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    5 Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Alumni DualNo Team Score 
    126:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Intrasquad ScrimmageNo Team Score 
     19 Menlo (Calif.)@OAKtoberFest Weekend No Team Score 
    22 Brewton-Parker (Ga.)@Intrasquad ScrimmageNo Team Score 
     248:00PMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Black and Blue DualNo Team Score 
     256:00PMMarian (Ind.)@Blue & Gold Intrasquad MatchNo Team Score 
     263:00PMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Blue and White DualNo Team Score
     5:00PMProvidence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Green Navy Intersquad Dual No Team Score
     308:00PMMissouri Valley@Purple & Orange DualNo Team Score
     9:00PMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Blue vs. Gold Wrestle-OffsNo Team Score 
     10:30PMEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)@IntrasquadNo Team Score
     317:00PM(H) 14 Graceland (Iowa)def(A) Waldorf (Iowa)43-7 
      8:00PM(H) Oklahoma Citydef(A) Texas Wesleyan47-3 
     17:00PM(H) Jamestown (N.D.)def(A) Midland (Neb.)48-3 
      8:00PM(H) Jamestown (N.D.)def(A) York (Neb.)43-7 
     Jamestown Duals
     8:00PM(H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)48-6 
     Southerland Mabee Center
      8:00PM(A) Oklahoma Citydef(H) Oklahoma Wesleyan55-0 
      8:00PM(N) York (Neb.)def(N) Midland (Neb.)42-12 
      9:00PM(N) York (Neb.)def(N) University of Saskatchewan41-9 
     2 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Macmurray InvitationalNo Team Score 
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Cowboy OpenNo Team Score
       Southeastern (Fla.)@Patriot Open at Cumberlands, KYNo Team Score
       Reinhardt (Ga.)@Season Opener at the Georgia OpenNo Team Score
       Thomas More (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
       Allen (S.C.)@Day 1 - Georgia OpenNo Team Score 
       (H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas)31-9 
       (A) Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(H) Schreiner University34-21 
       (H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Schreiner University31-15 
     Tri-match at TXWES
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score 
      9:00AMRochester (Mich.)@MSU OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMCleary (Mich.) (Mich.)@Adrian Invite9th of 12
      9:00AMBrewton-Parker (Ga.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMMarian (Ind.)@Patriot Open - Cumberlands - Williamsburg, Ky.No Team Score
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Patriot Open (Williamsburg, KY)No Team Score
      10:00AMIndiana Tech@Patriot Open | Williamsburg, Ky.No Team Score
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@CMU OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Jimmie OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Jimmie OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@CMU OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMLC (Ill.)@Bob Kellogg OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCentral Methodist (Mo.)@CMU OpenNo Team Score
     10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Jamestown OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@CMU OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@Jimmie OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      11:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      2:00PM(H) University of the Ozarksdef(A) Lyon (Ark.)41-10 
     6:00PMArizona Christian@Red v Gold DualNo Team Score
     3 Menlo (Calif.)@Menlo OpenNo Team Score
       Vanguard (Calif.)@Menlo OpenNo Team Score 
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Menlo OpenNo Team Score
      2:00PM(H) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(A) Emmanuel College45-0 
     Home Opener
     4 Bluefield (Va.)@Uiversity of the Cumbelands Patriot OpenNo Team Score 
     58:00PM(H) Arkansas Baptist Collegedef(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)24-14 
      9:00PM(N) Ouachita Baptistdef(N) Central Baptist (Ark.)35-17 
     62:00PM(H) Belmont Abbey Collegedef(A) St. Andrews (N.C.)43-6 
     Belmont Abbey
      6:00PM(H) West Liberty Statedef(A) WVU Tech48-3 
      6:30PM(H) Ancilla Collegedef(A) Calumet (Ind.)54-3 
     8:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa)def(H) Central Methodist (Mo.)27-15 
    77:00PMProvidence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Mt State Northern 1st of 2
      7:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.)def(H) Waldorf (Iowa)21-18 
      7:00PM(H) Lourdes (Ohio)def(A) Ashland University29-12 
      7:30PM(H) Chadron State Collegedef(A) Hastings (Neb.)45-3 
     University of Nebraska Duals (Devaney Center)
      7:30PM(A) University of Nebraska-Kearneydef(H) Hastings (Neb.)54-0 
     University of Nebraska Duals (Devaney Center)
      8:00PM(H) Central Collegedef(A) William Penn (Iowa)52-0 
      9:00PM(A) Warner Pacific (Ore.)def(H) Corban (Ore.)29-24 
      10:00PM(A) San Francisco State Universitydef(H) Vanguard (Calif.)32-11 
     85:30PM(N) Rochester (Mich.)def(N) Joliet JC27-25 
      7:00PM(N) Niagara County CCdef(N) Rochester (Mich.)42-9 
