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2016 Men's Cross Country Schedule

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 219:00PMHope International - CA@Titan Invitational hosted by CSU Fullerton (CSU Fullerton Campus)No Team Score
  8:30PMVanguard - CA@Titan Invitational5th of 10
  Team Time: 2:10:36 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 142
1-5 Time Split: 2:38
1-7 Time Split: 2:38
Link to Results: http://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/#/results/meet-xc/1106
Course Description/Comments: Course is mostly flat on combination of track, grass, dirt trails and pavement. Our men ran their best race of the season...2:10:36. Very strong up front with Hunt, Brito and DeAtley. Just need our #4 and #5 to close the gap a little.
Competing NAIA schools: The Masters, Vanguard, San Diego Christian, Providence Christian
6Zach Hunt25:01
13Jeronimo Brito25:20
21Zach DeAtley25:32
70Noah Meister27:02
90Brandon Joseph27:39
  2:00PMCarroll - MT@Great Falls Invitational2nd of 6
  Team Time: 133:26 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 1:20
1-7 Time Split: 2:08
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/165260
Course Description/Comments: It was a nice day for a cross country meet in Great Falls. The temperature was in the mid fifties and it was mostly cloudy. There was a decent wind that seemed to let up some in the middle of the men's race. The course is at an elevation of over 3300 feet. It was in good condition on grass and is mostly flat with small hills. The guys ran fairly well. I had our #1 stay back to help some of his teammates but he was still 2nd overall. #2 and #3 ran well. It was a p.r. for #2. Our #4 today had a good race as he hadn't been top 5 for us yet. Our 6 and 7 didn't have good races today. #7 had oral surgery 9 days ago and missed some training. We left one of our top 5 runners home because he couldn't miss class. Rocky Mountain edged us out for the win. Great Falls and Western each had 2 in the top 10.
Competing NAIA schools: Rocky Mountain, Carroll, Great Falls, Montana-Western, Lewis-Clark State (JV), Montana State-Northern
2Chance Hyatt26:06
4Layne Ryerson26:18
6Baird Linke26:27
11Ben Wood27:14
15Joe Mullener27:26
18Taylor Smith28:01
22John Cooney28:14
  7:45PMSan Diego Christian - CA@Titan Invitational hosted by Cal State FullertonNo Team Score
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 142
Link to Results: http://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/#/results/meet-xc/1106
130Daniel Camacho31:43.7
134Hunter Ennis32:50.3
136Joseph Arellano34:53.2
138Peter Gomez35:54.2
  8:15PMThe Master's - CA@Titan Invitational hosted by Cal State Fullerton2nd of 8
  Team Time: 127:14 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 123
1-5 Time Split: 0:29
1-7 Time Split: 0:59
Link to Results: http://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/#/results/meet-xc/1106/scoreboard-xc/2
Course Description/Comments: flat and fast course;hot conditions (81 degrees). Vanguard looked much improved from earlier this season.
Competing NAIA schools: Master's, Vanguard
8Andrew Orona25:11
13Stephen Pacheco25:21
14Joshua Sherfey25:27
20Alec Franco25:32
24Michael Sciarra25:40
25Ricky Buckelew25:43
38Skyler Mikesell26:10
  7:45PMBiola - CA@Titan Invitational (hosted by CSU Fullerton)No Team Score
  Team Time: na Distance: 8k Total Runners: 142
1-5 Time Split: na
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: http://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/#/results/meet-xc/1106/scoreboard-xc/2
Course Description/Comments: Flat, fast course. 1200 meters on the track, 1600 meters or so on flat grass, then the rest on mostly asphalt/sidewalk with a touch of dirt in there. We rested our top 8 guys. The three guys we raced did okay, but not great. They are still learning how to race the 8K distance.
Competing NAIA schools: The Master's, Biola, Vanguard, Antelope Valley
79Eric Marlette27:19
87Nic Nelson27:35
94Tim Seeberger27:50
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@University of Great Falls Open (Great Falls, Mont.)1st of 6
  Team Time: 133:26 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 48 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: 1:41
1-7 Time Split: 2:53
Link to Results: Competitivetiming.com/great-falls-open-results/
Course Description/Comments: Hickory Swings Golf Course - Great Falls Steady Wind 15 mph/ 4 Loop X 2K with slight hill Solid race for us/ after a easy pace early in the race/ all 7 of our runners ran very well. Narrowly defeated strong Carroll team third time this season. Rocky , Carroll, And Univ. of Great Falls still improving
Competing NAIA schools: Rocky, Carroll, Univ. of Great Falls, Lewis-Clark State, Montana -Western, MSU Northern
1Benson Koech25:40
3Fred Petsch26:17
7Isaac Petsch26:49
12Bryce Hugs27:17
13Riley Ruppenthal27:21
14Shane Ketchum27:21
27Joshua Waldram 28:33
   Montana Western@University of Great Falls Open4th of 6
  Team Time: 109:46 Distance: 8k
1-5 Time Split: 2:12
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: Competitive timing.com
Course Description/Comments: Men ran really well as a group. We ran without our number one from the last meet. Overall everyone that competed ran close to their best of the season.
