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    58:00PMJamestown (N.D.)@Alumni DualNo Team Score
     68:00PMMissouri Valley@Alumni DualNo Team Score 
    138:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Blue & Yellow Intrasquad DualNo Team Score 
    238:00PMJamestown (N.D.)@Black and Orange DualNo Team Score 
     8:00PMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Black and Blue DualNo Team Score
     8:00PMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Blue vs. Golf Clifftop Wrestle OffsNo Team Score
    257:30PMBrewton-Parker (Ga.)@Intra-squad Blue and WhiteNo Team Score 
      10:00PMEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)@IntrasquadNo Team Score 
    2711:00AMMenlo (Calif.)@Blue & White DualNo Team Score 
     2:00PMMarian (Ind.)@Blue & Gold Intrasquad - Perry Meridian HSNo Team Score 
     6:30PM(H) Providence (Mont.)def(A) Eastern Oregon32-10 
     28 Rochester (Mich.)@Fall BrawlNo Team Score
     308:00PM(H) Oklahoma Citydef(A) Oklahoma Wesleyan44-3 
     17:00PM(A) Life (Ga.)def(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)34-10 
      7:00PM(A) RV Graceland (Iowa)def(H) Waldorf (Iowa)47-5 
      7:00PM(A) University of the Ozarksdef(H) Lyon (Ark.)24-16 
      8:00PM(A) Arkansas Baptist Collegedef(H) Central Baptist (Ark.)18-15 
      8:00PM(H) Millikin Universitydef(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)45-6 
      10:00PM(H) CSU Bakersfielddef(A) Life Pacific (Calif.)38-6 
     Bako & San Fran Duals
      10:00PM(N) San Francisco State Universitydef(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)39-6 
     2 (H) Ashland Universitydef(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)25-12 
     Kent State Duals
       (H) Kent Statedef(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)25-10 
     Kent State Duals
      9:00AMAllen (S.C.)@Day 1 - Patriot Open-Cumberland UniversityNo Team Score 
      6:30PM(H) Providence (Mont.)def(A) North Idaho College37-7 
      7:00PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)def(H) MacMurray College47-3 
      8:00PMMissouri Valley@Purple & Orange DualNo Team Score
     3 Truett-McConnell (Ga.)@Patriot Open19th of 24
       Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Bill Musick OpenNo Team Score
       Marian (Ind.)@Patriot Open - University of the Cumberlands - Williamsburg, Ky.No Team Score
       Brewton-Parker (Ga.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score 
       Rochester (Mich.)@Ben McMullen OpenNo Team Score
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@MacMurray TournamentNo Team Score
       Southeastern (Fla.)@Patriot Open @ University of the CumberlandsNo Team Score
      8:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score 
      9:00AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMCumberland (Tenn.)@Patriot Open - Williamsburg, Ky.No Team Score
      9:00AMAllen (S.C.)@Day 2 - Patriot Open-Cumberland UniversityNo Team Score 
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Patriot OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Cyclone Open No Team Score 
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Yellowjacket OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Jimmie OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Jamestown OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMIndiana Tech@Patriot Open | Williamsburg, KyNo Team Score
      10:00AM@BOB Kellogg MacMurray OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Harold Nichols Cyclone OpenNo Team Score
      11:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@Jimmie Open at Larson CenterNo Team Score
      11:00AMLourdes (Ohio)@Adrian Invitational6th of 12
      12:00PMMenlo (Calif.)@Menlo Open1st of 10
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Menlo Open3rd of 10
     4:00PM(H) Bethany (Kan.)def(A) Kansas Wesleyan45-3 
     Pasta Challenge - First Bank Kansas Smoky Hill Showdown
      4:45PM(H) Oklahoma Citydef(A) Ouachita Baptist30-13 
     4 Campbellsville (Ky.)@Hokie OpenNo Team Score 
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Oklahoma City University OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@SDSU Daktronics OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Dan Harris OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Dan Harris Open No Team Score
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Dan Harris OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Baker (Kan.)No Team Score 
     Dan Harris Baker U. Open
      10:00AMKansas Wesleyan@OCU OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Dan Harris OpenNo Team Score 
      1:00PM(H) 16 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(A) Huntingdon College47-3 
     Season and Home Opener
     66:00PM(N) North Central Collegedef(N) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)36-10 
      8:00PM(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)def(H) MacMurray College34-18 
      8:00PM(H) RV Graceland (Iowa)def(A) Simpson College40-9 
     Alumni Day
     78:00PM(A) McKendree Universitydef(H) 20 Missouri Baptist53-0 
     87:00PM(A) Spartanburg Methodist Collegedef(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)30-24 
      7:00PM(A) WVU Techdef(H) Bluefield (Va.)31-24 
      8:00PM(H) Benedictine (Kan.)def(A) Saint Mary (Kan.)27-18 
      8:00PM(H) Ashland Universitydef(A) Lourdes (Ohio)43-6 
     10:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.)def(H) Southern Oregon27-15 
      10:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@vs. Mt. Sac1st of 2
    98:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.)def(H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)58-0 
     10 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Kaufman-Brand OpenNo Team Score
       (N) 10 Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(N) Southeastern (Fla.)21-18 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
       (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Grand View (Iowa)No Team Score 
     Grand View Open
       Lyon (Ark.)@Kaufman/Brand OpenNo Team Score 
       Providence (Mont.)@Trapper OpenNo Team Score
       (H) 7 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) Marian (Ind.)27-21 
     Day 1 - Lindsey Wilson Duals - Lindsey Wilson - Columbia, Ky.