     7:00PM(H) Bluefield (Va.)def(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)28-19 
     9 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Oklahoma City OpenNo Team Score
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Kaufman-Brand OpenNo Team Score 
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Trapper OpenNo Team Score
       Menlo (Calif.)@Bill Musick OpenNo Team Score
       Lyon (Ark.)@Kaufman/Brand/Bayly OpenNo Team Score
       Central Christian (Kan.)@OCU OpenNo Team Score
       (A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) Maryville University-St. Louis  
       Corban (Ore.)@Clackamas Tournament11th of 21
       Allen (S.C.)@UNCP OpenNo Team Score 
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@OCU Open, Oklahoma City, OKNo Team Score
      9:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@OCU OpenNo Team Score
      9:30AMRochester (Mich.)@Muskegon OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Dakota Wesleyan OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Kauffman-Brand OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@DWU OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Oklahoma City OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Dan Gable Open (Oshkosh, WI)No Team Score
      10:00AMOklahoma City@Oklahoma City Open at Abe Lemons Arena in Oklahoma CityNo Team Score
      10:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Maryville Kaufman Brand OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@DWU Open @ Mitchell, SDNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Oklahoma City University Open No Team Score 
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Dakota Wesleyan University OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Maryville University OpenNo Team Score
      10:30AMLC (Ill.)@Millikin OpenNo Team Score
      1:00PM(H) Southeastern (Fla.)def(A) Keiser (Fla.)54-0 
      3:00PM(H) California Baptist Universitydef(A) Life Pacific (Calif.)51-0 
     10 Reinhardt (Ga.)@Ohio Collegiate OpenNo Team Score
       Bluefield (Va.)@Averett University Cougar Open8th of 18
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Averett Cougar Open7th of 18
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Averett OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Baker University OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Baker InviteNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Dan Harris Open (Baker)No Team Score 
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Dan Harris OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Dan Harris OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Harold Nichols Cyclone OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMSaint Mary (Kan.)@Baker University OpenNo Team Score 
     128:00PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)FORFT 
     8:00PM(A) Missouri Baptistdef(H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)30-18 
      8:00PM(A) 14 Graceland (Iowa)def(H) Simpson College24-19 
    137:00PMProvidence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Southern Oregon1st of 2
      7:00PM(A) Thomas More (Ky.)def(H) Ohio Wesleyan University27-19 
      8:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.)def(H) Northwest Kansas Technical College25-19 
      8:00PM(A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) King University  
     146:00PM(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)38-12 
      6:00PMLC (Ill.)@MacMurray TriangularNo Team Score
     7:00PMProvidence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Eastern OregonNo Team Score
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)def(H) Oklahoma Wesleyan24-22 
     153:00PM(N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Arizona Christian33-6 
     Embry-Riddle AZ Duals
      5:30PM(N) Arizona Christiandef(N) Sierra College30-24 
     Embry-Riddle AZ Duals
      6:00PM(A) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)33-9 
     ERAU Duals
      6:30PM(N) 5 Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Vanguard (Calif.)40-3 
     Mile High Duals
      7:00PM(A) Coker Collegedef(H) St. Andrews (N.C.)45-8 
     Coker College
      8:00PM(N) Sierra Collegedef(N) Vanguard (Calif.)44-17 
     Mile High Duals
     8:00PM(H) Concordia (Neb.)def(A) Northwestern (Iowa)29-10 
     16 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@ERAU Mile High Open1st of 18
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Grandview OpenNo Team Score 
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Grandview OpenNo Team Score
       (N) Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) Bluefield (Va.)50-0 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
       (N) 9 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) 19 Williams Baptist (Ark.)37-9 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
       (N) 9 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) Lyon (Ark.)51-6 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
       (N) Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) LC (Ill.)46-12 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
       (N) 9 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) 3 Marian (Ind.)21-15 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals - Lindsey Wilson - Columbia, Ky.
