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     107:00PM(A) Algoma University @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
     115:00PM(A) Algoma University @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
     128:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Brandon University  
     135:30PM(A) St. Clair College @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
     143:30PM(A) St. Clair College @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
    166:00PM(A) Moraine Valley CC @ (H) Governors State (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Yellowstone Christian College  
    175:00PM(A) Ancilla College @ (H) Holy Cross (Ind.)  
     6:30PM(A) Lake Michigan College @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
    196:00PM(A) Olney Central College @ (H) Indiana Southeast (Ind.)  
     6:00PM(A) Trinity International (Ill.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
    20 (A) Point Park (Pa.) @ (H) Seton Hill College  
      (A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Saint Xavier (Ill.)  
     10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     Saint Xavier Jamboree
     10:00AM(N) Saint Francis (Ind.) vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     11:15AM(N) Saint Francis (Ind.) vs. (N) Madonna (Mich.)  
     11:30AM(A) Kalamazoo Valley CC @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
      12:00PM(A) Brandon University @ (H) Dickinson State (N.D.)  
     1:45PM(N) Saint Francis (Ind.) vs. (N) Saint Xavier (Ill.)  
      2:00PM(A) Randall University @ (H) York (Neb.)  
     4:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Sonoma State University  
      5:30PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)  
     213:00PM(A) Providence College @ (H) Valley City State (N.D.)  
     VCSU Season Opener
    227:00PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Piedmont College  
      8:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Jamestown (N.D.)  
     235:30PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)  
     6:30PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H) McHenry County College  
     7:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Lake Michigan College  
     7:30PM(A) Iowa Lakes CC @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(A) Bethel (Kan.) @ (H) Randall University  
     10:00PM(A) Notre Dame de Namur University @ (H) Cal Maritime  
     24 (A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Trinity Christian (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Grace (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Presentation (S.D.) @ (H) Jamestown (N.D.)  
      8:00PM(A) Aquinas (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
     Season Opener
    255:30PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Emmanuel College  
     6:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Cedarville University  
      6:30PM(A) Minot State University @ (H) Valley City State (N.D.)  
      7:00PM(A) Bethany (Kan.) @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Dakota State (S.D.)  
     7:30PM(A) Independence Community College @ (H) Ottawa (Kan.)  
      8:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Doane (Neb.)  
      8:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Pacific Union (Calif.)  
      8:30PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Westcliff University  
     26 (N) Concordia (Neb.) vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Viterbo Invitational NAIA Showcase
       (A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Chamber of Commerce Tournament
       (A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) TBA  
     Antelope Valley Classic 26-27
      2:00PM(N) Washington Adventist (Md.) vs. (N) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      3:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      4:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
      5:00PM(N) Madonna (Mich.) vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     Taylor (Ind.) Classic
      5:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
      5:00PM(N) Bellevue (Neb.) vs. (N) Randall University  
     OKWU Classic
      6:00PM(A) Bethany (Kan.) @ (H) Nebraska Christian College  
      6:00PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      6:00PM(A) Cardinal Stritch (Wis.) @ (H) Viterbo (Wis.)  
      6:15PM(A) Missouri Baptist @ (H) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Asbury (Ky.) @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
     Upland, Ind.
      7:00PM(N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) Michigan-Dearborn  
     Lawrence Tech (Mich.) Classic
      7:00PM(A) Providence College @ (H) Presentation (S.D.)  
      7:00PM(N) St. Francis (Ill.) vs. (N) Asbury (Ky.)  
     27 (N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Viterbo Invitational NAIA Showcase
       (A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Bethel (Tenn.)  
     Chamber of Commerce Tournament
       (A) TBA @ (H) Viterbo (Wis.)  
      11:00AM(A) Roosevelt (Ill.) @ (H) Bethel (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Spring Arbor (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H) Fisk (Tenn.)  
      1:00PM(A) Goshen (Ind.) @ (H) Holy Cross (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Allen (S.C.)  
      1:30PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) IU Kokomo (Ind.)  
      2:00PM(A) Indiana Northwest (Ind.) @ (H) Judson (Ill.)  
