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2015 Men's Cross Country Schedule

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 49:00PMWaldorf - IA@3rd Annual Viterbo Twilight Hokum Karem2nd of 6
  10:00PMBriar Cliff - IA@Augustana Twilight Invite18th of 20
  Team Time: 110:32 Distance: 4 Miles Total Runners: 266
Link to Results: /d/2015-16/xc/augietwilightm.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Yankton Trails - Sioux Falls, SD
Competing NAIA schools: Briar Cliff, Dordt, Doane, Morningside, Mount Marty, Northwestern, Midland, Dakota Wesleyan, William Penn
58Mitchell Schleis20:51
95Tommy Thelen21:26
164Joe Jackson22:26
190Matt Mayer22:51
196Tony Kollasch22:58
213Casey McEvoy23:29
220Zach Kollasch23:40
   Dakota Wesleyan - SD@Augustana TwilightNo Team Score
  8:00PMMorningside - IA@Augustana Twilight Meet4th of 20
  Team Time: 1:42:25 Distance: 4 miles Total Runners: 266
1-5 Time Split: 1:00
1-7 Time Split: 1:30
Link to Results: Morningside.edu
Course Description/Comments: Fast course. Muggy day. We finished 1st among all NAIA schools. Behind NCAA Division 2 powers USF and Augie. Very pleased. Still deciding on whether to red shirt one of our top returners,( DeVries) - ( he is recovering from injuries) so the pressure was on our youngsters and they held off a good Northwestern team ( 16th ranked)
Competing NAIA schools: NWC, Dordt, Midland
8Mark Abrams19:55
17Jacob Weber20:18
24A.J. Janssen20:31
40Sean Skillern20:45
49Jacob Scott20:55
65Jason Kinney21:16
71Logan LaRette21:25
  11:00AMHastings - NE@Colby Invitational (Colby Country Club)3rd of 4
  Team Time: 85:15 Distance: 3 Mile Total Runners: 34
1-5 Time Split: 1:12
1-7 Time Split: 1:12
Course Description/Comments: Hot 92 degrees at race time. Rough footing. Lots of curves and a couple long hills. Tough Course.
Competing NAIA schools: NCAA D-II - Fort Hays State Juco's - Colby, NWTC
13Will Baird16:19
17Josh Hulbert16:42
20Jackson VanSkiver17:19
22Trevor Benson17:24
23Dylan Jaure17:31
25Eduardo Ochoa18:00
29Tyler Lowry18:33
  6:00PMDalton State - GA@Dalton State Twilight Invitational1st of 7
2Spencer Head19:20
5Paul Patterson19:57
6Paul Schupp20:03
7Brody Cook20:21
8Dylan Smith20:32
11Parker Cook20:45
15Jacob Robinson21:25
  10:00PMDoane - NE@Augustana Twilight (4 mile)13th of 20
  10:00PMNorthwestern - IA@@ Augustana Twilight7th of 20
  Team Time: 103:07 Distance: 4 miles Total Runners: 266 Course Record: 18:43
1-5 Time Split: 00:46
1-7 Time Split: 01:43
Link to Results: http://www.results.dakotatiming.com
Course Description/Comments: Flat, 1 mile loop course around soccer fields. Tight corners with dim lighting in spots.
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside Northwestern Midland Dordt Doane Briar Cliff Mount Marty William Penn Dakota State Dakota Wesleyan
18Peter Smith20:10
33Hans Epp20:33
40Ryan Bauermeister20:39
54Tim Rose20:49
64Caleb VanderBaan20:56
86Tanner Goetsch21:16
126Kyle Anderson21:53
  6:00PMWiley - TX@Braveheart Invitational4th of 10
  Team Time: 97:25.75 Distance: 3.10 miles Total Runners: 77
Competing NAIA schools: Jarvis Christian College LSU Shreveport Paul Quinn
1Leonard Kiprono16:24.94
4Patrick Mutai16:49.30
25Jordan Woods19:19.37
26Darion De La Rosa19:32.25
62Kendell Perovza25:19.69
  10:15PMDordt - IA@Augustana Invite (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)10th of 20
  Team Time: 105:12 Distance: 4 miles Total Runners: 266
1-5 Time Split: 00:10
1-7 Time Split: 00:34
Link to Results: http://timerhub.com/getHytResults.php?page=dakotatiming.com/results/augietwilight/150904F006.htm
Course Description/Comments: Flat. Good footing. 80 degrees and humid.