       Central Christian (Kan.)@Bethany OpenNo Team Score
       (N) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(N) Belmont Abbey College26-18 
     N.C. State Duals
       Vanguard (Calif.)@Mile High Collegiate OpenNo Team Score
       (N) 7 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) 3 Marian (Ind.)24-19 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals - Lindsey Wilson - Columbia, Ky.
       (H) Marian (Ind.)def(A) WVU Tech59-0 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals - Lindsey Wilson - Columbia, Ky.
       (N) 3 Marian (Ind.)def(N) RV Bluefield (Va.)54-3 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals - Lindsey Wilson - Columbia, Ky.
       (H) Marian (Ind.)def(A) Jamestown (N.D.)50-0 
     NAIA Challenge Duals @ Columbia, KY
       (A) Jamestown (N.D.)def(H) LC (Ill.)49-4 
     NAIA Challenge Duals @ Columbia, KY
       (A) Jamestown (N.D.)def(H) Thomas More (Ky.)28-18 
     NAIA Challenge Duals @ Columbia, KY
       (N) Thomas More (Ky.)def(N) Williams Baptist (Ark.)33-19 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
       (H) Lyon (Ark.)def(A) WVU Tech28-16 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
       (N) 7 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) Lyon (Ark.)50-6 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
       (A) Bluefield (Va.)def(H) Lyon (Ark.)39-16 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
       (N) Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(N) WVU Tech42-11 
       (N) 7 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) 19 Williams Baptist (Ark.)43-6 
       (H) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(A) University of North Carolina-Pembroke27-12 
     N.C. State Duals
       (H) North Carolina State Universitydef(A) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)45-0 
     N.C. State Duals
      8:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Grand View Open (at Southeast Polk HS)No Team Score
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Findlay OpenNo Team Score 
      9:00AMMissouri Valley@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMIndiana Tech@Trine Open | Angola, Ind.No Team Score
      9:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Grand View Open No Team Score 
      9:30AMRochester (Mich.)@Trine InviteNo Team Score
      9:30AMLC (Ill.)@L-W DualsNo Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Bethany College OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Swedes Open (Bethany)No Team Score 
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Bethany OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Southern Scuffle 5th of 9
      10:00AMSaint Mary (Kan.)@Grand View University OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AM(H) Thomas More (Ky.)def(A) WVU Tech46-9 
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Swede Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score
      11:00AM(H) 4 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) 19 Williams Baptist (Ark.)24-21 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
      11:00AM(N) Thomas More (Ky.)def(N) Bluefield State College43-12 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
      11:00AM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) LC (Ill.)48-9 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
      12:00PM(N) Oklahoma Citydef(N) University of the Ozarks27-12 
     Ouachita Baptist Hatcher Duals in Arkadelphia, Ark.
      12:30PM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) Lyon (Ark.)60-0 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
      2:30PM(A) Oklahoma Citydef(H) Ouachita Baptist28-20 
     Ouachita Baptist Hatcher Duals in Arkadelphia, Ark.
      3:00PM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) Jamestown (N.D.)44-9 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
      4:00PM(N) Oklahoma Citydef(N) Emmanuel College23-21 
     Ouachita Baptist Hatcher Duals in Arkadelphia, Ark.