Competing NAIA schools: Lewis-Clark state Rocky Mountain College Montana Western Great Falls Carroll College MSU Northern
9Russell Kujala27:04
10Paul Bielawski27:09
17Tanner Lehr27:57
23Bradey Wilson28:20
28Marcus Bearmedicine29:16
  2:00PMMontana State-Northern@University of Great Falls Open6th of 6
  Team Time: 152:22 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 3:59
1-7 Time Split: 7:39
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/165260
Course Description/Comments: I expected a little more improvement today given the flat course and perfect weather conditions. We have been battling some injury and illness in some of our top spots.
Competing NAIA schools: Rocky Mountain College, Carroll College, University of Great Falls, University of Montana Western, Lewis-Clark State, Montana State University Northern
27Beau Hyatt29:14
31Riley Dennis29:24
34Curtis Westenskow30:12
35Tristen Belgarde30:21
36Sundance Lodge33:12
37Justin Seevers33:54
38Patrick Yuhas36:52
  5:15PMRio Grande - OH@RedStorm Classic1st of 2
  Team Time: 136:38 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 16
1-5 Time Split: 00:20
1-7 Time Split: 02:23
Course Description/Comments: Rain (standing water), windy, cool
Competing NAIA schools: Rio Grande, Ohio Christian, Bluefield (individuals, no team)
1stKameron Carpenter27:15
2ndBlake Freed27:15
3rdDallas Guy27:15
4thMike Norris27:18
6thKyle Sanborn27:35
11tDustin Moritz29:38
12tRiver Spicer29:38
 17 Oklahoma Wesleyan@ Ollie Isom Cross Country InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: na Distance: 8k Total Runners: 111 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: na
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: na
Course Description/Comments: mostly flat, some rolling hills, very hot and windy
Competing NAIA schools: OKWU
 1511:45AMArizona Christian@Arizona Christian Firestorm InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 20
Link to Results: http://www.acufirestorm.com/stats/2016-17/MXC/2016ACUFirestormResults.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Hot day. Hilly course. Slow times
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, Benedictine-Mesa, Arizona Christian
7Tanner Hilton31:01.6
15Jacob Tristan34:16.1
19Tanner Sutcliffe36:43.0
20Karl Kleppe45:24.4
  9:00AMTougaloo - MS@Choctaw Open9th of 9
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 79
69Terrence Green32:14
70Christopher Mitchell32:59
78Percy Ford37:53
79Yusuf Gray40:35
  11:45AMReinhardt - GA@Hood College Open2nd of 19
  Team Time: 137:02 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 133 Course Record: 25:27
1-5 Time Split: 2:02
1-7 Time Split: 2:59
Link to Results: http://www.hoodathletics.com/sports/mxc/2016-17/files/HoodXCMens8kOverallTeam2016.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 65 degrees, Clear a no wind. Thick Grass with tight turns around ball/soccer field on 4K loop in park.
Competing NAIA schools: None
2Jackson Helfrich26:06
11Nate Trottier27:00
26Wyatt Ingram27:53
27Brian Vincent Jr.27:55
30Beau Rush28:08
41Chandler Rookis28:37
52Roger Herrera29:05
   Cumberland - TN@Berry Invitational, Mt. Berry, Ga.8th of 19
  10:45PMMarymount - CA@Pomona Pitzer InvitationalNo Team Score
  2:00PMNorthwest - WA@Emerald City Open6th of 10
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 125 Course Record: N/A first year
Link to Results: https://admin.xosn.com/attachments1/567134.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Muddy course. 2k loops run primarily on grass and dirt paths with about 400m of gravel in that loop. There is hardly any flat section along the course and even tougher to run then our conference course which I'm hoping will prepare us for the CCC championships.
Competing NAIA schools: Northwest University
17Riley Sine27:17
20Dean Willis27:27
52Brian Guisinger29:16
56Gino Bruce29:24
75Caleb Smith30:22
  1:30PMEmbry-Riddle - AZ@Bronco Invite2nd of 16
  Team Time: 1:21.7 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 208
1-5 Time Split: 1:21
1-7 Time Split: 2:42
Link to Results: http://santaclarabroncos.com/sports/c-xc/2016-17/files/2016_Bronco_Invitational_Results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Flat packed dirt trail with some pavement. Start and finish was on grass. Rained day before but did not affect course. Sunny, high 60's and windy. Gusts picked up during race which led to winning time being :30 slower than last year. Results are from the non D1 open race. Guys ran well for being a bit tired, but still need the back end (#5 & #7) to perform up to potential.