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside, Northwestern, Midland, Dordt, Doane, Briar Cliff, Mount Marty, William Penn
67Ian Manske20:58
72Adam Daane21:01
73Sam Wensink21:02
75Ben Brockmueller21:03
79Steve Kelly21:08
92Nick VanderKooi21:24
104Justin McNamara21:31
   Midland - NE@Augustana Twilight9th of 20
  7:00PMLSU Shreveport@Braveheart Invitational7th of 10
  10:00PMDakota State - SD@Augustana (S.D.) TwilightNo Team Score
  Distance: 4-mile Total Runners: 266
122Jared Sutton21:49.23
231Claudio Tejada23:56.94
246Caleb Hemphill25:15.06
  8:15PMJamestown - ND@Viterbo Twilight Hokum Karem Meet - LaCrosse, WI4th of 6
  9:00PMTexas Wesleyan@McMurry Bill Libby Invitational2nd of 9
  Team Time: 1:22:08 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 85
1-5 Time Split: 16:25
Link to Results: http://www.ramsports.net/documents/2015/9/4//BillLibbyMen2015update2.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Very rough course with many holes. 97 degrees.
2Antony Kimaiyo15:36
5Oraine Wint15:48
14Alan Ramirez16:27
19Fernando Orellana16:57
30David Swiatocha17:18
  6:30PMXavier - LA@Southern Miss Invitational, Hattiesburg, Miss.3rd of 3
  Team Time: 106:06 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 21
1-5 Time Split: 06:35
Link to Results: http://xulagold.com/sports/2015/9/4/MXC_0904155913.aspx
Competing NAIA schools: Xavier
7Christopher August17:16
12Darrick Williams19:33
16Brent Kitto21:36
19Xaiver Latting23:48
20Felipe Perrier23:51
   Viterbo - WI@3rd Annual Viterbo Twilight Hokum Karem2nd of 6
  7:00PMTrinity Christian - IL@University of St. Francis Invitational3rd of 10
  Team Time: 84:17 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 131
1-5 Time Split: 1:35
1-7 Time Split: 1:35
Link to Results: http://thtiming.com/images/2015_st_francis_xc_men_team.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Course was in better shape than last year...just a couple muddy spots but overall, in faster condition. It was hot for the race (85ish) but tolerable. We didn't run our number 1 (Velthuizen---National Qualifier last year) but everyone else ran well. We were 4th overall, 3rd out of collegiate teams.
Competing NAIA schools: 1. St. Francis 3. Trinity Christian 4. St. Xavier 5. Purdue Calumet 7. CCSJ 9. IU-Southbend
14Michael Potter16:15
22Keegan Fitzsimmons16:33
27Alex Clark16:45
28Mark Bohdan16:48
44Trent Vandekamp17:54
47Kyle VanderPlaats17:59
51Josh Whitten18:11
  7:00PMRoosevelt - IL@USF Twilight InvitationalNo Team Score 
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Texas Tech Quadrangular, Ruidoso, N.M.No Team Score
  7:30PMJudson - IL@Elmhurst College Early Bird Invitational7th of 14
  6:45PMLourdes - OH@Back to the Nature Preserve Invitational (Bluffton)6th of 6
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 83
Link to Results: http://www.lourdesathletics.com/custompages/2015%20Men's%20Cross%20Country/Box%20Score/Bluffton.html
Course Description/Comments: Wet, heavy rain shower midway through race; Stein's 6K mark is a new school record.