     5:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.)def(H) Simpson (Calif.)43-3 
      5:00PM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) WVU Tech54-6 
     NAIA Challenge Duals
     17 Corban (Ore.)@Mike Clock TournamentNo Team Score
    198:00PM(H) 9 Baker (Kan.)def(A) 14 Graceland (Iowa)32-12 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Graceland Dual1st of 2
    201:30PM(H) Lyon (Ark.)def(A) Arkansas Baptist College33-9 
      6:00PM(A) Coker Collegedef(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)39-12 
      7:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio)def(H) Defiance College29-14 
     8:00PM(A) Briar Cliff (Iowa)def(H) Northwestern (Iowa)24-16 
      8:00PM(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(H) Central Christian (Kan.)46-12 
     Wayland Dual
     21 Corban (Ore.)@Southern Oregon/Simpson DualNo Team Score
       (H) Cloud County Community Collegedef(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas)29-19 
      7:30PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)PPD 
     MacMurray College Dual
     8:00PM(A) Doane (Neb.)def(H) Midland (Neb.)38-13 
      8:00PM(H) Saint Mary (Kan.)def(A) Benedictine (Kan.)42-9 
     8:00PM(H) Grand View (Iowa)def(A) Central Methodist (Mo.)56-0 
     Central Methodist University
      8:00PM(N) Arizona Christiandef(N) Vanguard (Calif.)27-23 
     Hosted by Life Pacific
      8:05PM(H) University of Missouri-Columbiadef(A) Missouri Valley45-0 
     10:00PM(A) Arizona Christiandef(H) Life Pacific (Calif.)26-21 
    22 Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Warner Pacific   
      6:00PM(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(A) Huntingdon College48-0 
     6:00PM(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)def(A) WVU Tech31-24 
      7:00PM(N) Huntingdon Collegedef(N) Central Baptist (Ark.)46-6 
     Tri-Dual @ Brewton-Paker College
     8:00PM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)PPD 
      8:00PM(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)51-0 
     Tri-Dual @ Brewton-Parker College
     23 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score 
       (A) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(H) 7 Southeastern (Fla.)37-4 
     Southeastern Duals
       Grand View (Iowa)@Nebraska-Kearney Open 7th of 39
       Central Christian (Kan.)@Nebraska - Kearney Open / SW ScuffleCncl 
       (N) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(N) 17 Indiana Tech36-10 
     Southeastern Duals
      9:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) Indiana Tech30-11 
     Fire Duals
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@UNK OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@UNK Younes Hospitality OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Coe College Invite No Team Score 
      10:00AM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(H) Southeastern (Fla.)36-7 
     Fire Duals
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@UNK Holiday OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Nebraska-Kearney OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMLourdes (Ohio)@Baldwin Wallace Open11th of 11
      10:00AMMarian (Ind.)@Lindenwood Open - Lindenwood - St. Charles, Mo.No Team Score 
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@UNK OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AM(N) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(N) Cumberlands (Ky.)19-18 
     Fire Duals
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Younes Hospitality OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@University of Nebraska-Kearney OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Lindenwood University Open  
      10:00AMSaint Mary (Kan.)@Auggie-Adidas InviteNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Auggie - Adidas InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@UNK OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Augsburg InvitationalNo Team Score
      11:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Kearney OpenNo Team Score 
      11:30AM(A) 17 Indiana Techdef(H) 7 Southeastern (Fla.)31-10 
     Fire Duals | Lakeland, Fla.
      5:00PM(H) North Idaho Collegedef(A) RV Corban (Ore.)32-15 
      7:00PM(H) Simon Fraser Universitydef(A) RV Corban (Ore.)35-15 
     24 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Roadrunner OpenNo Team Score 
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Spokane Open  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Roadrunner OpenNo Team Score
       Cleary (Mich.) (Mich.)@Storm Open  
       Corban (Ore.)@Spokane Tournament9th of 25
       Allen (S.C.)@King OpenNo Team Score 
       Thomas More (Ky.)@King OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@King OpenNo Team Score 
      9:00AMBrewton-Parker (Ga.)@King OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) Penn State-Erie, The Behrend College47-0 
     John Carroll Duals
      11:30AM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) Urbana University42-10 
     John Carroll Duals
      1:00PM(H) Mount Olive Collegedef(A) St. Andrews (N.C.)32-16 
     University of Mount Olive
      2:00PM(A) 15 Otterbein Universitydef(H) Rochester (Mich.)35-13 
      2:30PM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) University of Pittsburgh-Bradford50-0 
     John Carroll Duals
      4:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio)def(H) John Carroll University24-16 
     John Carroll Duals
     252:00PM(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)def(A) Huntingdon College27-26 
     26 (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(A) WVU Tech59-0 
     Campbellsville Duals | Campbellsville, Ky.