      2:00PM(N) Ohio Christian vs. (N) Michigan-Dearborn  
      2:00PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Carver College  
     2:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast (Ind.) @ (H) Franklin College  
      2:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Shawnee State (Ohio)  
      3:00PM(A) Montreat (N.C.) @ (H) Warren Wilson (N.C.)  
      3:30PM(A) Grace (Ind.) @ (H) Cornerstone (Mich.)  
      4:00PM(N) Bellevue (Neb.) vs. (N) Central Bible College  
     OKWU Classic
      4:00PM(N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
     Lawrence Tech (Mich.) Classic
      4:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Hope International (Calif.)  
     4:00PM(A) UC Merced @ (H) Cal State-Stanislaus  
      4:30PM(N) Asbury (Ky.) vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     Taylor (Ind.) Classic
      5:00PM(A) Trinity International (Ill.) @ (H) Emmaus Bible College  
      6:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Graceland (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(A) Madonna (Mich.) @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
     4-State Tip-Off Classic
      7:00PM(A) Dordt (Iowa) @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
     7:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Minot State University  
      8:00PM(A) Washington Adventist (Md.) @ (H) Pikeville (Ky.)  
     283:00PM(A) University of Saint Katherine @ (H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
      3:00PM(A) Cal Miramar University @ (H) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.)  
    29 (A) Carlow (Pa.) @ (H) Bethany College  
      6:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
      6:30PM(A) Tabor (Kan.) @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
      7:00PM(A) Nebraska Christian College @ (H) Bethel (Kan.)  
    30 (A) Point Park (Pa.) @ (H) La Roche College  
      3:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Grace Christian University  
      5:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
      5:30PM(A) Bethel (Ind.) @ (H) Holy Cross (Ind.)  
      5:30PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) Bluefield (Va.)  
      5:30PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) Spring Arbor (Mich.)  
      6:00PM(A) Roosevelt (Ill.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
      7:00PM(A) Huntington (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
      7:00PM(A) Goshen (Ind.) @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
      7:00PM(A) Hastings (Neb.) @ (H) Kansas Wesleyan  
      7:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)  
      7:00PM(A) Virgin Islands @ (H) St. Thomas (Fla.)  
      7:00PM(A) Bacone (Okla.) @ (H) Sterling (Kan.)  
     7:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Kenyon College  
      7:30PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
      8:00PM(A) Buena Vista University @ (H) Dordt (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H) Silver Lake (Wis.)  
      8:30PM(A) Corban (Ore.) @ (H) Pacific Union (Calif.)  
     31 (A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.)  
      5:30PM(A) Indiana South Bend (Ind.) @ (H) IU Kokomo (Ind.)  
      5:30PM(A) Thomas (Ga.) @ (H) Point (Ga.)  
      6:30PM(A) Central Methodist (Mo.) @ (H) Midland (Neb.)  
      6:30PM(A) Mount Marty (S.D.) @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
     Halloween Costume Contest
      7:00PM(A) Nebraska Christian College @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Mid-America Christian (Okla.) @ (H) Southwestern (Kan.)  
     12:00PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Carroll (Mont.)  
     Season Opener
      3:00PM(A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Governors State (Ill.)  
      5:00PM(A) Paul Smith's (N.Y.) @ (H) Green Mountain (Vt.)  
      6:00PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Voorhees (S.C.)  
      6:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) Cumberlands (Ky.)  
      6:00PM(A) Indiana Tech @ (H) Marian (Ind.)  
      6:00PM(A) Indiana Tech @ (H) Huntington (Ind.)  
      6:30PM(A) IU Kokomo (Ind.) @ (H) Judson (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Union (Ky.)  
      7:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Montana Tech  
     7:00PM(A) Siena Heights (Mich.) @ (H) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
      7:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Bethel (Ind.)  
     7:00PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Savannah State University  
      8:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
     BU/NCC Classic
      8:30PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) Holy Names University  
      8:30PM(A) Fisk (Tenn.) @ (H) Brescia (Ky.)  
      9:00PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
     2 (A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Dordt (Iowa)  
       (N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Pikeville (Ky.) Classic
      1:00PM(A) Saint Francis (Ind.) @ (H) Doane (Neb.)  