Competing NAIA schools: (23)ERAU 2nd, (RV) Carroll College 4th, UC Merced 10th, Cal Maritime 15th
3Jordan Bramblett25:10.9
22Andrew Petersen26:02.6
29Vincent Arminio26:11.2
36Matthew Siegel26:28.8
40Kyle Miller26:32.6
56Blake Bradford26:49.0
108Trent Marlow27:52.6
  11:00AMProvidence Christian - CA@Pomona Invitational12th of 12
  Team Time: 3:00.9 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 159
Course Description/Comments: Pomona Pitzer Invitational
Competing NAIA schools: Westmont
134Dean Whitcher30:27.3
152Aaron Stamper34:15.6
153Brennan Kiledjian35:13.7
156Kyle Huckins37:48.8
159Gerrid Knol43:55.7
  1:00PMHannibal-LaGrange - MO@Illinois College1st of 8
  Team Time: 2:28:52.28 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 71
Link to Results: http://www.hlgtrojans.com/stats/2016-17/2016%20Illinois%20College%20Invitational%20-%20Men's%208k%20
Course Description/Comments: Rolling Hills, Flat, 80 degrees, 15-20mph winds
Competing NAIA schools: St. Louis Pharmacy
4Andrew Daw28:43.61
9Sean Jones29:35.72
12Nathan Rose30:02.74
13Austin Matters30:07.59
15David Ballew30:22.61
18Tyler Byars30:58.39
26Shawn Geralds31:34.51
  12:30PMGovernors State - IL@Skyhawk Invitational5th of 6
   Ave Maria - FL@South Florida XC Invitational3rd of 6
  10:15AMBlue Mountain - MS@Choctaw Open3rd of 9
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 145
1-5 Time Split: 01:00
1-7 Time Split: 01:00
Competing NAIA schools: Mobile
9Jordan McKay27:53
14Jason Watts28:13
16Ken Gassaway28:17
19Seth Hardy28:40
22Reed Jones28:53
32Adam Mcmasters29:45
33Will Crigger29:48
   Eastern Oregon@Inland Empire Challenge2nd of 6
  Team Time: 125:59 Distance: 8000 meters Total Runners: 84 Course Record: ??
1-5 Time Split: 00:59
1-7 Time Split: 01:24
Link to Results: lcsc.edu
Course Description/Comments: Mostly dirt, some grass (bit more very year). Start is highest point of course, finish second highest point. Best way to describe it is kind of a tilted bowl/curved platter, with start being highest point them curving in on itself and running down hill to the center. It is not flat, but grades are very runable and first mile is VERY fast. Laid out well to run fast and ground was is excellent shape, with just a bit of soft grass area at the lowest point. Nice race weather, low 50's and cloudy and calm. Guys ran VERY well, and seem to have learned from getting out way to slow at Willamette, got out fast today, but not to hard (for the most part). Morrell, our #2 ran a crazy last 2K, he was with our #'s 3-5 with just over 2K to go, they were still passing people and he finished 25-32 seconds in front of them. I think conditions were better this year than they were last year (not dusty and overly hard ground this year like it was last year), but we were only 28 seconds slower team time than LCSC was on this course last year and 1:09 faster than College of Idaho were last year and those two teams finished 6th and 7th at Nationals...for what that is worth:). NWC finished 16th t Nationals last year and were only 14 seconds slower this year than they were last year. Again, lots of other variables in there from year to year, team to team, course conditions, etc. At any rate, our best race of the year to date. One big difference is our #2 was much closer to our #1 than has been the case in the previous two 8K races. We are probably more a 12+- type team right now...maybe better? This is better than we ran at Willamette against then #9 (now #4 ) BIOLA and they beat us by about 45 seconds TT there.
Competing NAIA schools: #16 EOU #17 LCSC RV- NW Christian Great Falls, MT The NCAA D1 schools were scored separately and not included in the total number of racer above either
4Nic Maszk24:30
12Thomas Morrell24:57
19Alex Navarro25:22
20Jakob Dewald25:23
25Jack Howard25:29
33Dustin Zimmerly25:45
36Andrew Duffy25:54
  1:30PMCal Maritime@Santa Clara Open15th of 16
  Team Time: 151:58 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 208
1-5 Time Split: 2:30
1-7 Time Split: 3:25
Link to Results: http://timerhub.com/getRsResults.php?page=redcaptiming.com/2016/bronco/race3_mens_open.txt
Competing NAIA schools: Embry Ridle, Simpson, UC Merced,
83Charlie Wiswall28:36
95Dylan Croeni30:24
96Oliver Chen30:46
97Michael Anderson31:02
98Stephen Rosenfeld31:07
100Alfonso Gonzalez31:16
104PJ Jaarsma32:01
  3:00PMSouthern Oregon@Lewis and Clark Invitational1st of 11
  Team Time: 02:08:21 Distance: 8km Total Runners: 97 Course Record: 24:36
1-5 Time Split: 00:35
1-7 Time Split: 00:47
Link to Results: www.souraiders.com
Course Description/Comments: Record setting rain the previous 2-3 days in the Portland area leading up to the meet made the course very soft and not very fast. It actually held the water really well and wasn't awful/messy, just soft and not going to allow very fast times. We've run here 3 of the last 4 years in Sunny, dry conditions and this year was significantly slower. There was a weather warning and race times had to be moved up late in the afternoon the day before as well but, we lucked out and it didn't rain and there was no wind during the time we were running. We were missing our #1 from our previous meet (Dylan Alexander) who has the flu. He'll race next week at William Jessup. That cost us some total team time. Diaz (who ran 25:14 at Sundodger) was awful and didn't even finish in our top 7. Wish I had a reason to give but I don't and that really hurt us. We'll see if he can turn it around next week. Schireman wasn't great either. Trying to find a comparison and came up with this: Corban lost to Eastern Oregon in total team time at Willamette 2 weeks prior by 4:15 and we beat Corban by 6:09 at this meet. We were about 2:45 ahead of Eastern at Sundodger so this gap is pretty similar (especially factoring in not having our #1 at this meet). Not the most scientific data or comparison but at least provides some frame of reference. Our gaps 1-5 and 1-7 were good and even our 7-10 athletes are getting better and making that gap even closer. First mile was RIDICULOUSLY slow for the entire group. We were right up front at 5:17 (Williams, Alexander, Oberitter and Poteracke were at 5:25) so we ran well over the last 4 miles, just not a lot of competition so race went out a bit slow. We'll see some ranked NAIA teams next week at William Jessup so hopefully that will provide us with a clearer picture heading into conference.