      4:00PM(H) 5 Campbell Universitydef(A) WVU Tech59-0 
      4:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) WVU Tech48-6 
      5:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) LC (Ill.)PPD 
      6:30PM(N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Cumberland (Tenn.)34-6 
     Campbellsville Duals | Campbellsville, Ky.
     8:00PM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) Briar Cliff (Iowa)FORFT 
     8:00PM(A) Grand View (Iowa)def(H) Benedictine (Kan.)50-0 
      8:00PM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) Bellarmine University46-3 
     8:00PM(A) Marian (Ind.)def(H) Missouri Baptist43-6 
    28:00PM(A) Missouri Valleydef(H) Benedictine (Kan.)39-6 
    36:00PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)39-15 
      7:00PM(A) Kentucky Wesleyan Collegedef(H) Midway (Ky.)26-19 
     47:00PM(H) Ottawa (Kan.)def(A) Central Christian (Kan.)45-9 
      7:00PM(A) Kentucky Wesleyan Collegedef(H) Thomas More (Ky.)28-21 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Grand View Dual2nd of 2
     8:00PM(H) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(A) 9 Baker (Kan.)27-15 
     Baker University
      8:00PMLC (Ill.)@Millikin Dual2nd of 2
     9:00PM(H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(A) Arizona Christian35-15 
     Embry-Riddle (AZ)
     57:00PM(H) Adrian Collegedef(A) Lourdes (Ohio)30-17 
     7:00PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)PPD 
     8:00PM(H) Graceland (Iowa)def(A) Missouri Valley20-15 
      8:00PM(A) University of Central Oklahomadef(H) Oklahoma City32-6 
     8:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.)def(H) Morningside (Iowa)23-16 
    612:00PMProvidence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Day 1 - Battle of the Rockies Open  
     6:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.)def(H) William Penn (Iowa)38-12 
      6:00PMBaker (Kan.)@William Penn Dual1st of 2
      8:00PM(A) Hastings (Neb.) @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
     8:00PM(N) Menlo (Calif.)def(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)52-0 
     10:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.)def(H) Vanguard (Calif.)42-3 
     7 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@MSOE Invitational9th of 11
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Battle of the Rockies Open  
      (H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(A) Cumberland (Tenn.)20-19 
       Cleary (Mich.) (Mich.)@Indiana Little State Open  
       Central Christian (Kan.)@Wayland OpenNo Team Score
       (H) Clackamas CCdef(A) Corban (Ore.)34-17 
       Thomas More (Ky.)@Indiana Little StateNo Team Score
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Wayland InvitationalNo Team Score
      9:00AMCalumet (Ind.)@Indiana Little State hosted by Marian UniversityNo Team Score
      9:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Indiana Little States InviteNo Team Score
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Messiah Petrofes Invitational19th of 19
      10:00AMIndiana Tech@Indiana Little States Championships | Indianapolis, Ind.No Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Drury OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMSaint Mary (Kan.)@Fort Hays State OpenCncl 
      10:00AMMarian (Ind.)@Little State - Marian - Indianapolis, Ind.No Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMOklahoma City@Wayland Baptist Invitational in Plainview, TexasNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Doane Conner/Oppenheim OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Buena Vista University OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Wayland Baptist University Open No Team Score 
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Wayland Baptist InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Doane University OpenNo Team Score 
      12:00PM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) Ohio Valley College44-12 
     New Philadelphia, Ohio
      1:30PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio)def(H) Kent State University at Tuscarawas53-6 
     8 Allen (S.C.)@LimestoneNo Team Score 
      1:00PM(H) Lake Erie Collegedef(A) Rochester (Mich.)47-3 
      3:00PM(H) 14 Mercyhurst Collegedef(A) Rochester (Mich.)41-12 
      5:00PM(H) 12 West Liberty Statedef(A) Rochester (Mich.)46-9 
     127:00PM(A) Central Christian (Kan.) @ (H) Neosho Community College  
     Neosho CC Dual
      8:00PM(A) Waldorf (Iowa) @ (H) St. Olaf College  
      9:00PM(A) Vanguard (Calif.) @ (H) RV Life Pacific (Calif.)  