     Concordia Cattle Classic
      2:00PM(N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     First Bank Richmond Classic
      2:00PM(A) Oklahoma Wesleyan @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
     BU/NCC Classic
      2:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Arizona Christian  
      3:00PM(N) Bethel (Kan.) vs. (N) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
     McPherson Classic
      4:00PM(A) Southeastern (Fla.) @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
     First Bank Richmond Classic - Indiana Wesleyan vs. Lindsey Wilson at 2 p.m.
      4:00PM(A) Huntington (Ind.) @ (H) Cornerstone (Mich.)  
      5:00PM(A) Point (Ga.) @ (H) Pensacola Christian College  
     5:30PM(A) St. Thomas (Fla.) @ (H) Florida Tech  
      6:00PM(A) Hastings (Neb.) @ (H) Haskell (Kan.)  
      6:00PM(A) Briar Cliff (Iowa) @ (H) Saint Xavier (Ill.)  
     -- CCAC/GPAC Challenge | Morningside vs. Olivet Nazarene, 7pm
      6:00PM(A) Rust (Miss.) @ (H) Morris (S.C.)  
      6:30PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Roosevelt (Ill.)  
      6:30PM(N) Saint Mary (Kan.) vs. (N) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     Heart Classic
      7:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Randall University  
      7:00PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Montana Tech  
      7:00PM(A) Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College @ (H) Midway (Ky.)  
      7:30PM(A) Multnomah (Ore.) @ (H) UC Merced  
      8:00PM(N) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
     GPAC vs. CCAC Challenge (Saint Xavier University)
      8:00PM(A) Southwestern (Kan.) @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Eastern Oregon  
     3 (A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
      (A) Carlow (Pa.) @ (H) Westminster College  
       (N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Pikeville (Ky.) Classic
      11:00AM(N) Peru State (Neb.) vs. (N) Doane (Neb.)  
     Concordia Cattle Classic
      12:00PM(N) Southeastern (Fla.) vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     First Bank Richmond Classic
      12:00PM(N) Calumet (Ind.) vs. (N) Dickinson State (N.D.)  
     Game Played at Montana Tech
      12:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Spring Arbor (Mich.)  
      12:00PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.) @ (H) Montreat (N.C.)  
      1:00PM(A) Huntington (Ind.) @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
      1:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Marian (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Ohio State University-Lima @ (H) Wilberforce (Ohio)  
      1:00PM(N) Bethel (Kan.) vs. (N) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     McPherson Classic
      1:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Trinity Christian (Ill.)  
      1:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Goshen (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Fisk (Tenn.) @ (H) Indiana Southeast (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Silver Lake (Wis.)  
      1:30PM(A) Madonna (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
      2:00PM(A) Carver College @ (H) Brenau (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(N) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) vs. (N) Briar Cliff (Iowa)  
     GPAC vs. CCAC Challenge (Saint Xavier University)
      2:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
     First Bank Richmond Classic - Indiana Wesleyan vs. Southeastern at Noon
      2:00PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Dordt (Iowa)  
     2:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Oklahoma Christian University  
      2:00PM(A) Trinity International (Ill.) @ (H) University of Northwestern Ohi  
      3:00PM(A) Sterling (Kan.) @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      3:00PM(A) Wright State-Lake @ (H) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
      3:00PM(N) Presentation (S.D.) vs. (N) Mount Marty (S.D.)  
     SD NAIA Classic
      3:00PM(A) Saint Francis (Ind.) @ (H) Concordia (Neb.)  
      3:00PM(N) Saint Mary (Kan.) vs. (N) Baker (Kan.)  
     Heart Classic
      3:00PM(A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Judson (Ill.)  
      4:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H) Grace (Ind.)  
      4:00PM(A) Morningside (Iowa) @ (H) Saint Xavier (Ill.)  
     -- CCAC/GPAC Challenge | Briar Cliff vs. Olivet Nazarene, 1pm
      5:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Nebraska Christian College  
     BU/NCC Classic
      5:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.) (AZ)  
      6:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Science & Arts (Okla.)  
      6:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
      7:00PM(N) Dakota State (S.D.) vs. (N) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)  
     Sanford Pentagon
      7:00PM(A) Oakwood University @ (H) Washington Adventist (Md.)  
     8:00PM(A) Taylor (Ind.) @ (H) University of Denver  
      10:30PM(A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) San Diego Christian (Calif.)  