Competing NAIA schools: Corban, SOU
1Connor Cushman25:28
3Ray Schireman25:37
5Noah Oberitter25:41
6Matt Williams25:51
7Ryan Alexander25:53
10Kevin Poteracke25:56
14Aidan Paulk26:16
  1:45PMGreat Falls - MT@LCSC Inland Empire Challenge6th of 6
  Team Time: 132:07 Distance: 8000 Meters Total Runners: 84
1-5 Time Split: 1:19
1-7 Time Split: 2:18
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/lcsc.sidearmsports.com/documents/2016/10/15/2016_Inland_Empire
Course Description/Comments: LCSC Cross Country Course, Lewiston - Rolling course, grass and dirt surface. 50 degrees, nice weather for running. We ran well. Of course, it seemed like the other teams ran very well. Eastern Oregon looked very strong, and LCSC and Northwest Christian looked good, as well.
Competing NAIA schools: Eastern Oregon, Lewis-Clark State, Northwest Christian and Great Falls
28Jace Kalbfleisch25:36
43Tanner Boone26:20
46Peyton Jones26:26
57Tim Wright26:54
59Matt Robb26:54
69Shay LaVallie27:36
71Conor McGee27:54
  1:30PMCarroll - MT@Santa Clara Bronco Invitational4th of 16
  Team Time: 132:21 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 208
1-5 Time Split: 2:02
1-7 Time Split: none
Link to Results: http://timerhub.com/getRsResults.php?page=redcaptiming.com/2016/bronco/race3_mens_open.txt
Course Description/Comments: The course is flat and fast, mostly dirt trails with some pavement and grass. There's not much in the way of hills. There was some rain overnight but it was in good shape. There were about 10 to 15 mph winds and temps in the high 60s. We didn't race well. Our travel didn't go as planned and we arrived at our hotel after midnight mountain time the morning of the race. Our flight Thursday was canceled so we went the next day. Friday our flights were delayed, we had no service on the first one and had to run to our gate to catch the next one. We didn't have time for dinner so we ate after 11 p.m. mountain time the night before the race. Our #1 ran well winning the open race. #2 was about a minute slower than last year. 3 and 4 ran okay. We were without one of our top 5 who had a serious emergency dental procedure on Tuesday. The team was probably exhausted from the travel. Embry-Riddle Arizona looked good and beat us easily. The results are from the open race and the team placing is non-D1 only. It was just a bad trip for us all around and we need to turn it around the next few weeks.
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle, Carroll
1Chance Hyatt25:06
27Baird Linke26:35
32Layne Ryerson26:44
35Pierce Fix26:47
47Joe Mullener27:08
78Taylor Smith28:20
  9:00AMDalton State - GA@Front Runner Invitational1st of 1
  Team Time: 2:25:35 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 33
1-5 Time Split: 3:17
Course Description/Comments: All NCAA Division I Tournament
Competing NAIA schools: NONE
20Ryan Gebelein27:35
22Saddoth Fraire28:27
23David Murillo28:27
27Cole Thornton30:12
30Devin Swafford30:52
  12:00PMMultnomah - OR@George Fox Invite11th of 12
  Team Time: 148:27 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 116
1-5 Time Split: 4:36
Link to Results: georgefoxathletics
Course Description/Comments: heavy rain all night. muddy
Competing NAIA schools: no others
61daniel larabee28:16
63ryan brown28:19
80caleb miller28:53
95keegan council30:07
109ahadu solomon32:52
  10:15AMWilliam Carey - MS@MC Choctaw OpenNo Team Score
  12:15PMOlivet Nazarene - IL@AAE Cross Country Invitational (men's race start time: 11:20 a.m.)10th of 37
  Team Time: 131:36 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 560
1-5 Time Split: 01:38
1-7 Time Split: 02:05
Link to Results: http://entries.pttiming.com/system/results/files/17338/original/Men_Team.pdf?1476551357
Course Description/Comments: Golf course. Basically flat with a few inclines. Usually fast but somewhat soft today. Did not race #3 runner Ryan Larkin.