     13 Lyon (Ark.)@Smokey Mountain Duals  
       Reinhardt (Ga.)@Smokey Mountain Duals  
       (N) Jamestown (N.D.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Pigeon Forge Duals
       (N) Central Baptist (Ark.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Pigeon Forge Duals
       (N) Bluefield (Va.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Pigeon Forge Duals
       (N) Lyon (Ark.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Pigeon Forge Duals
      1:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Jamestown (N.D.)  
      2:30PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Reinhardt (Ga.)  
      4:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Lyon (Ark.)  
      5:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.) vs. (N) Bluefield (Va.)  
      6:00PM(A) Alderson Broaddus University @ (H) WVU Tech  
     8:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Concordia (Neb.)  
     1410:00AM(A) 12 Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) 20 Indiana Tech  
     Warrior Duals
      10:00AM(N) Marian (Ind.) vs. (N) Thomas More (Ky.)  
     Warrior Duals - Indiana Tech - Fort Wayne, Ind.
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@NWU Duals  
      10:00AM(N) Thomas More (Ky.) vs. (N) Marian (Ind.)  
     Warrior Duals
      11:30AM(A) Thomas More (Ky.) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
     Warrior Duals
      11:30AM(N) Lourdes (Ohio) vs. (N) Marian (Ind.)  
     Warrior Duals
      12:00PM(N) Oklahoma City vs. (N) Lourdes (Ohio)  
     Warrior Duals
      1:00PM(A) Marian (Ind.) @ (H) Indiana Tech  
     Warrior Duals
      1:00PM(N) Lourdes (Ohio) vs. (N) Thomas More (Ky.)  
     Warrior Duals
      3:00PM(N) Campbell University vs. (N) Lourdes (Ohio)  
     Warrior Duals
    15 Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@GPAC Duals  
       Grand View (Iowa)@Reno Tournament of Champions  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Reno Tournament of Champions  
       Corban (Ore.)@Reno Tournament of Champions  
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Reno TOC  
      10:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Mount St. Joseph Quad Match  
      11:00AM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Mount St. Joseph University  
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Embry-Riddle Tournament   
     1:00PM(N) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs. (N) Midway (Ky.)  
      2:00PM(N) Life Pacific (Calif.) vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
      3:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Ancilla College  
     3:30PM(N) Arizona Christian vs. (N) Nova Southeastern University  
     GPAC v CCC Duals (hosted by Embry-Riddle)
      3:30PM(N) Wayland Baptist (Texas) vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
     5:00PM(N) Arizona Christian vs. (N) Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)  
     GPAC v CCC Duals (hosted by Embry-Riddle)
      5:00PM(N) Eastern Oregon vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
      6:30PM(N) Arizona Christian vs. (N) Wayland Baptist (Texas)  
     GPAC v CCC Duals (hosted by Embry-Riddle)
      6:30PM(N) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(N) Providence (Mont.) (Mont.) vs. (N) Morningside (Iowa)  
      9:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Nova Southeastern University  
     GPAC v CCC Duals (hosted by Embry-Riddle)
     17 (A) Campbellsville (Ky.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     Missouri Valley Duals
       (A) Thomas More (Ky.) @ (H) Huntingdon College  
       (N) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Missouri Valley Duals
       (N) College of Saint Mary (Neb.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Missouri Valley Duals
       (N) Ottawa (Kan.) vs. (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     Missouri Valley Duals
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Missouri Valley Duals  
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Missouri Valley Duals  
      10:00AMLC (Ill.)@Missouri Valley Duals  
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Missouri Valley Duals  
      11:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Missouri Valley College Duals  
      11:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Moval Duals  
      12:00PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) 10 Missouri Valley  
      2:00PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) 8 Baker (Kan.)  