       (N) Marian (Ind.)def(N) Southeastern (Fla.)24-20 
       Missouri Baptist@Maryville University Kaufman/Brand/Bayly OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Averett Cougar OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 1 - Kaufman Brand Open No Team Score 
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Dakota Wesleyan OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Grand View Open (SE Polk HS)No Team Score 
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@DWU OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@DWU Open at Mitchell, SDNo Team Score 
      10:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Dakota Wesleyan OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Bethany Swede Open No Team Score
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Kaufman-Brand OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMarian (Ind.)@Trine Invitational - Trine University - JV MatchNo Team Score
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Swede OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Bethany College "Swede" OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCumberlands (Ky.)@Dan Gable OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@DWU OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCumberland (Tenn.)@Grand View Open - Des Moines, IowaNo Team Score
      10:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Swede OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMIndiana Tech@Grand View Open | Pleasant Hills, IowaNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Bethany OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Dakota Wesleyan OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Grand View OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Bethany Swede OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Dakota Wesleyan University OpenNo Team Score 
      10:30AM(A)  @ (H) Millikin UniversityNo Team Score 
     Millikin Open
      11:00AM(H) 7 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) 10 Williams Baptist (Ark.)29-12 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
     2:00PM(N) RV Marian (Ind.)def(N) 10 Williams Baptist (Ark.)27-17 
     Lindsey Wilson Duals
     11 Reinhardt (Ga.)@King OpenNo Team Score
       Rochester (Mich.)@Whizzer OpenNo Team Score
       Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Mike Clock OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@UNC-Pembroke ClassicNo Team Score
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@King OpenNo Team Score 
      5:00PM(H) University of Central Oklahomadef(A) Oklahoma City34-6 
     137:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa)def(H) Waldorf (Iowa)35-10 
      8:00PM(H) Oklahoma Wesleyandef(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)42-18 
      8:00PM(H) RV Graceland (Iowa)def(A) RV Doane (Neb.)45-10 
    147:00PM(A) Lyon (Ark.)def(H) Arkansas Baptist College37-3 
     8:00PM(H) Missouri Baptistdef(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)29-20 
     15 Dickinson State (N.D.)@Open Mat PracticeNo Team Score
     6:00PM(A) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)33-13 
     7:00PM(H) St. Andrews (N.C.)def(A) Bluefield (Va.)27-25 
     7:30PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)33-14 
      8:00PM(H) Grand View (Iowa)def(A) Waldorf (Iowa)57-0 
     8:00PM(A) Concordia (Neb.)def(H) Midland (Neb.)21-17 
     9:30PM(H) 3 Montana State-Northerndef(A) 4 Providence (Mont.)21-18 
     169:00AMAllen (S.C.)@Day 1 - Georgia Open-Emmanuel CollegeNo Team Score 
      6:00PM(A) Ohio Valley Collegedef(H) WVU Tech27-24 
     6:30PM(H) Southeastern (Fla.)def(A) Campbellsville (Ky.)27-12 
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Richland CollegeCncl 
     8:00PM(H) 10 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(A) Life Pacific (Calif.)38-6 
     17 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
       Campbellsville (Ky.)@Georgia Open4th of 22
       Truett-McConnell (Ga.)@Georgia Open19th of 22
       Marian (Ind.)@Lindenwood Open - Lindenwood - St. Charles, Mo.No Team Score
       (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Richland CollegeNo Team Score 
     SW Scuffle
       (H) North Carolina State Universitydef(A) 16 Reinhardt (Ga.)35-6 
     NC State Duals
       Rochester (Mich.)@Findlay OpenNo Team Score
       Southeastern (Fla.)@Emmanuel OpenNo Team Score
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Richland College Southwest Scuffle, DallasNo Team Score
       Brewton-Parker (Ga.)@GA Intercollegiate Championship OpenNo Team Score 
       Lyon (Ark.)@Richland College SW ScuffleNo Team Score
       (N) University of North Carolina-Pembrokedef(N) 16 Reinhardt (Ga.)25-13 
     NC State Duals
       Missouri Baptist@Coe College InviteNo Team Score
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Georgia Open14th of 22
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Findlay OpenNo Team Score 
      9:00AMAllen (S.C.)@Day 2 - Georgia Open-Emmanuel CollegeNo Team Score 
      9:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMIndiana Tech@Findlay Open | Findlay, OhioNo Team Score
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Augsburg InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Southwestern Scuffle No Team Score 