Competing NAIA schools: None
8Jeremy Brassard25:12
84Tyler Gabriele26:20
88Jason Reynolds26:21
138Wesley Meyer26:48
140Zachary Bishop26:50
149Andrew Gemmaka26:53
200Colin Pickering27:17
  12:00PMSoka - CA@@ Cal State San Marcos Cougar Challenge4th of 5
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 47
1-5 Time Split: 11:58
Course Description/Comments: Mostly flat, dirt, fast
Competing NAIA schools: Biola, Antelope valley
5Jack Evans25:25
28Landis Meyer28:49
34Michael Note30:16
40Mark Chia36:06
43Arlsan Kasimov37:23
45Wei Hong Loh39:29
  10:00AMWiley - TX@University of Dallas InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: 56:26.73 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 81
Competing NAIA schools: Texas Wesleyan Paul Quinn
1Marbeq Edgar15:57
37Darion De La Rosa18:30
68Roger Ali21:58
  11:00AMSt. Ambrose - IA@Sauk Valley Skyhawk Invite (JV only)4th of 6
  Team Time: 2:28:46 Distance: 4.75 miles Total Runners: 49
1-5 Time Split: 2:39
1-7 Time Split: 2:39
Link to Results: /d/2016-17/Track%20and%20Cross/2016_Sauk_Valley_Invitational_-_men.txt
Course Description/Comments: Short course... Rested our top 7 runners for the Mount Mercy meet next weekend... The course is relatively fast but not like this... One coach ran it before the meet and got 4.75 on his GPS, Sam Long wore a GPS and also got 4.75...
Competing NAIA schools: Governor's State
14Sam Long28:50
17Leo Kesseler29:11
18Casey Gerczak29:12
23Clay Colborn30:02
35Brian Santino31:29
  9:00AMMobile - AL@Choctaw Open2nd of 9
  Team Time: 2:22:36 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 145
6Leith Rawson24:47
8Joshua Nicholson27:52
14Seth Emmenegger28:11
18Alex Guilory28:22
40Jordan Santa Maria30:06
42Landon Delozier30:15
   Central Baptist - AR@Little Rock Invitational6th of 6
  Team Time: 180:04 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 65
Link to Results: http://ualr.macdonaldtiming.com/
Competing NAIA schools: Final Standings Score Total Avg. 1 Central Arkansas 32 2:09:04 25:49 2 Arkansas-Little Rock 39 2:09:50 25:58 3 Arkansas State 57 2:13:07 26:38 4 Ecclesia College 116 2:34:32 30:55 5 Arkansas-Monticello 142 2:52:20 34:28 6 Central Baptist 160 3:04:42 36:57
41Kevin Perez35:46
42Demond White36:15.3
43Dalton Parker37:18.3
44Scott Gracey37:37.9
45Timothy Turner37:44.0
47Austin Patterson41:14.3
48Calvin Hodges45:24.6
  1:15PMCorban - OR@L&C Invite 20164th of 11
  Team Time: 2:14:39 Distance: 8000 Total Runners: 97
1-5 Time Split: 1:46
1-7 Time Split: 3:22
Course Description/Comments: The course was very wet. Thick tall grass. Dirt/muddy trails. Rain. Windy. Very slow course. Our number 5 today sprained his ankle about 2 miles in. We did not run our number 4 runner today.
Competing NAIA schools: Southern Oregon
11Craig Boekenoogen25:56
19Zane West26:33
33Zachary Steele27:13
34Sam King27:15
45Ruben Salvador-Benavides27:42
52Drew Larabee27:58
77Jonathan Kuzichev29:18
   Texas Wesleyan@University of Dallas Invitational2nd of 10
  Team Time: 86:00 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 81
1-5 Time Split: 17:15
Link to Results: http://ramsports.net/news/2016/10/15/mens-cross-country-lady-rams-win-rams-2nd-at-university-of-dall
4Alan Ramirez16:28
5Fernando Orellana16:35
7Cristian Hernandez16:56
20Joe Pembroke17:43
34Joseph Eisen18:18
40Nikolas Westfall18:33
  3:00PMNorthwest Christian - OR@Inland Empire 4th of 6
  Team Time: 128:31 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 84
1-5 Time Split: 01:56
1-7 Time Split: 03:57
Course Description/Comments: Grass, some rolling hills, mostly grass, race was a mixed bag for us, #1 Kraal, #4 Covey sick all week but great race for Wright and Shelby. We Were beaten by LC State #17 NAIA by only 5 points. This team can do well, but we need to have all the guys healthy. They are mentally in a good place so hopefully we can run as close to Eastern and OIT at conference as possible. Eastern is better than their ranking.