Competing NAIA schools: None
54Daniel Stein21:52
60Ben Bodi22:33
62Austin Farnsel23:01
67Austin Graham23:41
72Noah Roper24:31
  6:00PMReinhardt - GA@Twilight Cross Country Classic4th of 7
  6:00PMAuburn Montgomery - AL@MC Season Opener - hosted by Missisippi College - Clinton, Miss.6th of 7
  7:00PMSaint Xavier - IL@USF Twilight Meet, University of St. Francis (Ill.), Channahon Park, Channahon, Ill.4th of 10
  Distance: 5K
Link to Results: http://www.thtiming.com/images/2015_st_francis_xc_men_team.pdf
  7:00PMSt. Francis - IL@USF Twilight Invitational1st of 11
  3:30PMNorthwest Christian - OR@NCU/ Marist Invitational 1st of 2
  Team Time: 131:13 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 29 Course Record: 25:50.6
1-5 Time Split: 00:21
1-7 Time Split: 00:21
Link to Results: http://gobeacons.com/documents/2015/9/4//NCUInvitational_MEN.pdf?id=267
Course Description/Comments: Flat, gras. First and last mile extremely soggy due to an irrigation leak ( I had the first mile split roughly 15 seconds slower than rest of the splits - last mile only 50% in the sloppy mess and on average about 8 sec slower than average mile times) Team worked very well together and showed how they CAN perform. We have one athlete that is still coming back from injury but otherwise we are just not very deep.
Competing NAIA schools: beat #15 OIT
2Eli Shelby26:03.4
3Garrett Kraal26:07
4Alek Angeli26:10.8
4Alek Angeli26:10
6Taylor Kraal26:19
6Taylor Kraal26:19.5
6test five26:10
7TJ Wright26:24
7TJ Wright26:24.9
8test six27:00
8Hunter Tyler26:26
8Hunter Tyler26:26.6
9test seven28:00
15Conner Covey 27:46.5
15Conner Covey27:46
  7:00PMMobile - AL@South Alabama Invitational4th of 4
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 28
16Alex Guillory20:39
17Seth Emmenegger20:41
20Leith Rawson21:05
24Jordan Santa Maria23:02
26Landon Delozier23:26
27Dominique Woodward25:29
28Colby Verdin25:54
 310:00PMDickinson State - ND@DSU TwilightNo Team Score
 17:00PMMount Mercy - IA@22nd Annual Mustang Gallop3rd of 9
  Team Time: 86:32 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 79
1-5 Time Split: 02:54
1-7 Time Split: 03:26
Link to Results: http://www.mountmercymustangs.com/stats/XCountry/2015/xc_mustang_gallop_men_5K_9-1-2015.html
Competing NAIA schools: Waldorf, Grand View, Clarke.
2James Lindstrom16:18
3Evan Bowman16:34
6Colton Forster16:49
20Michael Marshall17:39
41Jacob Herndon19:12
44Nigel Christenson19:29
47Jake Hensel19:44
  7:30PMClarke - IA@Mount Mercy Mustang Gallop8th of 9
  7:00PM(A) Concordia College-Moorhead @ (H) Jamestown - NDNo Team Score 
 Jimmie-Cobber Dual at Jamestown
  7:30PMWaldorf - IA@22nd Annual Mustang Gallop5th of 9
  Team Time: 91:24 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 79
1-5 Time Split: 18:16
1-7 Time Split: 19:10
Link to Results: http://www.mountmercymustangs.com/stats/XCountry/2015/xc_mustang_gallop_men_5K_9-1-2015.html
Course Description/Comments: Nice course, primarily grass. Weather, felt like 95 degrees, 59% humidity and SSW 9 MPH - actual temperature 88 degrees at 6:30pm race time Missing two of top 5 athletes
Competing NAIA schools: Mount Mercy University, Grandview University, Clarke University
16Luis Ramirez17:22
24Aaron Ward17:47
30Nathan Meiners18:15
38Mark Ahlers18:44
42Cody Clark19:16
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@WSU Invitational3rd of 6
  Team Time: 092:18 Distance: 6000m Total Runners: 80 Course Record: new course
1-5 Time Split: 01:23
1-7 Time Split: 02:37
Link to Results: www.wsucougars.com
Course Description/Comments: flat, fast course on golf course. Site to be for the PAC12s this fall. Lots of turns but pretty solid footing. Not the same course we have been on for the past few years for our first meet. field of all NCAA D1 except us and D3 Whitworth. Our team time is almost 5 minutes faster than a year ago for the same distance (different course). Our individual times this year would have put 5 guys in front of our #1 from a year ago. Pretty pleased with performance. Atkin looks like he has picked up from where he left off in 2013. Need to get 2-4 closer, but overall pleased with where we are at right now.