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@UNK Holiday Inn OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Kearney OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@UNK Holiday OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Lindenwood OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@University of Nebraska - Kearney OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@University of Nebraska - Holiday Inn OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Coe College InviteNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Augsburg OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCumberland (Tenn.)@Lindenwood Open - St. Charles, Mo.No Team Score
      10:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Southwest ScuffleNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Southwest Scuffle at Richland CollegeNo Team Score
      10:00AMLindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Lindenwood Open  
      10:00AMOklahoma City@Lindenwood Open in St. Charles, Mo.No Team Score
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Coe Turkey Invite hosted by Coe CollegeNo Team Score
      10:00AM(A) Concordia (Neb.) @ (H) University of Nebraska-KearneyNo Team Score 
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@UNK Holiday Inn OpenNo Team Score 
      11:00AMLourdes (Ohio)@Baldwin Wallace Invitational7th of 8
      11:00AM(H) Bluefield (Va.)def(A) King's College33-18 
      12:00PMEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)@ERAU Mile High OpenNo Team Score
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Embry-Riddle OpenNo Team Score
      5:00PM(A) Wilkes Universitydef(H) Bluefield (Va.)51-0 
     18 Menlo (Calif.)@Roadrunner OpenNo Team Score
       Providence (Mont.)@Spokane OpenNo Team Score
       WVU Tech@U.S. Marine Corps Star City Open10th of 13
      11:00AM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) University of Pittsburgh-Bradford29-15 
     John Carroll Duals
      12:30PM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) Urbana University29-18 
     John Carroll Duals
      2:00PM(N) Lourdes (Ohio)def(N) Penn State-Erie, The Behrend College38-18 
     John Carroll Duals
      3:30PM(H) John Carroll Universitydef(A) Lourdes (Ohio)28-9 
     John Carroll Duals
     205:00PM(H) Belmont Abbey Collegedef(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)47-3 
     8:00PM(A) 20 Briar Cliff (Iowa)def(H) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)56-0 
      8:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa)def(H) Buena Vista University25-16 
     8:00PM(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)def(H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)40-12 
     8:00PM(H) Missouri Baptistdef(A) Lyon (Ark.)30-24 
     28 (A) Bethany (Kan.)def(H) Central Christian (Kan.)42-0 
      7:00PM(A) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)22-19 
      7:00PM(H) 16 Reinhardt (Ga.)def(A) 7 Life (Ga.)26-18 
     8:00PM(A) Missouri Valleydef(H) William Penn (Iowa)36-13 
     Oskaloosa Middle School Wrestling Night
    296:30PM(A) 11 Midland (Neb.)def(H) RV Doane (Neb.)38-16 
     (at Haddix Center)
     8:00PM(A) 19 Northwestern (Iowa)def(H) RV Briar Cliff (Iowa)19-17 
     8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)PPD 
     Makeup Date TBA
      8:00PM(A) Adrian Collegedef(H) Lourdes (Ohio)35-9 
     10:00PM(A) Menlo (Calif.)def(H) Life Pacific (Calif.)42-3 
     30 (H) Providence (Mont.)def(A) Dickinson State (N.D.)37-13 
     Great Falls Tournament
      2:00PM(N) 9 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) Dickinson State (N.D.)37-13 
     Battle of the Rockies
      3:30PM(N) 9 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) Northwest College 49-6 
     Battle of the Rockies
      3:30PM(H) 4 Providence (Mont.)def(A) 6 Northwest Kansas Technical College42-9 
      6:30PM(N) 9 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) Simon Fraser University40-8 
     Battle of the Rockies
      6:30PM(N) 4 McKendree Universitydef(N) 4 Providence (Mont.)19-16 
      7:00PM(H) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(A) St. Andrews (N.C.)43-3 
     NAIA Match
     7:00PM(A) 9 Baker (Kan.)def(H) RV Graceland (Iowa)26-24 
     White Out
     8:00PM(H) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(A) Benedictine (Kan.)56-0 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Graceland Dual1st of 2
     1 Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Milwaukee School of Engineering Invite11th of 13
       Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@University of Providence OpenNo Team Score
       Marian (Ind.)@Little State - UIndy - Indianapolis, Ind.No Team Score
       Providence (Mont.)@Battle of the Rockies OpenNo Team Score
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Wayland Baptist Invitational, Plainview, TXNo Team Score
       Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Drury OpenNo Team Score
       WVU Tech@Messiah Petrofes13th of 15
       (A) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)def(H) Huntingdon College34-13 
      9:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Indiana Little States InviteNo Team Score 
      10:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Simpson Invitational12th of 17
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Hatcher Invite5th of 6