     41:00PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Salish Kootenai College  
      1:00PM(N) Dakota State (S.D.) vs. (N) Mount Marty (S.D.)  
     SD NAIA Classic
      3:30PM(A) University of Saint Katherine @ (H) UC Merced  
      5:00PM(N) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) vs. (N) Presentation (S.D.)  
     SD NAIA Classic - Sanford Pentagon
    5 (A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Tennessee State University  
      5:30PM(A) Alice Lloyd (Ky.) @ (H) Milligan (Tenn.)  
      6:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Ohio Christian  
      6:00PM(A) College of the Ozarks (Mo.) @ (H) Bethany (Kan.)  
      6:00PM(A) Keiser (Fla.) @ (H) Morris (S.C.)  
     6:30PM(A) Bethel (Kan.) @ (H) Emporia State University  
      7:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Jamestown (N.D.)  
      7:00PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Grace Christian University  
      8:00PM(A) Life Pacific (Calif.) @ (H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
     8:00PM(A) Saint Xavier (Ill.) @ (H) DePaul University  
      8:00PM(A) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) @ (H) Grand Canyon University  
      9:00PM(A) Taylor (Ind.) @ (H) Metropolitan State College of Denver  
     65:00PM(A) Ohio State University-Lima @ (H) Lourdes (Ohio)  
      5:30PM(A) Indiana Northwest (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
      5:30PM(A) Asbury (Ky.) @ (H) Welch College  
     5:30PM(A) Washington Adventist (Md.) @ (H) Morgan State University  
      6:00PM(A) Kentucky Christian @ (H) Pikeville (Ky.)  
      6:00PM(A) Bethel (Ind.) @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
      6:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) University of Northwestern Ohi  
      6:30PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H)   
      7:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Huntington (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast (Ind.) @ (H) Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College  
      7:00PM(A) Indiana Tech @ (H) Grace (Ind.)  
      8:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Friends (Kan.)  
     8:00PM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) University of Iowa  
     7 (A) Earlham College @ (H) Indiana Tech  
      11:00AM(A) Great Lakes Christian College @ (H) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
     Community Schools Day
     5:30PM(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) @ (H) Brenau (Ga.)  
     5:30PM(A) Point (Ga.) @ (H) Bryan (Tenn.)  
      5:30PM(A) Spring Arbor (Mich.) @ (H) Michigan-Dearborn  
     5:30PM(A) Montreat (N.C.) @ (H) Tennessee Wesleyan  
     5:30PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Reinhardt (Ga.)  
     5:30PM(A) Columbia (S.C.) @ (H) Bluefield (Va.)  
      6:30PM(A) Indiana East (Ind.) @ (H) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)  
      6:30PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Mercy (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(A) Silver Lake (Wis.) @ (H) Roosevelt (Ill.)  
      6:30PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Cottey (Mo.)  
     7:00PM(A) Dordt (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Marty (S.D.)  
     7:00PM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Peru State (Neb.) @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Saint Francis (Ind.)  
     7:00PM(A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
     8:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
      8:30PM(A) UC Merced @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
    8 (A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) University of Akron  
      5:30PM(A) Great Lakes Christian College @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
      6:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) WVU Tech  
     7:00PM(A) Siena Heights (Mich.) @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
      7:00PM(A)  @ (H) St. Thomas (Fla.)  
      7:00PM(A) Ave Maria (Fla.) @ (H) Point Park (Pa.)  
      9:30PM(A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) Vanguard (Calif.)  
     9 (A) Presentation (S.D.) @ (H) Tabor (Kan.)  
     Tabor College Classic
       (A) TBA @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
     Cardinal Stritch Classic
      3:00PM(N) Goshen (Ind.) vs. (N) Kentucky Christian  
     2 p.m. CST - at Trinity International University
      3:00PM(N) Bethany (Kan.) vs. (N) William Woods (Mo.)  
     Tabor Classic
      5:00PM(A) Northwest Christian (Ore.) @ (H) Pacific Union (Calif.)  
      5:00PM(A) Taylor (Ind.) @ (H) Trinity Christian (Ill.)  
      5:00PM(A) Emmaus Bible College @ (H) Trinity International (Ill.)  
     Trojan Classic
      5:00PM(A) Midway (Ky.) @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)  
      5:30PM(A) Morris (S.C.) @ (H) Life (Ga.)  