Competing NAIA schools: none
  7:00PMGrand View - IA@Mustang Gallop6th of 9
  Team Time: 94:59 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 79 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 4:35
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: /d/2015-16/mustang_gallop_mxc_15.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Flat loop course. Hot & humid temp, felt like mid-90's, very little breeze.
Competing NAIA schools: 3rd-Mt. Mercy, 5th-Waldorf, 6th-Grand View, 8th-Clarke
18Kennedy Kiprop17:35
28Rhett Gainey18:03
30Alex Arechavaleta18:11
49Nate Johnson19:00
72Chris Dejoode22:10
75Taylor Murray23:39
  7:00PMSt. Ambrose - IA@SAU Opener1st of 3
  Team Time: 89:57 Distance: 5000m Total Runners: 29 Course Record: 16:54
1-5 Time Split: 00:41
1-7 Time Split: 01:04
Link to Results: http://www.saubees.com/stats/2015-16/cross_country/SAU%20Opener%20College%20Men.pdf
Course Description/Comments: HOT! Course was really, really soft and if you've ever been to Crow Creek you know how tough it can be... It showed it's teeth tonight... We ran o.k.... We'll see who we really are when we get to Olivet next weekend... Right now we might be RV worthy but hopefully we prove we belong in the top 25 soon! Don't read too much into the times... No one wanted to take the lead and the pack of guys went through the mile around 5:45... The meet record (16:54) was set by Hannibal-Lagrange runner who qualified for XC Nats last year as an individual...
Competing NAIA schools: none.
3Jonah Niedermeier17:34
5Ty Balduf17:59
6Grant Colborn18:00
7Anthony Peters18:06
9Reid Henry18:15
12Brian Santino18:23
14Skylar Mitchell18:38
 2910:30AMCentral Methodist - MO@Eagle Invitational1st of 2
  Team Time: 1:28.02 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 14
1-5 Time Split: 01:04
1-7 Time Split: 01:08
Link to Results: http://www.cmueagles.com/documents/2015/8/29//Eagle_Invitational_Men_2015.htm?id=1490
Competing NAIA schools: Westminister College
3Brett Davis17:06
4Tyler Meierarend17:25
5Michael Neeley17:33
6Gage Lemmon17:45
7Cody Klemp18:10
9Rodes Ratliff18:14
10Doug Hutcherson18:14
  10:00AMBethany - KS@Fort Hays State University Alumni RunNo Team Score
  Eastern Oregon@dual meet with college of idaho. weather pleasent and dry2nd of 2
  Team Time: 102:43 Distance: 6,000 meters Total Runners: 17 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 01:39
1-7 Time Split: 02:19
Link to Results: college of idaho web site
Course Description/Comments: Flat, mainly grass with some pavement (road crossings mostly), TONS of tight turns. College of Idaho is good. My two freshmen kids raced very well as number 2 and 3 for us. Our number one (Kody Sriver) ran pretty poorly the second half. We have NO depth.