      10:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Buena Vista OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Luther Hill OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@Indiana Little States OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Luther Hill Invite (hosted by Simpson)No Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Wayland Baptist OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMOttawa (Kan.)@Wayland Baptist InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMMissouri Valley@Drury OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Simpson InviteNo Team Score
      10:00AMYork (Neb.)@Wayland InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Hatcher Invite1st of 6
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Simpson College Luther Hill InvitationalNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Simpson OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCumberland (Tenn.)@Indiana Little State Championships - Indianapolis, Ind.No Team Score
      10:00AMIndiana Tech@Indiana Little State Invitational | Indianapolis, Ind.No Team Score
      10:00AMCalumet (Ind.)@Little State OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Wayland Baptist OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Luther Invite - Hosted by Simpson CollegeNo Team Score
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Wayland Baptist OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Luther Hill Invite (at Simpson)No Team Score 
      11:00AMLyon (Ark.)@Hatcher Invite4th of 6
      1:00PM(H) Huntingdon Collegedef(A) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)24-11 
      2:00PM(H) Lourdes (Ohio)def(A) Kent State University at Tuscarawas41-6 
      4:00PM(H) Lourdes (Ohio)def(A) Ohio Valley College24-19 
     2 (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Fort Hays State UniversityNo Team Score 
     Fort Hays Open
       Rochester (Mich.)@Mott Bears ClassicNo Team Score
       (N) Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) Limestone College51-6 
       (N) Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) Queens University of Charlotte30-15 
       (N) Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) Emmanuel College38-9 
      10:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Bob Smith OpenNo Team Score
     48:00PM(H) Lyon (Ark.)def(A) Central Baptist (Ark.)42-6 
     8:00PM(H) Baker (Kan.)def(A) William Penn (Iowa)47-0 
     8:00PM(A) RV Graceland (Iowa)def(H) 11 Missouri Valley19-18 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@William Penn Dual1st of 2
    57:00PM(H) 19 Northwestern (Iowa)def(A) RV Doane (Neb.)53-6 
      7:00PM(H) Alderson Broaddus Universitydef(A) WVU Tech48-0 
     66:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(H) Bellarmine University27-12 
      7:00PM(H) RV Saint Mary (Kan.)def(A) RV Missouri Baptist33-24 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Grand View Dual2nd of 2
     8:00PMYork (Neb.)@Kansas Wesleyan DualCncl 
     8:00PM(A) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(H) 9 Baker (Kan.)38-6 
    77:00PM(A) Life (Ga.)def(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)27-18 
      8:00PM(H) Concordia (Neb.)def(A) Benedictine (Kan.)51-6 
      9:00PM(A) Northern State Universitydef(H) Dickinson State (N.D.)44-6 
     Northern Dual
     8 (H) Indiana Techdef(A) Campbellsville (Ky.)23-11 
     Indiana Tech Duals
       (N) Marian (Ind.)def(N) Campbellsville (Ky.)27-9 
     Indiana Tech Duals
       (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Lourdes (Ohio)40-3 
     Indiana Tech Duals
       (A) Saint Mary (Kan.) @ (H) Doane (Neb.)Cncl 
     Doane Open
       Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AMWilliams Baptist (Ark.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      9:00AM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) Lourdes (Ohio)28-15 
     Indiana Tech Duals
      9:00AM(A) WVU Techdef(H) Southern Virginia University26-24 
     Knight Duals
      9:00AM(N) Liberty Universitydef(N) WVU Tech34-15 
     Knight Duals
      9:00AM(N) Bluefield (Va.)def(N) WVU Tech44-15 
     Knight Duals
      10:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Doane University Open Cncl 
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@Doane Open at Crete, NENo Team Score
      10:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Doane Open No Team Score
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Doane Conner/Oppenheim OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Doane OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
      10:00AM(A)  @ (H) Triton CollegeNo Team Score 
     Art Craft Open
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Doane University OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Doane OpenCncl 
      10:00AMConcordia (Neb.)@Doane University OpenNo Team Score 
     10:30AM(H) 2 Indiana Techdef(A) RV Lourdes (Ohio)40-6 
     Warrior Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
      12:00PM(N) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) Marian (Ind.)34-9 
     Warrior Duals - Indiana Tech - Fort Wayne, Ind.
      1:30PM(H) 2 Indiana Techdef(A) 4 Cumberlands (Ky.)27-11 
     Warrior Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
      1:30PM(N) Marian (Ind.)def(N) Lourdes (Ohio)49-0 
     Indiana Tech Duals
      3:30PM(H) 2 Indiana Techdef(A) Marian (Ind.)27-22 
     Warrior Duals - Indiana Tech - Fort Wayne, Ind.