Competing NAIA schools: Eastern Oregon LEwis Clark State Great Falls
6TJ Wright24:46
15Eli Shelby25:12
23Garrett Kraal25:26
47Conner Covey 26:27
52Andres Martinez 26:41
55Colby Hanson 26:45
77Luke Sparks 28:43
  10:15AMWilliams Baptist - AR@Choctaw Open 8K5th of 8
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@Inland Empire Championships (Lewiston, Idaho)3rd of 6
  Team Time: 127:38 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 84 Course Record: 23:14
1-5 Time Split: 00:46
1-7 Time Split: 00:46
Link to Results: www.lcwarriors.com
Course Description/Comments: Our home course. Heavy rains this week, but good race day conditions. Most of the course was in good shape, but thick grass in about a 500m (done 3x) section was very thick and soft from the rain and lack of mowing. Slowed things a little, but not a lot. Thought my guys ran a little tired and seemed like they hadn't recovered from the trip to California last week looked a little more affected than the women. Ryan continues to improve and moved up to #1 position. 1-5 split was good at 45sec. 4 guys in the 25s, 5th at 26:01. Bit of a gap back to 6 and 7 for mid 26s. Getting better and staying consistent. Eastern Oregon looks underranked (IMO) and very close with us and NCU as we edged them in team score by 5pts and in TT by 52sec.
Competing NAIA schools: NWC, EOU, NWC, LCSC
   Truett-McConnell - GA@Viking Invitational10th of 19
  Distance: 8000 m Total Runners: 189
Link to Results: http://www.ptgrouponline.com/Live/2016/Berry/Invitational/
Competing NAIA schools: Johnson University
24Tyler Barber26:59
32Juan Ortega27:12
51Robert Bledsoe27:36
109Zach Syler29:36
118Stanley Cayo30:01
162Daniel Redding33:46
  11:00AMUC Merced - CA@Bronco Invitational10th of 16
  11:45AMAntelope Valley - CA@Cougar ChallengeNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 8k Total Runners: 47
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: http://www.csusmcougars.com/documents/2016/10/15//Cougar_Challenge_Men_s_Individual_Team_Results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Flat, mostly dirt with some grass and pavement.
Competing NAIA schools: Biola, Soka
4Anass Zouhry25:25
  10:30AMWestmont - CA@Pomona-Pitzer Invitational2nd of 12
  Team Time: 131:01 Distance: 8000 meters Total Runners: 159 Course Record: 24:47
1-5 Time Split: 00:43
1-7 Time Split: 01:14
Link to Results: http://www.pe.pomona.edu/sports/mxc/2016-17/files/2016-ppxcinv-men-results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: grass and dirt course on a gradual slope on campus at Pomoona Pitzer for three and a half loops. Challenging to maintain focus with multiple turns on each loop. :14 spread for runners 1-4. Strong team race for Westmont but #7 ranked D3 Pomona Pitzer won easily.
Competing NAIA schools: Providence Christian
8Michael Oldach25:57
10Kyle Fredrickson26:04
11Blake Fonda26:08
14Roberto Bazan26:11
32David Peterson26:40
42Tom Hamlin26:55
46Nic Swider27:11
  10:00AMBenedictine Mesa - AZ@Arizona Christian InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 20
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Wingfoot_Finish/2nd_Annual_Firestorm_Invitational/
10tDennis Arthur31:31
  12:00PMSt. Louis Pharmacy - MO@Illinois College Invitational6th of 8
  11:00AMBiola - CA@Cougar Challenge hosted by Cal State San Marcos2nd of 5
  Team Time: 129:17 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 50
1-5 Time Split: 00:51
1-7 Time Split: 00:51
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/athletics.biola.edu/documents/2016/10/15/CougarChallengeResult
Course Description/Comments: The men were a bit off as a team. We had some solid individual performances and our top three did a great job of working together for most of the race. We struggled to work together in our 4-7, and our 6 and 7 both had off days. I am confident they will improve this. We have some things to work on but I am happy with where our team is at right now in the season. The course was about 0.1 miles long, so probably about 30 seconds long. The course is mostly dirt with about 800 meters worth of grass. Mostly flat with some slight ups and downs. The weather was great, perfect for running.