Competing NAIA schools: EOU and C of I
5Kody Shriver19:52.8
6Lane Indwards19:55.3
8Jack Howard20:13.8
12Evan Rummerfield21:10.2
13Jackob Dewald21:31.4
14dylan hartley22:10.6
15Alex Navarro22:11.3
  7:30PMSaint Mary - KS@Allen County Community College1st of 7
  Team Time: 80:52.63 Distance: 5000 meters Total Runners: 76
1-5 Time Split: 00:47
1-7 Time Split: 01:25
Course Description/Comments: Relatively flat course. several inches of rain the day before the race. Extremely muddy with several switchbacks. The course went through a ditch 3 times with 8-10 inches of water and mud. Team average 16:10
Competing NAIA schools: Mcpherson college - team average 17:12 placed 4th
1Christian Graham15:48.93
3Tony Weber15:53.40
6Russell Brown16:09.15
7Andres Guerrero16:26.08
11Jacob Sherman16:35.07
12Ryan Pulsifer16:45.25
23Jermie Johnson17:13.26
   College of Idaho@Eastern Oregon vs. College of Idaho Dual1st of 2
  Team Time: 098:09 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 17 Course Record: 19:14
1-5 Time Split: 00:48
1-7 Time Split: 00:48
Link to Results: www.yoteathletics.com
Course Description/Comments: Fairly flat, gradual grades. LOTS of very sharp turns, grass and pavement crossings. Solid outing, did not run M. Ranck or Q. Radbourne. Both coming off injuries, 4-7 guys when healthy. D. Williams (14:55 5k last spring) coming off ankle sprain and out of shape...........will come on later in season.
Competing NAIA schools: College of Idaho - 17 / Eastern Oregon - 42
1M. Hampton19:14
2A. Fred19:30
3M. Goodwin19:31
4D. Walker19:50
7E. Nordquist20:02
9B. Godfrey20:15
10D. Elia20:18
 287:00PMSt. Andrews - NC@St. Andrews Invitational (teams include Chowan, and Webber Int'l)2nd of 3
  Team Time: 1:29:45 Distance: 5K (3.1 miles) Total Runners: 19 Course Record: 16:41.78
1-5 Time Split: 1:30
1-7 Time Split: 2:23
Link to Results: https://xc.tfrrs.org/results/xc/8309.html
Competing NAIA schools: Webber International, St. Andrews
3Zack Castor17:12.1
4Eduardo Andrade17:20
7Martin Gutierrez17:58.79
8Mike Hare18:31.95
9Justin Brown18:41. 57
10Chase Kopp18:42.19
14Franco Portillo19:35.41
  7:00PMIndiana Northwest@Northwest Classic4th of 6
16Miguel Tapia18:00.5
20Brandon Hurson18:31.5
24Jacob Galvan19:41.5
25Carlos Luna20:14.3
27Tyler Fricke21:01.9
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Lubbock Christian Rust Buster Relays, Lubbock, TexasNo Team Score
  Team Time: 000:00 Distance: 0 Total Runners: 0 Course Record: 0
1-5 Time Split: 00;0
1-7 Time Split: 00;0
Link to Results: 0
Course Description/Comments: This was really a practice meet where guys were in two teams of two and they took turns running 1.5 miles. They did this three times. My guys are going to be good
  7:00PMDillard - LA@Xavier University (http://xulagold.com/sports/2015/7/22/cc2015bigeasy.aspx)3rd of 3
  7:30PMMcPherson - KS@4th of 6
9Michael Janzer16:33.52
18Dixon Cooney16:58.95
26Jerod Fuller17:24.93
28Felix Cervantes17:28.89
31Kurt Katzdorn17:37.65
39Gavin Hightower17:56.46
45Gustavo Pelayo18:27.81
  7:30PMGovernors State - IL@Purdue Univ NC/Purdue-Calumet Invite at PNC CampusNo Team Score
31Willie Lipsey20:07.5
37Terrell Littles22:40.5
  7:00PMXavier - LA@Xavier Big Easy Opener, New Orleans, La.2nd of 3
  Team Time: 106:07 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 21
1-5 Time Split: 10:02.3
Link to Results: http://xulagold.com/sports/2015/8/29/MXC_0829155913.aspx
Competing NAIA schools: Xavier and Dillard
8Christopher August17:03.6
11Brent Kitto17:22.9
16Darrick Williams20:09.6