     910:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Reece Wright-Conklin Jet InvitationalNo Team Score
     117:00PM(A) Calumet (Ind.) @ (H) Ancilla CollegeNo Team Score 
    122:00PM(A) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)51-0 
      7:00PM(N) Averett Universitydef(N) St. Andrews (N.C.)27-17 
      8:00PM(H) Jamestown (N.D.)def(A) Northland Community Technical College42-9 
      9:30PM(A) Concordia College-Moorheaddef(H) Jamestown (N.D.)43-6 
    144:00PM(H) Missouri Valleydef(A) Benedictine (Kan.)39-3 
     Viking Multi-Dual
      4:00PM(N) 2 Indiana Techdef(N) 12 Williams Baptist (Ark.)26-15 
     Missouri Valley Duals | Marshall, Mo.
      5:30PM(H) 19 Missouri Valleydef(A) 2 Indiana Tech27-14 
     Missouri Valley Duals | Marshall, Mo.
      5:30PM(N) 12 Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(N) Saint Mary (Kan.)35-12 
     Missouri Valley Duals
      7:00PM(H) 19 Missouri Valleydef(A) 12 Williams Baptist (Ark.)31-12 
     Missouri Valley Duals
      7:00PM(N) 2 Indiana Techdef(N) RV Saint Mary (Kan.)24-21 
     Missouri Valley Duals | Marshall, Mo.
    1512:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(H) Southeastern (Fla.)29-10 
     8:00PM(H) 8 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(A) 20 Eastern Oregon35-10 
     16 (N) Morningside (Iowa)def(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)40-6 
     Phoenix Duals
       (N) Morningside (Iowa)def(N) Eastern Oregon24-22 
     Phoenix Duals
       (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Lyon (Ark.)53-0 
     Smoky Mountain Duals
      (N) Life (Ga.)def(N) Campbellsville (Ky.)27-9 
     Smoky Mountain Duals
       (N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Bluefield (Va.)55-0 
     Smoky Mountain Duals
       (N) Midland (Neb.)def(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)29-11 
     GPAC/Cascade Dual Challenge
       Marian (Ind.)@Day 2 - Midwest Classic - UIndy - Indianapolis, Ind.11th of 40
       Rochester (Mich.)@Cleveland State OpenNo Team Score
       (N) Concordia (Neb.)def(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)49-1 
     GPAC/CCC Duals
       (N) Lyon (Ark.)def(N) Bluefield (Va.)32-23 
       (N) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(N) Lyon (Ark.)51-3 
     Smokey Mountain Duals
       (N) Hastings (Neb.)def(N) Life Pacific (Calif.)30-17 
     GPAC/Cascade Duals (Chandler High School)
      9:00AM(N) Midway (Ky.)def(N) Bluefield (Va.)30-25 
     Smokey Mountain Duals
      10:00AM(N) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(N) Cumberland (Tenn.)41-3 
     Smokey Mountain Duals - Gatlinburg, Tenn.
     11:00AM(N) 14 Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Midway (Ky.)48-3 
     Smokey Mountain Duals
     1:00PM(N) RV Cumberland (Tenn.)def(N) Midway (Ky.)42-6 
     Smokey Mountain Duals
      2:00PM(N) Eastern Oregondef(N) Concordia (Neb.)24-12 
     GPAC/CCC Duals
      2:00PM(N) Providence (Mont.)def(N) Midland (Neb.)31-18 
     GPAC/Cascade Dual Challenge
      2:00PM(N) Cumberland (Tenn.)def(N) Lyon (Ark.)52-3 
     Smokey Mountain Duals - Gatlinburg, Tenn.