      3:00PM(A) Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     MVC Duals
      5:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     MVC Duals
      5:00PMSaint Mary (Kan.)@Viking Duals  
     186:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) @ (H) Marian (Ind.)  
     Match at Jeffersonville HS - Jeffersonville, Ind.
     19 (A) Highline CC @ (H) Corban (Ore.)  
     209:00PM(N) Vanguard (Calif.) vs. (N) 11 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
     Life Pacific Duals
     9:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Southern Oregon  
     11:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Life Pacific (Calif.)  
     Life Pacific Duals
     21 Corban (Ore.)@Northwest Duals  
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Day 1 - Senior World Team Trials  
     22 (N) TBA vs. (N) Arizona Christian  
     Desert Duals
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Day 2 - Senior World Team Trials  
       (N) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) vs. (N) Concordia (Neb.)  
     Desert Duals Classic
       (N) Life Pacific (Calif.) vs. (N) Concordia (Neb.)  
     Desert Duals Classic
       (N) Arizona Christian vs. (N) Concordia (Neb.)  
     Desert Duals Classic
      11:00AM(N) Vanguard (Calif.) vs. (N) Concordia (Neb.)  
     Desert Duals Classic
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Desert Duals  
      6:00PM(N) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) vs. (N) Upper Iowa University  
     Las Vegas Desert Duals
     29 Grand View (Iowa)@Day 1 - Midlands Championships  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 1 - 57th Ken Kraft Midlands Championships  
      10:30AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Day 1 - Midlands Open (Evanston, IL)  
     30 Grand View (Iowa)@Day 2 - Midlands Championships  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 2 - 57th Ken Kraft Midlands Championships  
      10:30AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Day 2 - Midlands Open (Evanston, IL)  
     3 Menlo (Calif.)@Menlo Duals  
     12:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     Menlo Duals
      12:30PM(A) Cumberland (Tenn.) @ (H) Keiser (Fla.)  
     3:00PMYork (Neb.)@Ottawa Dual  
      7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
      9:00PM(N) Northwestern (Iowa) vs. (N) Arizona Christian  
     4 (A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Simon Fraser University  
       Central Christian (Kan.)@Midland Open  
       Corban (Ore.)@Menlo Tournament  
       Thomas More (Ky.)@Spartan Matt Classic  
      8:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@NIACC Open  
      9:00AMIndiana Tech@Spartan Mat Classic | North Manchester, Ind.  
      9:00AMMarian (Ind.)@Spartan Mat Classic - Manchester - Manchester, Ind.  
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Jim Crytzer Invitational  
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Viking-Warrior Open  
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Viking/Warrior Open  
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@NIACC Open  
      12:00PMMenlo (Calif.)@Menlo Invitational  
     3:00PMYork (Neb.)@St Mary's Dual  
     8:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Central Methodist (Mo.)  
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Central Methodist Dual  
     8:00PM(A) York (Neb.) @ (H) Saint Mary (Kan.)  
     512:00PMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@@ Brewton Parker and Reinhardt University  
     2:00PM(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) @ (H) 2 Reinhardt (Ga.)  
     AAC Home Opener
     76:00PM(A) Southwestern Oregon CC @ (H) WVU Tech  
      7:00PM(A) Muskingum College @ (H) Thomas More (Ky.)  
     8:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) 16 Graceland (Iowa)  
    87:00PMYork (Neb.)@Bethany Dual  
     8:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Briar Cliff (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Morningside (Iowa) @ (H) Jamestown (N.D.)  
      8:00PM(A) Bethany (Kan.) @ (H) York (Neb.)  
     York Dual
    9 (A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) @ (H) LC (Ill.)  