     5:30PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Union (Ky.)  
      6:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Leah Whittaker Memorial Classic - Grace vs. Lawrence Tech 8 pm
      6:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Peru State (Neb.)  
      6:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Grace (Ind.)  
     At IWU Leah Whittaker Tournament
      6:00PM(N) Science & Arts (Okla.) vs. (N) Sterling (Kan.)  
     Southwestern College Classic
      6:00PM(A) Cal Miramar University @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      6:30PM(A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Governors State (Ill.)  
      7:00PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Oklahoma Panhandle State  
     8:00PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) Minnesota State University-Mankato  
      8:00PM(N) Lawrence Tech (Mich.) vs. (N) Grace (Ind.)  
     At Indiana Wesleyan
      8:30PM(N) Marian (Ind.) vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     Cardinal Stritch (Wis.) Classic
    10 (A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) St. Cloud State University  
       (A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Central State University  
     Teresa Check Tip-Off Tourney
       (A) TBA @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
     Cardinal Stritch Classic
      11:00AM(A) Ave Maria (Fla.) @ (H) Carlow (Pa.)  
      12:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)  
      12:00PM(A) Emmaus Bible College @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
     Trinity International University Tournament
      12:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
      1:00PM(A) Aquinas (Mich.) @ (H) Spring Arbor (Mich.)  
      1:00PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
     At IWU Leah Whittaker Tournament
      1:00PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Bethel (Ind.)  
      1:00PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Grace Christian University  
      1:00PM(A) Midway (Ky.) @ (H) University of Northwestern Ohi  
      2:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend (Ind.) @ (H) Michigan-Dearborn  
      2:00PM(A) IU Kokomo (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
     2:00PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Columbia (S.C.)  
      2:00PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
      2:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H)   
      2:00PM(A) Lincoln Christian (Ill.) @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy (Mo.)  
     2:00PM(A) Bluefield (Va.) @ (H) Point (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(A) Taylor (Ind.) @ (H) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)  
      2:00PM(A) Milligan (Tenn.) @ (H) Warren Wilson (N.C.)  
     2:00PM(A) Reinhardt (Ga.) @ (H) Montreat (N.C.)  
      2:00PM(N) Bethany (Kan.) vs. (N) Presentation (S.D.)  
     Tabor Classic
      3:00PM(N) College of the Ozarks (Mo.) vs. (N) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     Cardinal Stritch (Wis.) Classic
      3:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Leah Whittaker Memorial Classic - Grace vs. Holy Cross 1 pm
     3:00PM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) Midland (Neb.)  
     3:00PM(A) Mount Marty (S.D.) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)  
      3:00PM(A) Morris (S.C.) @ (H) Fisk (Tenn.)  
      4:00PM(A) Dakota State (S.D.) @ (H) McPherson (Kan.)  
      5:00PM(A) Saint Francis (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
      5:00PM(A) Yellowstone Christian College @ (H) Dickinson State (N.D.)  
      5:00PM(A) Cottey (Mo.) @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
      5:00PM(A) Goshen (Ind.) @ (H) Trinity International (Ill.)  
     4 p.m. CST
     6:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
      6:00PM(N) Haskell (Kan.) vs. (N) Sterling (Kan.)  
     Southwestern College Classic
      6:00PM(A) William Woods (Mo.) @ (H) Tabor (Kan.)  
     Tabor Classic
      7:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Rockhurst University  
      7:00PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H) Huntington (Ind.)  
     7:00 PM EST
      8:30PM(A) Oregon Tech @ (H) UC Merced  
      9:30PM(A) Hope International (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
     11 (A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Central State University  
     *Teresa Check-Off Tournament
      6:00PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) Simpson (Calif.)  
      7:00PM(A) Cal Maritime @ (H) University of California-Santa Cruz  
      8:00PM(A) Oregon Tech @ (H) Pacific Union (Calif.)  
    12 (A) Lincoln Christian (Ill.) @ (H) Eastern Illinois  
      (A) Mount Marty (S.D.) @ (H) Augustana University  
     6:30PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Columbia (S.C.)  