     3:00PM(N) 7 Life (Ga.)def(N) Midway (Ky.)46-3 
     Smokey Mountain Duals
      3:00PM(N) Eastern Oregondef(N) Hastings (Neb.)42-6 
     GPAC/Cascade Duals (Chandler High School)
      3:30PM(N) 8 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) Hastings (Neb.)51-0 
     CCC/GPAC Duals
      3:30PM(N) Midland (Neb.)def(N) Eastern Oregon27-16 
     GPAC/Cascade Dual Challenge
      3:30PM(N) Providence (Mont.)def(N) Morningside (Iowa)31-16 
     Phoenix Duals
      5:00PM(N) 8 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) 24 Concordia (Neb.)35-12 
     CCC/GPAC Duals
      5:00PM(N) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) Midland (Neb.)26-15 
     GPAC/Cascade Dual Challenge
      5:00PM(N) Providence (Mont.)def(N) Hastings (Neb.)27-9 
     GPAC/Cascade Duals (Chandler High School)
      6:30PM(N) 8 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(N) 23 Morningside (Iowa)47-3 
     CCC/GPAC Duals
      6:30PM(N) Providence (Mont.)def(N) Concordia (Neb.)26-15 
     GPAC/CCC Duals
    1710:00AM(A) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)39-8 
      11:00AM(H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(A) Concordia University37-11 
     At Desert Duals, Las Vegas, NV
     1:00PM(A) Northeastern Junior College def(H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)24-18 
     (Exhibition) At Desert Duals, Las Vegas, NV
      3:00PM(A) Simon Fraser Universitydef(H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)30-18 
     At Desert Duals, Las Vegas, NV
     196:00PM(H) Marian (Ind.)def(A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)30-15 
     20 Menlo (Calif.)@Reno Tournament of Champions8th of 25
       Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)@Reno TOCNo Team Score
       Grand View (Iowa)@Reno Tournament of Champions5th of 25
     2910:00AMMidland (Neb.)@Viking-Warrior OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMGrand View (Iowa)@Midland Viking-Warrior OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Midland University OpenNo Team Score
     39:00AMIndiana Tech@NUWAY College Open | Louisville, Ky.No Team Score
     4 (N) 19 Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)24-11 
     Day 1 - NWCA National Duals
      (H) Simpson (Calif.)def(A) Life Pacific (Calif.)29-28 
     Simpson Dual
       Baker (Kan.)@Day 1 - NWCA National DualsNo Team Score
       (N) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(N) Bethany (Kan.)54-0 
     Day 1 - NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals
       (N) 13 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) 9 Midland (Neb.)24-18 
       (N) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(N) 11 Missouri Valley39-12 
     NWCA National Duals Quarterfinals
       (N) 2 Indiana Techdef(N) 13 Southeastern (Fla.)38-10 
     NWCA National Duals | Louisville, Ky.
       (N) 5 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) 19 Campbellsville (Ky.)19-12 
     Day 1 - NWCA National Duals
       (N) 13 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) 12 Southern Oregon22-19 
      8:00AMMidway (Ky.)@NUWAY College Open - Kentucky Exposition CenterNo Team Score 
      9:00AMLindsey Wilson (Ky.)@NUWAY OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AM(N) Missouri Valleydef(N) Southern Oregon23-15 
     Day 1 - NWCA/NAIA National Duals
      10:00AM(N) 5 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(N) 16 Williams Baptist (Ark.)41-4 
     NWCA National Duals
      10:00AMCalumet (Ind.)@NUWAY OpenNo Team Score 
      11:00AM(H) 4 Providence (Mont.)def(A) 17 Marian (Ind.)20-16 
     NAIA National Duals
      11:00AM(N) Providence Collegedef(N) Marian (Ind.)20-16 
     Day 1 - National Duals - Louisville, Ky.
      12:00PM(H) 9 Menlo (Calif.)def(A) 20 Eastern Oregon41-9 
     Menlo Duals
      1:00PM(A) 7 Life (Ga.)def(H) 4 Providence (Mont.)25-16 
     NAIA National Duals
      1:15PM(H) 9 Menlo (Calif.)def(A) Simpson (Calif.)44-3 
     Menlo Duals
      2:00PM(A) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(H) Brewton-Parker (Ga.)30-12 
      3:00PM(N) Baker (Kan.)def(N) Marian (Ind.)18-16 
     Day 1 - National Duals - Louisville, Ky.
      3:00PM(A) Midland (Neb.)def(H) Cumberland (Tenn.)25-15 
     Day 1 - National Duals
      4:00PM(N) 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(N) 16 Williams Baptist (Ark.)41-6 
     National Duals
      5:00PM(H) Missouri Valleydef(A) Midland (Neb.)28-16 
     Day 1 - National Duals
      5:00PM(N) 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(N) 4 Providence (Mont.)28-14 
     NAIA National Duals
      5:00PM(N) Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Baker (Kan.)23-20 
     Day 1 - NWCA National Duals
      6:00PM(N) 16 Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(N) RV Bethany (Kan.)35-16 
     Day 1 - National Duals
     8:00PM(H) Hastings (Neb.)def(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)53-6 
     5 (N) 19 Campbellsville (Ky.)def(N) Missouri Valley22-18 
     Day 2 - NWCA National Duals
       Baker (Kan.)@Day 2 - NWCA National DualsNo Team Score
       (N) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(N) 5 Cumberlands (Ky.)27-12 
     NWCA National Duals Semifinals
       (A) 5 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(H) 2 Indiana Tech20-19 
     NWCA National Duals
       (N) 13 Southeastern (Fla.)def(N) 11 Missouri Valley26-13 
     Day 2 - NWCA/NAIA National Duals
      (A) Saint Mary (Kan.)def(H) York (Neb.)45-12 
     KCAC Duals
      (A) Saint Mary (Kan.)def(H) Oklahoma Wesleyan29-11 
     KCAC Duals
       (N) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(N) 7 Life (Ga.)23-12 
     NWCA National Duals Finals
      (H) Ottawa (Kan.)def(A) Kansas Wesleyan47-3 
      9:00AMSt. Andrews (N.C.)@Washington & Lee Tournament6th of 8
      9:00AM(H) 13 Southeastern (Fla.)def(A) 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)24-21 
     NAIA National Duals
      9:00AMWVU Tech@Jim Crytzer Invitational4th of 8
      9:00AM(N) 7 Life (Ga.)def(N) 2 Indiana Tech25-13 
     NWCA National Duals | Louisville, Ky.