Competing NAIA schools: Biola, SOKA
5Gabe Plendcio25:28
8Ryan Thompson25:39
9Miles Brubacher25:45
13Robbie Gleeson26:06
15Christian Perez26:19
16Jonathan O'Neil26:50
17Timmy Wilson26:57
   Viterbo - WI@Wisconsin Private College Championships1st of 7
  10:00AMLoyola - LA@Berry Invitational15th of 19
 146:15PMClarke - IA@Loras Invite6th of 9
  11:45AMPacific Union - CA@La Sierra University Invitational 1st of 2
  5:15PMAsbury - KY@Jenna Strong Classic21st of 38
   Southwest - NM@USW Invitational4th of 4
   Georgetown - KY@Jenna Strong Classic28th of 38
  5:15PMMount Vernon Nazarene - OH@at the Jenna Strong Fall Classic hosted by Wilmington College8th of 38
  Team Time: 2:13.00 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 392
1-5 Time Split: 0:45
1-7 Time Split: 2:30
Link to Results: http://www.finishtimingresults.com/2016/10-14-WIL/
Course Description/Comments: Fast course with great running conditions-we had a strong team run.
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State Rio Grande Asbury Ohio Christian Berea
  3:45PMRobert Morris (Ill.)@Pink Classic - Bradley UniversityNo Team Score
  Distance: 8k
89Luis Loza29:09
160Nicholas Niles33:54
163Alejandro Martinez34:30
  5:15PMRio Grande - OH@Wilmington Fall Classic at Wilmington, Ohio2nd of 38
  Team Time: 128:47 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 399
1-5 Time Split: 01:09
1-7 Time Split: 03:06
Link to Results: www.finishtiming.com
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State, Rio Grande, Mount Vernon Nazarene, Asbury, Ohio Christian, Indiana East, Georgetown, Lourdes, Union (Ky.), Indiana Kokomo, Cincinnati Christian, Wilberforce. ....RIO finished second behind Shawnee, but placed ahead of three NCAA Division I schools - Miami (Ohio), Austin Peay, Wright State - in the top five
5thBlake Freed25:16
8thDallas Guy25:20
9thKameron Carpenter25:22
51sKyle Sanborn26:22
60tDustin Moritz26:27
69tMike Norris26:39
201River Spicer28:22
   Union - KY@#JennaStrong Fall Classic 32nd of 38
  Team Time: 2:42.10 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 399 (38 Teams)
1-5 Time Split: 12:22
1-7 Time Split: 12:22
Course Description/Comments: Flat and fast course, with some rough wooded sections. Mixture of fields, woods, and campus running
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State, Rio Grande, Asbury, Ohio Christian, Georgetown, Cincinnati Christian, Mt. Vernon Nazarene, John Brown, IU East, IU Kokomo, Lourdes
155Collin Wesco27:49.8
184Logan Congo28:08.3
236Cruz Ramos28:08.3
380Dominique Lewis35:57.2
392Shaquille Williams41:11.6
   Siena Heights - MI@Jayhawk XC Invitational (Muskegon, Mich.)2nd of 17
  Team Time: 2:14:48.26 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 189
1-5 Time Split: 26:11.77
Link to Results: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=116554#/21351
Course Description/Comments: Beat NAIA No. 12 Aquinas as a team by over 25 seconds.
Competing NAIA schools: No. 12 Aquinas, Spring Arbor
15Esrom Woldemichael26:10.34
17Stephen Merchant26:20.37
21Kyler Vanwormer26:25.05
27Anthony Vermilye26:40.73
121Nicholas Barth29:11.77
   Shawnee State - OH@Wilmington College Invitational1st of 38
  Team Time: 128:10 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 395
1-5 Time Split: 0:43
1-7 Time Split: 1:02
Link to Results: http://www.finishtimingresults.com/2016/10-14-WIL/
Course Description/Comments: Very fast course in nearly perfect conditions. The ground was hard, and the temp. was low 60's for race time. Very little wind. Shawnee ran well. It was their fastest team time since 2013. Rio Grande was second and they have their best cross country team in 20 years. They also ran a 2:08 team time. They should be considered in the rankings.
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee, Rio Grande, Mount Vernon Nazarene, Ohio Christian.
6Seth Farmer25:17.6
13Parker Blain25:26.9
18David Jaeger25:40.7
19Adrian Ross25:44.0
31Seth Miller26:00.3
42Ethan Richter26:14.5
49Owen Reeher26:19.5
   John Brown - AR@#JennaStrong Fall Classic12th of 38
  Team Time: 2:13:30 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 395
1-5 Time Split: 2:12
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/jbu.sidearmsports.com/documents/2016/10/14/men_at_jennastrong.
Course Description/Comments: Rolling grass course with several sidewalk crossings, Creek crossing, and very rooted narrow section in the woods.
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State (Ohio), Rio Grande (Ohio), Mt. Vernon Nazarene (Ohio) and Asbury (Ky.)
