,9-25 
 Played at Paul Quinn College
 3:00PM(H) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(A) Jarvis Christian - TX25-14,25-9,25-9 
 2:00PM(N) Huston-Tillotson - TXdef(N) Louisiana College15-25,20-25,21-25 
 RRAC West Round-Up | DeSoto Recreation Center | DeSoto, Texas
 12:00PM(N) Xavier - LAdef(N) Southwest - NM25-19,25-21,25-14 
 at DeSoto, Texas / DeSoto Recreation Center
  (H) Paul Quinn - TXdef(A) Jarvis Christian - TX21-25,32-30,26-24,25-17 
  6:00PM(N) Iowa Wesleyan vs. (N) Florida National - FLCncl 
 CAC Classic Weekend
 7:00PM(A) Pacific Union - CA @ (H) Benedictine Mesa - AZFORFT 
 Chandler Gilbert Community College
 9:00PM(H) Carroll - MTdef(A) Montana Western29-31,25-14,25-14,28-30,16-14 
 9:00PM(H) 9 Providence - MTdef(A) 17 Montana Tech11-25,25-18,25-16,21-25,15-10 
 10:00PM(H) 13 Eastern Oregondef(A) Warner Pacific - OR25-10,25-20,24-26,25-12 
 10:00PM(A) Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(H) Evergreen - WA23-25,20-25,20-25 
Men's Basketball
  10:30PM(H) Saint Katherine - CAdef(A) Bethesda University of California87-66 
  8:30PM(A) Midland - NEdef(H) Dakota State - SD73-62 
 Dakota State (S.D.) Classic - Doane (Neb.) vs. Presentation (S.D.) - 5:30 p.m.
  6:30PM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Presentation - SD66-55 
  7:00PM(A) Hastings - NEdef(H) Sterling - KS96-62 
  8:30PM(H) RV Dillard - LAdef(A) North American University113-76 
  8:00PM(H) Briar Cliff - IAdef(A) Bellevue - NE78-58 
  8:00PM(H) Governors State - ILdef(A) East-West University88-80 
  8:00PM(H) Montana Westerndef(A) Yellowstone Christian College109-51 
  6:00PM(N) William Penn - IAdef(N) Dordt - IA93-90 (OT) 
 @ Jaguars Tip-Off Classic
  1:00PM(N) Bethany - KSdef(N) RV Wayland Baptist - TX75-68 (OT) 
  3:00PM(H) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OKdef(A) Randall University107-84 
Women's Basketball
  8:00PM(H) Saint Katherine - CAdef(A) SAGU-American Indian University78-65 
  6:00PM(A) 14 Dakota State - SDdef(H) Briar Cliff - IA81-79 
  8:00PM(N) Eastern Oregondef(N) UC Merced - CA88-70 
 Simpson Classic
  6:30PM(H) Dillard - LAdef(A) North American University78-54 
  5:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(H) Lawrence Tech - MI73-71 
  Game 2(A) Viterbo - WIdef(H) Lincoln Christian - Il17-0 (5) 
  2:00PM(A) Viterbo - WIdef(H) Lincoln Christian - Il14-3 
Men's Golf
  9:00AMTaylor - IN@Chariot Run Challenge1st of 9
   Midway - KY@Day 1 - Huntington University Invitational - Chariot Run Golf Club4th of 9
Women's Tennis
   (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 USI Fall Invitational - Wesselman Park
Men's Swimming & Diving
   (H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Coe College187-34 
  4:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Asbury - KY133-54 
  4:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Campbellsville - KY136-51 
  11:00AM(N) 1 Keiser - FLdef(N) Ave Maria - FL221-33 
  11:00AM(H) Indian River State Collegedef(A) 1 Keiser - FL195-65 
Women's Swimming & Diving
   (H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Coe College172-41 
  7:00PM(H) Southwest Minnesota Statedef(A) Jamestown - ND145-94 
  4:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Campbellsville - KY155-30 
  4:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Asbury - KY119-66 
  11:00AM(N) 1 Keiser - FLdef(N) Ave Maria - FL219-31 
  11:00AM(H) Indian River State Collegedef(A) 1 Keiser - FL157-105 
Men's Wrestling
  8:00PMJamestown - ND@Orange and Black Scrimmage--Harold Newman ArenaNo Team Score

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