      10:00AMWilliam Penn (Iowa)@Central Invitational12th of 15
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Cusatis OpenNo Team Score
     10:00AMYork (Neb.)@KCAC DualsNo Team Score
      10:00AMDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@Hastings OpenNo Team Score 
     10:00AM(N) Oklahoma Wesleyandef(N) Kansas Wesleyan42-6 
      10:00AMHastings (Neb.)@Cusatis OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMCentral Christian (Kan.)@Hastings College OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMDoane (Neb.)@Cusatis OpenNo Team Score 
     10:00AM(N) York (Neb.)def(N) Kansas Wesleyan30-10 
      10:00AMGraceland (Iowa)@Central Invite hosted by Central College4th of 15
      11:00AMMorningside (Iowa)@Central Invitational3rd of 15
      11:00AMBriar Cliff (Iowa)@Central College Under Armour Invite2nd of 15
      11:00AMWaldorf (Iowa)@Central Under Armour InvitationalNo Team Score
      12:00PMMenlo (Calif.)@Menlo College Invitational1st of 13
      12:00PMLife Pacific (Calif.)@Menlo InvitationalNo Team Score
      12:00PM(N) 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(N) 19 Campbellsville (Ky.)27-13 
     Day 2 - NWCA National Duals
      1:00PMBethany (Kan.)@National DualsNo Team Score 
     2:00PM(H) Truett-McConnell (Ga.)def(A) Bluefield (Va.)37-12 
    62:00PM(H) Reinhardt (Ga.)def(A) Bluefield (Va.)43-9 
    74:00PM(H) Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(A) Warner Pacific (Ore.)32-21 
     7:00PM(A) Marian (Ind.)def(H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)30-18 
      8:00PM(H) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)def(A) Truman State University36-6 
     83:00PM(A) Marian (Ind.)def(H) MacMurray College35-18 
      7:00PM(A) Jamestown (N.D.)def(H) Itasca Community College 45-3 
     8:00PM(A) Graceland (Iowa)def(H) William Penn (Iowa)32-21 
      8:00PM(A) Jamestown (N.D.)def(H) St. John's Univeristy29-20 
     97:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio)def(H) Case Western Reserve University30-20 
      7:00PM(N) Thiel Collegedef(N) Lourdes (Ohio)26-23 
     8:00PM(A) Cumberlands (Ky.)def(H) Cumberland (Tenn.)28-12 
      8:00PM(H) Augustana Universitydef(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)54-0 
     106:00PM(H) Ottawa (Kan.)def(A) Wayland Baptist (Texas)24-19 
      6:00PM(H) RV Ottawa (Kan.)def(A) Missouri Baptist40-12 
     7:00PMAllen (S.C.)@West Virginia Tech University2nd of 2
      7:00PM(N) RV Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(N) Missouri Baptist30-12 
     7:00PM(A) WVU Techdef(H) Allen (S.C.)41-12 
     8:00PM(A) Morningside (Iowa)def(H) Briar Cliff (Iowa)21-16 
     Senior Day
     8:00PM(A) Northwestern (Iowa)def(H) Jamestown (N.D.)36-12 
      8:00PMBaker (Kan.)@Drury Dual1st of 2
      8:00PM(H) Cloud County Community Collegedef(A) Central Christian (Kan.)27-12 
     115:00PM(N) Lyon (Ark.)def(N) Calumet (Ind.)48-12 
     7:00PM(H) Central Baptist (Ark.)def(A) Calumet (Ind.)18-10 
     7:00PM(H) Williams Baptist (Ark.)def(A) Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)29-21 
      8:00PM(H) Midland (Neb.)def(A) Saint Mary (Kan.)30-18 
     Hopkins Arena
     8:00PM(A) 1 Grand View (Iowa)def(H) Graceland (Iowa)41-6 
     12 Truett-McConnell (Ga.)@Coker DualsNo Team Score
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Central Tournament4th of 9
       Marian (Ind.)@Spartan Mat Classic - Manchester - North Manchester, Ind.9th of 21
       Providence (Mont.)@Tyler Plummer TournamentNo Team Score
       (H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(A) York (Neb.)42-6 
     Hastings Duals, Hastings, NE
       (A) Missouri Valleydef(H) Wayland Baptist (Texas)39-12 
     Hastings Duals, Hastings, NE
       Brewton-Parker (Ga.)@Mustang Invitational1st of 9
      9:00AMIndiana Tech@Spartan Mat Classic | North Manchester, Ind.4th of 22
     10:00AM(A) Morningside (Iowa)def(H) Hastings (Neb.)36-10 
     Broncos Duals
      10:00AMCentral Baptist (Ark.)@Day 1 - Mustang Invite9th of 9
      10:00AM(N) Benedictine (Kan.)def(N) York (Neb.)39-12 
     Broncos Duals
      10:00AMNorthwestern (Iowa)@Tyler Plummer OpenNo Team Score
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@Dickinson State Open at Dickinson, NDNo Team Score