      7:00PM(A) Taylor (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana-Purdue University-Fort Wayne  
      7:00PM(A) Bethel (Kan.) @ (H) Manhattan Christian College  
      7:00PM(A) Wright State-Lake @ (H) Lourdes (Ohio)  
      8:30PM(A) Southern Oregon @ (H) UC Merced  
     135:30PM(A) Marian (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
      5:30PM(A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Georgetown (Ky.)  
     5:30PM(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) @ (H) Milligan (Tenn.)  
      6:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast (Ind.) @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
      6:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Fla.) @ (H) Lynn University  
      6:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) Lincoln Christian (Ill.)  
      6:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) University of Charleston  
      6:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
      6:30PM(A) Dakota State (S.D.) @ (H) Trinity Bible College  
      6:30PM(A) College of the Ozarks (Mo.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
      7:00PM(A) Indiana Northwest (Ind.) @ (H) Bethel (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) University of Minnesota-Crookston  
      7:00PM(A) Nebraska Christian College @ (H) Bellevue (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Saint Francis (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Kalamazoo College @ (H) Goshen (Ind.)  
     7:00PM(A) Midway (Ky.) @ (H) Thomas More College  
      7:30PM(A) Huntington (Ind.) @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
      9:00PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
    145:30PM(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.) @ (H) Brenau (Ga.)  
     5:30PM(A) Saint Xavier (Ill.) @ (H) Holy Cross (Ind.)  
     5:30PM(A) Lawrence Tech (Mich.) @ (H) Madonna (Mich.)  
     5:30PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Rochester (Mich.)  
     5:30PM(A) Point (Ga.) @ (H) Montreat (N.C.)  
      5:30PM(A) Morris (S.C.) @ (H) Livingstone College  
     5:30PM(A) CIU (S.C.) @ (H) Allen (S.C.)  
     6:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H) Trinity Christian (Ill.)  
     6:00PM(A) Aquinas (Mich.) @ (H) Concordia (Mich.)  
      6:00PM(A) Virginia State University @ (H) Washington Adventist (Md.)  
     6:00PM(A) Columbia (S.C.) @ (H) Union (Ky.)  
     6:30PM(A) Indiana South Bend (Ind.) @ (H) Robert Morris (Ill.)  
     6:30PM(A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Minot State University  
     6:30PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Trinity International (Ill.)  
     CCAC Opener
     6:30PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H) Cardinal Stritch (Wis.)  
      7:00PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)  
     7:00PM(A) Dordt (Iowa) @ (H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)  
     7:00PM(A) Bethany (Kan.) @ (H) York (Neb.)  
     7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Mount Marty (S.D.)  
     7:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Doane (Neb.)  
     7:00PM(A) Bethel (Kan.) @ (H) Saint Mary (Kan.)  
     7:00PM(A) Sterling (Kan.) @ (H) Friends (Kan.)  
     8:00PM(A) Roosevelt (Ill.) @ (H) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     8:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) @ (H) Northwest Missouri State University  
      9:30PM(A) William Jessup (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      10:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) California Institute of Technology  
    15 (A) Dakota State (S.D.) @ (H) Augustana University  
     6:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Kentucky Wesleyan College  
     6:00PM(A) Southeastern (Fla.) @ (H) Webber International (Fla.)  
      6:30PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Olivet College  
     7:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Cedarville University  
      7:30PM(A) TBA @ (H) Carlow (Pa.)  
     Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
      8:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Concordia College-Moorhead  
      9:30PM(A) College of Idaho @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
     16 (A) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) @ (H) Cal Miramar University  
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast (Ind.)  
     Huntington Tournament
       (N) Spring Arbor (Mich.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Huntington University Classic
      2:00PM(A) Bluefield (Va.) @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
     University of Rio Grande Tournament
      5:00PM(N) Pacific Union (Calif.) vs. (N) Bethesda University of California  
      5:00PM(N) Indiana East (Ind.) vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Taylor University Classic
      5:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) Marian (Ind.)  
      6:00PM(A) Shawnee State (Ohio) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
     Zweifel Pritchett Classic
      6:30PM(N) Bellevue (Neb.) vs. (N) Mid-America Christian (Okla.)  