7Josh Uzelac25:19
46Jacob Benjamin26:17
95Levi Nordmeyer27:00
126Elliott Pearson27:21
133Michael Games27:31
  11:00AMProvidence Christian - CA@La Sierra Cross Country Meet2nd of 3
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 13
Course Description/Comments: Golden Eagles Cross Country Invite
Competing NAIA schools: La Sierra University Pacific Union College
2Dean Whitcher30:42.32
4Aaron Stamper31:30.23
7Brennan Kiliedjian36:19.64
9Kyle Huckins38:14.41
13Gerrid Knol40:35.91
  5:30PMGrand View - IA@Loras College Invitational5th of 9
  Team Time: 146:35 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 96 Course Record: 25:08
1-5 Time Split: 2:57
1-7 Time Split: 3:58
Link to Results: http://duhawks.com/documents/2016/10/14//16MXC_LorasM.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 3 loop course, a few long/steep hills each loop. (1-5) I'd rate it 3.5-4
Competing NAIA schools: 5th-Grand View, 6th-Clarke
16Rhett Gainey27:43
39Chris Dejoode28:53
47Evan Rix29:15
62Alex Arechavaleta30:02
72Ben Bourland30:40
74Duoth Tut30:57
81Josh Morrow31:41
  1:30PMSpring Arbor - MI@Jayhawk Invitational (Hosted by Muskegon CC)6th of 17
  Team Time: 137:26 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 189
1-5 Time Split: 01:45
1-7 Time Split: 02:37
Link to Results: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=116554#/37742
Competing NAIA schools: Siena Heights, Aquinas, Michigan-Dearborn, Cleary
23Daniel Garza26:32
39Sam Comden26:58
65Dylan Hamilton27:38
83Jacob Hoppe27:59
96Ian Fulton28:17
105Logan Robart28:39
119Joshua Norton29:09
  10:00AMXavier - LA@Crimson Classic, Tuscaloosa, Ala.3rd of 3
  Team Time: 161:49 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 06:51
Link to Results: https://goo.gl/GR5w9g
Course Description/Comments: Xavier competed in the college division (non-NCAA Division I schools) . . . All team scoring and team rankings were based on that division only . . . The third-place finish was among 4-year schools -- a couple of 2-year schools also finished ahead of XULA . . . The university division had an additional 217 runners and 24 teams that scored.
Competing NAIA schools: Xavier (N.O.) was only NAIA school in the meet
26Christopher August28:49
40Clydarius Everett31:48
42Darrick Williams32:11
45Oji Wells33:19
48Ammiel Williams35:40
   Keiser - FL@USF InvitationalNo Team Score
  1:30PMAquinas - MI@MCC Invitational4th of 17
  Distance: 8000 Meters Total Runners: 189
1-5 Time Split: 00:25
1-7 Time Split: 00:38
Link to Results: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=116554
30Steve Griffith26:50
32Angelo Leon26:51
41Michael Gorman27:04
50Evan Dunklee27:15
51Stephen Pfahler27:15
53Kyle Sousley27:18
60Matt Fosdick27:28
   Cincinnati Christian - OH@Jenna Strong Fall Classic @ Wilmington College36th of 38
  Team Time: 2:35:24 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 395
Link to Results: http://live.finishtiming.com/#/results/meet-xc/20163055/scoreboard-xc/2
159Noah Hinson28:16
162Jordan Kattine28:22
224Brytton Rogers31:37
231Derrick Shotwell32:34
237Michael Hartman34:32
  11:45AMLa Sierra - CA@La Sierra University Golden Eagles InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 13
Competing NAIA schools: La Sierra University Pacific Union College Providence Christian College
5Zheng Yew Wung33:48.68
7Justin Hsu36:19.64
10Christopher Bradley39:19.59
   IU Kokomo@Jenna Strong Meet34th of 38
  5:15PMLourdes - OH@Jenna Strong Fall Classic (Wilmington)29th of 38
  Team Time: 146:15 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 395
Link to Results: http://lourdesathletics.com/custompages/2016%20Men's%20Cross%20Country/Box%20Scores/JennaStrong-m.pd
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State, Rio Grande, Berea, Mount Vernon Nazarene, Ohio Valley, Asbury, Ohio Christian, Indiana East, Georgetown (Ky), Union (Ky), Indiana Kokomo, Cincinnati Christian, Wilberforce
168Lane Trapp27:56
186Jonah Roadcloud28:08
197Matt Jutte28:14
305Kenneth Algarin30:49
315Kevin Huang31:05
344Tyler King32:17
  5:15PMIndiana East@Wilmington College Jenna Strong Fall Classic26th of 38
  Team Time: 151:53 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 395
1-5 Time Split: 03:51
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State, Rio Grande, Mount Vernon Nazarene, Asbury, Ohio Christian, IU East, Georgetown, Lourdes, Union, IU Kokomo, Cincinnati Christian, Wilberforce
127Blake Brooks27:24
139Salvador Campos27:35
156Adam Klipstine27:51
172Cole Dudley27:58
320Dylan Cope31:15
   Michigan-Dearborn@Jayhawk Invitational: Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, MI8th of 17
  Distance: 8,000 M Total Runners: 189
Link to Results: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=116554
Competing NAIA schools: Siena Heights Aquinas Spring Arbor
38Alex Krasuski26:57.95
40Ryan Pickell27:02.85
78Sean Nowak27:53.33
86Nick Williamson28:00.99
106Moad Yassen28:39.87
112Sean Fisher28:51.77
156Delson Christian31:19.32

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