19Xaiver Latting24:25.3
21Felipe Perrier27:05.9
   Avila - MO@King's Sandwich ClassicNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k
57tMatthew Lind18:52.93
64tWill Ennis19:18.45
67tRoger Wadsworth19:40.58
73rLamond Rushing21:24.09
  8:00AMJarvis Christian - TX@Texas Wesleyan Open3rd of 3
  6:00PMGrace - IN@Stephen Kearney Classic1st of 6
  Team Time: 83:47 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 40
1-5 Time Split: 00:25
1-7 Time Split: 01:09
4Joel Bertelsen16:33
5Brendan Hamilton16:43
6Tyler Houvener16:44
7Sam Hall16:46
8Hunter Reed16:58
  5:00PMWilberforce - OH@Day 1 - Red Wolfe Rumble Hosted by Indiana East University3rd of 3
  Team Time: 3:02:00 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 20
Link to Results: www.iueredwolves.com
Competing NAIA schools: Indiana University East Wilberforce University Ohio Christian University
9Malik Breckenridge34:49
10Zamarre Neely35:37
12Gerald Roseborough36:11
14Shawn Best37:38
15Arthur Haggard37:43
19Michael Forrest44:30
  7:30PMRoosevelt - IL@Northwest ClassicNo Team Score
  7:00PMPurdue Calumet - IN@Northwest Classic 5K2nd of 6
  Team Time: 1:25:53 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 40
Link to Results: http://www.thtiming.com/images/2015_pnc_xc_men_team.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Grace College, Indiana Kokomo, Indiana Northwest, Governors State, Roosevelt, Purdue Calumet.
1Alex Cordova16:03
3Salvador Cordova16:33
11Justin Peterson17:34
14Roger Jachna17:44
15Matthew Matthias17:56
17Fernando Pina18:09
18Arturo Ruiz18:09
  6:00PMIU Kokomo@Northwest Classic3rd of 4
  Team Time: 89:40 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 40
1-5 Time Split: 89:40
1-7 Time Split: 89:40
Link to Results: /d/2015-16/2015%20Northwest%20Classic%20Mens%20XC.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Grace College Purdue Calumet Indiana University Northwest
2Javier Vasquez16:26
10Zach Duranto17:29
12Austin Andrews17:38
21Ethan Dubbels18:54
22Shad Jakes19:10
23Bradley Jakes19:20
26Ben Willis20:20
   Saint Mary - KS@Allen County Invite1st of 10
  5:45PMIndiana East@Indiana University East Red Wolf Rumble1st of 3
  Team Time: 155:23 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 20
1-5 Time Split: 03:04
Link to Results: http://www.iueredwolves.com/stats/2015-16/150828MXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Tough course with gradual uphill finish and a warm day.
Competing NAIA schools: Ohio Christian University, Wilberforce University
2Adam Klipstine29:34
3Cole Dudley30:01
5Blake Brooks31:26
6Parker West31:44
7Kyle Hall32:38
8Kaleb Appleby33:09
  8:30AMTexas Wesleyan@Texas Wesleyan Opener1st of 3
  Team Time: 1:20:15 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 19
1-5 Time Split: 16:03
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/7897.html
Course Description/Comments: Warm and dry course.
Competing NAIA schools: St. Gregory's University, Jarvis Christian College
1Oraine Wint15:35
1Antony Kimaiyo15:35
3Fernando Orellana16:07
7David Swiatocha16:22
10Andres Luna18:17
  8:15AMSt. Gregory's - OK@Texas Wesleyan Opener2nd of 3
  Team Time: 88:00 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 19 Course Record: n/a
1-5 Time Split: 2:25
1-7 Time Split: n/a
Link to Results: www.ramsports.net
Course Description/Comments: clear, warm, 84 degrees
Competing NAIA schools: Texas Wesleyan
6Blake Crouch16:25
8Robert Torres16:53
9Jose Fonseca17:03
12Dustin Baxter18:49
13Luis Lopez18:50

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