     College of the Ozarks Classic
      7:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
     Crossroads vs. River States Conference
      7:00PM(A) Carlow (Pa.) @ (H) Youngstown State  
      7:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) University of Saint Katherine  
      7:00PM(N) Point Park (Pa.) vs. (N) Saint Francis (Ind.)  
     Marian (Ind.) Classic
      7:00PM(A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Goshen (Ind.)  
      8:30PM(A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
     Coke Classic
     17 (A) TBA @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
     University of Rio Grande Tournament
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Carlow (Pa.)  
     Penn State Beaver Tournament
       (N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast (Ind.)  
     Huntington Tournament
       (N) Spring Arbor (Mich.) vs. (N) TBA  
     Huntington University Classic
       (A) Washington Adventist (Md.) @ (H) Carlow (Pa.)  
      10:00AM(A) Point Park (Pa.) @ (H) Marian (Ind.)  
     Marian (Ind.) Classic
     12:00PM(A) Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) Columbia (S.C.)  
      12:00PM(N) Saint Francis (Ind.) vs. (N) WVU Tech  
     Marian University Classic
     1:00PM(A) Judson (Ill.) @ (H) Holy Cross (Ind.)  
     1 p.m. EST
     1:00PM(A) Michigan-Dearborn @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
     1:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  
     1:00PM(A) Siena Heights (Mich.) @ (H) Cornerstone (Mich.)  
     1:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Madonna (Mich.)  
     1:00PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
     2:00PM(A) Cardinal Stritch (Wis.) @ (H) St. Francis (Ill.)  
     2:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend (Ind.) @ (H) Trinity International (Ill.)  
     2:00PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) Point (Ga.)  
      2:00PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Lee University  
     2:00PM(A) Governors State (Ill.) @ (H) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)  
      2:00PM(A) St. Thomas (Fla.) @ (H) Florida Memorial  
      2:00PM(A) Bethel (Ind.) @ (H) Lincoln Christian (Ill.)  
     2:00PM(A) Roosevelt (Ill.) @ (H) St. Ambrose (Iowa)  
     2:00PM(A) Saint Xavier (Ill.) @ (H) Calumet (Ind.)  
     Home Opener
     2:00PM(A) Union (Ky.) @ (H) Milligan (Tenn.)  
     2:00PM(A) Montreat (N.C.) @ (H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)  
     2:00PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) Bryan (Tenn.)  
     3:00PM(A) Dordt (Iowa) @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      3:00PM(A) Indiana East (Ind.) @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
     Taylor University Classic
     3:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
     3:00PM(A) Briar Cliff (Iowa) @ (H) Doane (Neb.)  
      3:00PM(N) Cincinnati Christian (Ohio) vs. (N) Indiana Wesleyan  
     Crossroads vs. River States Conference
      3:00PM(A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)  
     3:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Mount Marty (S.D.)  
     3:00PM(A) Hastings (Neb.) @ (H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)  
      4:00PM(A) Viterbo (Wis.) @ (H) Indiana Northwest (Ind.)  
      4:00PM(A) Bellevue (Neb.) @ (H) College of the Ozarks (Mo.)  
     Coke Classic
     4:00PM(A) Ottawa (Kan.) @ (H) Southwestern (Kan.)  
      4:00PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
     Zweifel Pritchett Classic
      5:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Goshen (Ind.)  
     5:00PM(A) Warner (Fla.) @ (H) Southeastern (Fla.)  
     5:00PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Saint Mary (Kan.)  
     6:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Bethel (Kan.)  
     North Newton-Kansas
     6:00PM(A) Sterling (Kan.) @ (H) Tabor (Kan.)  
      6:00PM(A) Benedictine Mesa (Ariz.) @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
      6:00PM(A) College of Idaho @ (H) UC Merced  
      6:30PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      8:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Pomona-Pitzer College  
      10:00PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) University of La Verne  
      10:00PM(A) La Sierra (Calif.) @ (H) Biola University  
     18 (N) TBA vs. (N) Carlow (Pa.)  
     Penn State Beaver Tournament
       (A) Washington Adventist (Md.) @ (H) Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College  
     2:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) @ (H) University of South Dakota  
     195:30PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) LeMoyne-Owen College  
      6:00PM(A) Berea College @ (H) Kentucky Christian  
      6:30PM(A) Brescia (Ky.) @ (H) Union University  
     6:30PM(A) Bethel (Kan.) @ (H) University of Nebraska-Kearney  
     202:00PM(A) Pacific Union (Calif.) @ (H) William Jessup (Calif.)  