      9:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Day 1 - NAIA National Duals  
      5:00PMLC (Ill.)@Wheaton College  
      8:00PM(A) Ottawa (Kan.) @ (H) Concordia (Neb.)  
      10:00PM(A) TBA @ (H) Corban (Ore.)  
     Big Bend CC
     10 Indiana Tech@Day 1 - NWCA National Duals | Louisville, Ky.  
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@National Duals  
       Baker (Kan.)@Day 1 - NWCA National Duals  
       Southeastern (Fla.)@Day 1 - NWCA National Duals  
       Midland (Neb.)@Day 1 - National Duals  
      (N) Marian (Ind.) vs. (N) Williams Baptist (Ark.)  
     Match at Central Baptist
       Grand View (Iowa)@Day 1 - Multi-Divisional Nationals Duals   
      (A) Marian (Ind.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
       Central Christian (Kan.)@St. Mary Dual  
       (N) Oklahoma City vs. (N) TBA  
     NWCA National Duals
       Reinhardt (Ga.)@Day 1 - National Duals  
       (A) Thomas More (Ky.) @ (H) Urbana University  
      9:00AMCleary (Mich.) (Mich.)@NUWAY College Open  
      9:00AMBrewton-Parker (Ga.)@Day 1 - NWCA National Duals Championship   
      9:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Day 2 - NAIA National Duals  
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Day 1 - NAIA National Duals  
      10:00AMCalumet (Ind.)@NUWAY College Open @ Kentucky Expo Center  
     7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)  
     8:00PM(N) Life Pacific (Calif.) vs. (N) Simpson (Calif.)  
      8:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Central Christian (Kan.)  
     11 Indiana Tech@Day 2 - NWCA National Duals | Louisville, Ky.  
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@CBC Tournament  
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@National Duals  
       Baker (Kan.)@Day 2 - NWCA National Duals  
       Southeastern (Fla.)@Day 2 - NWCA National Duals  
       Midland (Neb.)@Day 2 - National Duals  
       Grand View (Iowa)@Day 2 - Multi-Divisional Nationals Duals   
       Reinhardt (Ga.)@Day 2 - National Duals  
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Central Baptist Invitational, Conway, AR  
      8:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Mustang Invitational (at Central Baptist College)  
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@NUWAY College Open - Kentucky Exposition Center  
      9:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@CBC Invite  
      9:00AMBrewton-Parker (Ga.)@Day 2 - NWCA National Duals Championship   
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Cusatis Open (Hastings High)  
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Cusatis Open (at Hastings HS)  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@CBC Mustang Invite (Central Baptist)  
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Hastings Open  
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Day 2 - NAIA National Duals  
      10:00AMLC (Ill.)@Mustang Invite  
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Hastings Open  
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Hastings Open  
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Hastings College Cusatis Open  
      11:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Under Armour Invite  
      11:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Central Invite  
     12:00PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) WVU Tech  
     4:00PM(A) Simpson (Calif.) @ (H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
     9:00PM(A) Simpson (Calif.) @ (H) Arizona Christian  
     1210:30AM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) Mercyhurst North East  
     Kent State Tuscarawas Duals
      12:00PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) 15 Otterbein University  
      1:30PM(A) Rochester (Mich.) @ (H) Mott CC  
      2:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
     14 Central Christian (Kan.)@Cloud  
     7:00PM(A) Thomas More (Ky.) @ (H) Midway (Ky.)  
      7:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Calumet (Ind.)  
      7:00PM(A) Ancilla College @ (H) Calumet (Ind.)  
     8:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
      8:00PMLC (Ill.)@Missouri Baptist Dual  
    157:00PMYork (Neb.)@Oklahoma Wesleyan Dual  
      8:00PM(A) Kentucky Wesleyan College @ (H) Cumberland (Tenn.)  
     168:00PMLC (Ill.)@Fontbonne  
     17 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Mo Valley Invite  
       Doane (Neb.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Day 1 - MO Valley Invitational  
      Providence (Mont.) (Mont.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite   
       Benedictine (Kan.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
    % Scrimmage Event
    ^ Exhibition Event

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