      10:00AM(N) 11 Missouri Valleydef(N) RV Doane (Neb.)49-6 
     Bronco Duals
      10:00AMCalumet (Ind.)@Mustang Open8th of 9
      10:00AM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Central Baptist (Ark.)Cncl 
     Mustang Invite
      10:00AMOklahoma Wesleyan@Mustang Invite3rd of 9
      11:00AMYork (Neb.)@Bronco DualsNo Team Score
      11:00AMDickinson State (N.D.)@Tyler Plummer Tournament No Team Score
      11:00AM(H) New Mexico Highlands Universitydef(A) Saint Mary (Kan.)42-7 
     Bronco Duals
      11:00AM(A) Saint Mary (Kan.)def(H) Doane (Neb.)33-12 
     Bronco Duals
      11:00AM(A) New Mexico Highlands Universitydef(H) Hastings (Neb.)38-10 
      11:30AM(N) Missouri Valleydef(N) Morningside (Iowa)33-14 
     Bronco Duals
      1:00PM(A) Huntingdon Collegedef(H) St. Andrews (N.C.)37-18 
      1:00PM(A) Lourdes (Ohio) @ (H) Otterbein UniversityCncl 
      1:00PM(H) Hastings (Neb.)def(A) York (Neb.)40-8 
     2:00PM(A) 18 Southeastern (Fla.)def(H) RV Cumberland (Tenn.)28-10 
      2:00PM(N) Wayland Baptist (Texas)def(N) Benedictine (Kan.)37-9 
     Broncos Duals
     2:30PM(N) RV Morningside (Iowa)def(N) RV Doane (Neb.)45-4 
     Bronco Duals
      3:00PM(A) Emmanuel Collegedef(H) Midway (Ky.)29-11 
     4:00PM(A) 5 Cumberlands (Ky.)def(H) Midway (Ky.)43-6 
     5:00PM(A) 6 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(H) Simpson (Calif.)38-9 
      5:00PM(N) North Idaho Collegedef(N) Providence (Mont.)30-24 
     1310:00AMBaker (Kan.)@Kansas Cup2nd of 8
      10:00AMBethany (Kan.)@Kansas CupNo Team Score 
      10:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Kansas Cup7th of 8
     1:00PMAllen (S.C.)@Bluefield College2nd of 2
     2:00PM(A) WVU Tech @ (H) Reinhardt (Ga.)PPD 
     9:00PM(A) 6 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(H) 9 Menlo (Calif.)21-15 
    158:00PM(A) William Penn (Iowa)def(H) Benedictine (Kan.)29-18 
      8:00PM(A) Central Baptist (Ark.) @ (H) Ouachita BaptistCncl 
     8:00PM(H) Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)def(A) Cumberland (Tenn.)29-11 
      8:00PM(A) Missouri Baptistdef(H) Drury University24-22 
    162:00PM(A) WVU Techdef(H) St. Andrews (N.C.)32-20 
    178:00PM(H) Doane (Neb.)def(A) Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)33-15 
     9:00PM(A) Providence (Mont.) @ (H) Southern Oregon  
     10:00PM(A) 6 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)def(H) Life Pacific (Calif.)34-16 
     18 Menlo (Calif.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Open2nd of 41
       Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)@Day 1 - MO Valley Invitational  
       Campbellsville (Ky.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley College Invitational  
       Truett-McConnell (Ga.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invitational  
       Ottawa (Kan.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley InviteNo Team Score
       Marian (Ind.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite - Missouri Valley - Marshall, Mo.  
       Bethany (Kan.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invitational  
       (A) Dickinson State (N.D.) @ (H) Missouri Valley  
     Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite
       Grand View (Iowa)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invitational  
       Lyon (Ark.)@Missouri Valley InviteNo Team Score
       Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)@UNK Duals  
       Reinhardt (Ga.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Open  
       Concordia (Neb.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley College Invite  
       Wayland Baptist (Texas)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invitational, Marshall, MONo Team Score
       Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
       Oklahoma Wesleyan@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invitational  
      10:00AMBenedictine (Kan.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley Invite  
      10:00AMJamestown (N.D.)@Day 1 - MVC Invitational at Marshall, MO  
      10:00AMMidway (Ky.)@Day 1 - Missouri Valley College Invite  
    % Scrimmage Event
    ^ Exhibition Event

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