      4:30PM(A) Welch College @ (H) Midway (Ky.)  
     5:00PM(A) Bethel (Ind.) @ (H) Taylor (Ind.)  
     Camper Appreciation Day - Tanya Crevier Performance
     5:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) @ (H) Goshen (Ind.)  
     5:00PM(A) Saint Francis (Ind.) @ (H) Spring Arbor (Mich.)  
     5:30PM(A) Holy Cross (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana South Bend (Ind.)  
     5:30PM(A) Brenau (Ga.) @ (H) CIU (S.C.)  
     5:30PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Cedarville University  
     5:30PM(A) Point (Ga.) @ (H) Tennessee Wesleyan  
     5:30PM(A) Milligan (Tenn.) @ (H) Reinhardt (Ga.)  
      5:30PM(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) @ (H) Montreat (N.C.)  
     6:00PM(A) Grace (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Wesleyan  
     6:00PM(A) St. Francis (Ill.) @ (H) Governors State (Ill.)  
     6:00PM(A) Cornerstone (Mich.) @ (H) Aquinas (Mich.)  
      6:00PM(A) Bluefield State College @ (H) Carlow (Pa.)  
      6:00PM(A) Illinois College @ (H) Lincoln Christian (Ill.)  
      6:00PM(A) Point Park (Pa.) @ (H) Penn State - Greater Allegheny  
     6:00PM(A) Robert Morris (Ill.) @ (H) Judson (Ill.)  
     6:00PM(A) Concordia (Mich.) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
      6:00PM(A) Pikeville (Ky.) @ (H) Asbury (Ky.)  
     6:30PM(A) Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) @ (H) Roosevelt (Ill.)  
      6:30PM(A) Dordt (Iowa) @ (H) Dakota State (S.D.)  
     6:30PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) St. Ambrose (Iowa)  
     6:30PM(A) Columbia (S.C.) @ (H) Allen (S.C.)  
     7:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.) @ (H) College of Saint Mary (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Montana State-Northern @ (H) Dickinson State (N.D.)  
      7:00PM(A) Bellevue (Neb.) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
      7:00PM(A) Bemidji State University @ (H) Valley City State (N.D.)  
     7:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Sterling (Kan.)  
     7:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Oklahoma Wesleyan  
     7:00PM(A) Friends (Kan.) @ (H) Ottawa (Kan.)  
      8:30PM(A) Georgetown (Ky.) @ (H) Brescia (Ky.)  
      8:30PM(A) California State University-East Bay @ (H) Cal Maritime  
      8:30PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) UC Merced  
     Alzheimer's Awareness Night
      9:30PM(A) San Diego Christian (Calif.) @ (H) La Sierra (Calif.)  
    21 (A) Dakota State (S.D.) @ (H) University of Sioux Falls  
      6:30PM(A) Trinity International (Ill.) @ (H) Carroll University  
      7:00PM(A)  @ (H) Indiana East (Ind.)  
      8:30PM(A) Westcliff University @ (H) Cal Maritime  
     23 (N) TBA vs. (N) Carlow (Pa.)  
     Virgin Islands
       (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) TBA  
     Missouri Western Classic
      2:00PM(A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Siena Heights (Mich.)  
     *Siena Heights tournament
     4:00PM(A) Valley City State (N.D.) @ (H) Montana State University-Billings  
      5:00PM(A) Aquinas (Mich.) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)  
      7:00PM(N) Taylor (Ind.) vs. (N) Southeastern (Fla.)  
     NAIA Showcase
      8:00PM(N) WVU Tech vs. (N) Taylor (Ind.)  
     NAIA Showcase | Kingsport, Tennessee
     24 (N) TBA vs. (N) Carlow (Pa.)  
     Virgin Islands
       (A) Wilberforce (Ohio) @ (H) Siena Heights (Mich.)  
     *Siena Heights Tournament
       (A) Washington Adventist (Md.) @ (H) Southeastern (Fla.)  
     NAIA Showcase
       (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) TBA  
     Missouri Western Classic
    % Scrimmage Event
    ^ Exhibition Event

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