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    2711:00AMMenlo (Calif.)@Blue & White Dual  
     18:00PM(A) Arkansas Baptist College @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
     3 Menlo (Calif.)@Menlo Open  
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@The Citadel Open  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Cyclone Open   
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Yellowjacket Open  
     410:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@SDSU Invite  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Dan Harris Open  
     88:00PM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
    910:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Southern Oregon  
     109:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@UNC-Pembroke Classic  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Grand View Open  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 1 - Kaufman Brand Open   
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Dakota Wesleyan Open  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Grand View Open (SE Polk HS)  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@DWU Open  
     5:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) Simpson (Calif.)  
     137:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Oklahoma Wesleyan  
    157:00PM(A) Bluefield (Va.) @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
     168:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Richland College  
     179:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Georgia Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Augsburg Invitational  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Southwestern Scuffle   
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Kearney Open  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Lindenwood Open  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Kearney Open  
     18 Menlo (Calif.)@Roadrunner Open  
    208:00PM(A) Briar Cliff (Iowa) @ (H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)  
      8:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Buena Vista University  
    288:00PM(A) Missouri Valley @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
    298:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Briar Cliff (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)  
     303:00PM(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) @ (H) Campbellsville (Ky.)  
     NAIA Match
      5:00PM(N) St. Andrews (N.C.) vs. (N) Missouri Baptist  
     NAIA Match
     8:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     110:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Buena Vista Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Simpson Invitational  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Hatcher Invite  
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Buena Vista Open  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Luther Hill Open  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@BVU Open  
     48:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Lyon (Ark.)  
     8:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)  
    57:00PM(A) Doane (Neb.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Baker (Kan.) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     78:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Concordia (Neb.)  
     810:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Doane Open  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Doane University Open   
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Doane Open  
      8:00PMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Alumni Meet  
     127:00PM(N) St. Andrews (N.C.) vs. (N) Averett University  
    151:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     16 (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)  
     Phoenix Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Providence (Mont.)  
     Phoenix Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Warner Pacific (Ore.)  
     Phoenix Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Eastern Oregon  
     Phoenix Duals
     20 Menlo (Calif.)@Reno Tournament of Champions  
     47:00PMMenlo (Calif.)@Menlo Duals  
     5 Menlo (Calif.)@Menlo College Invitational  
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Washington & Lee Tournament  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Central Invitational  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Cusatis Open  
      11:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Central Invitational  
     611:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Under Armour Invite  
    88:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
    108:00PM(A) Morningside (Iowa) @ (H) Briar Cliff (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Jamestown (N.D.)  
    118:00PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
    12 (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Doane (Neb.)  
     Bronco Duals
      (A) Morningside (Iowa) @ (H) Hastings (Neb.)  
     Bronco Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Missouri Valley  
     Bronco Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa) vs. (N) Southern Oregon  
     Bronco Duals
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 1 - Mustang Invite  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Hastings Duals  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Tyler Plummer Open  
      1:00PM(A) Huntingdon College @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
    134:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
    158:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
    166:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
     18 Morningside (Iowa)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Open  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
      1:00PMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Missouri Valley Invitational (Jan. 18-19)  
      1:00PMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
      1:00PMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Missouri Valley Invite  
      3:00PMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
     19 Morningside (Iowa)@Day 2 - Missouri Valley Invite  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 2 - Missouri Valley Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Minnesota West CC Open  
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Missouri Valley Invite  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Day 2 - Missouri Valley Invite  
      1:00PMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 2 - Missouri Valley Invite  
      1:00PMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Missouri Valley Invite  
     6:00PM(A) Allen (S.C.) @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
     228:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) University of the Ozarks  
    258:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa) @ (H) Benedictine (Kan.)  
     10:00PM(A) Simpson (Calif.) @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     Senior Night
    26 (N) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) vs. (N) Northwestern (Iowa)  
     GPAC Duals
      (N) Midland (Neb.) vs. (N) Northwestern (Iowa)  
     GPAC Duals
       Menlo (Calif.)@California Collegiate Open  
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Cumberland Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Loras Open  
     10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@GPAC Duals  
     11:00AM(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
     GPAC Duals
     12:30PM(A) Midland (Neb.) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
     GPAC Duals
     2:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
     GPAC Duals
    296:00PM(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.) @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
      8:00PM(A) Central College @ (H) William Penn (Iowa)  
    317:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) Jamestown (N.D.) @ (H) Morningside (Iowa)  
     8:00PM(A) 3 Williams Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)  
      8:00PM(A) Benedictine (Kan.) @ (H) Saint Mary (Kan.)  
    110:00PM(A) Southern Oregon @ (H) Menlo (Calif.)  
     210:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Dave Edmonds Sioux City Open  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Missouri Valley Open  
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Sioux City Open  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Missouri Valley Open  
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Sioux City Open  
     6:00PM(A) Reinhardt (Ga.) @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
     58:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa) @ (H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)  
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Ouachita Baptist  
     8:00PM(A) Briar Cliff (Iowa) @ (H) Midland (Neb.)  
     67:00PM(A) Belmont Abbey College @ (H) St. Andrews (N.C.)  
      7:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa) @ (H) Waldorf (Iowa)  
    78:00PM(A) Morningside (Iowa) @ (H) Concordia (Neb.)  
      10:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.) @ (H) San Francisco State University  
     910:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Central Freshman-Sophomore Tournament  
     8:00PM(A) Hastings (Neb.) @ (H) Northwestern (Iowa)  
    16 Midland (Neb.)@NAIA North Qualifier / GPAC Championship  
       Menlo (Calif.)@CCC Championships  
     9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@AAC Tournament  
      10:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@GPAC Tournament  
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Heart Championships  
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@2019 AMC Conference Tournament   
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Heart Wrestling Championship  
      11:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@North Region  
      11:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@NAIA North Qualifier  
     1 Morningside (Iowa)@Day 1 - NAIA National Championships  
       William Penn (Iowa)@NAIA Nationals (March 1-2)  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 1 - NAIA National Championships  
      10:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@NAIA National Tournament  
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Day 1 - NAIA National Championships  
     2 Morningside (Iowa)@Day 2 - NAIA National Championships  
       Menlo (Calif.)@Day 2 - NAIA National Championships  
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Day 2 - NAIA National Championships  
      11:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Day 1 - NAIA Wrestling Championship  
     311:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Day 2 - NAIA Wrestling Championship  
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    ^ Exhibition Event

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