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Men's Cross Country
 248:00PMWarner Pacific - OR@Beaver Classic9th of 11
  Team Time: 152:29 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 116
1-5 Time Split: 09:24
1-7 Time Split: NA
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Course Description/Comments: Very wet and very muddy, especially as the race progressed. Relatively flat with one uphill and one downhill portion. Repeat of 2k loops.
Competing NAIA schools: Southern Oregon, Concordia, Corban, Multnomah
12Ahmed Ibrahim26:15
92Muhumed Noor29:36
93Chad Smurthwaite29:42
108Chris Morgan31:16
115Riley Bufford35:39
116Caleb Coe35:41
  8:00PMConcordia - OR@Beaver Classic (Oregon State university)5th of 10
  Team Time: 134:08 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 116
1-5 Time Split: 03:10
1-7 Time Split: 03:14
Course Description/Comments: Very very muddy. After the women's race the course was destroyed. Matt has run 23:56 this year and with a pretty solid effort was only able to run 24:56. This course ran close to a minute slower then Willamette I would say. There was not one solid place to run. Matt continues to show that he is in the top group at the national meet. Brad Prettyman and Roman Kirkov had solid races working through the mud finished right behind two guys who ran 25:25 and 25:39 at Willamette. Alan Johnston had a huge race running 27:34. On a Willamette type course he is under 26:40. Ethan Livermore who has been running as our number 4 slipped really bad on the mud and had to drop out. He would have finished in front of Alan as he has all year. If Ethan finishes we he probably runs 27:20 based on Alan which cuts out top 5 spread by almost 40 seconds. Demetrius Rhodes stepped up big for us today when Ethan went down and ran as our number 5. He has run 27:02 this year and probably would have been close to that in better conditions.
Competing NAIA schools: SOU, Warner Pacific, CU
1stMatt Clowes24:56.6
25tBrad Prettyman26:44.6
29tRoman Kirkov26:48.3
47tAlan Johnston27:34.6
62nDemetrius Rhodes28:06.6
65tAustin Peila28:10.3
  6:45PMViterbo - WI@UW-Eau Claire City Wells InvitationalNo Team Score 
  Team Time: 1:27:41 Distance: 5,000 Total Runners: 26
1-5 Time Split: 0:36
1-7 Time Split: 0:51
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  4:45PMIndiana Wesleyan@Cedarville Invitational4th of 7
Women's Cross Country
  2:45PMCarroll - MT@Great Falls Invitational2nd of 3
  Team Time: 102:27 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 18 Course Record: 18:57
1-5 Time Split: 1:20
1-7 Time Split: n.a.
Course Description/Comments: Our 2nd team ran in Great Falls. The 1st team runs Saturday at Biola. Course was on grass at elevation. The ladies ran okay. It was windy in Great Falls. One of the women tweaked her back the day before and couldn't race. It was a good effort from the ladies.
Competing NAIA schools: Rocky Mountain, Carroll (2nd team), Great Falls.
4Dalainy Tedesco19:48
7Jane Reid20:16
8Macala Fifield20:19
10Brooke Ruppenthal20:56
11Elizabeth Schweizer21:08
  7:00PMWarner Pacific - OR@Beaver Classic10th of 11
  Team Time: 137:59 Distance: 6000m Total Runners: 99
1-5 Time Split: 03:06
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Very wet and very muddy, especially as the race progressed. Relatively flat with one uphill and one downhill portion. Repeat of 2k loops.
Competing NAIA schools: Southern Oregon, Concordia, Corban
80Jennifer Tina26:53
81Jessie Vonbargen26:56
85Ayde Alvarado27:14
89Lily Chavez27:54
96Brianna Cowin28:59
  7:00PMConcordia - OR@Beaver Classic (Oregon State University)5th of 10
  Team Time: 153:04 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 99
1-5 Time Split: 02:14
1-7 Time Split: 02:19
Course Description/Comments: This course was a mess. Incredibly wet and muddy. There was not one solid place on the course. Hard to get any momentum going. Our top 4 girls ran solid and had a goal of working together during the race. Mikel got out way to hard and struggled late because of it. She will run much better at the conference meet. Cia, Sarah and Christa had very solid races and mixed it up with SOU very well. We struggled at our 5th spot as Dalen Richardson ended up as our number 7. Kelsea fell and I think that really cost us some valuable points. Losing to SOU by only 18 points hopefully shows that we are a very comparable team and will get us a little bump in the rankings. Last time we raced them we only lost by 2 points. We also put 4 girls in front of Corbans number 1 (Emily Childers) who ran 18:45 at Willamette.
Competing NAIA schools: Southern Oregon, Corban, CU
16tMikel Elliott22:45.8
21sCia Bywater23:12.4
25tSarah Whybark23:33.3
26tChrista Collmer23:35.8
55tZoe Worobel24:59.4
56tKelsea Campbell25:03.0
58tDalen Richardson25:04.1
  6:00PMViterbo - WI@UW-Eau Claire City Wells InvitationalNo Team Score 
  Team Time: 1:44:02 Distance: 5,000 meters Total Runners: 23
1-5 Time Split: 2:03
1-7 Time Split: 3:21
Link to Results:
  4:00PMIndiana Wesleyan@Cedarville Invitational3rd of 7
Men's Soccer
 10:30PM(H) Friends - KSdef(A) Bethel - KS4-2 
 5:30PM(H) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(A) Westminster - UT1-0 
  5:00PM(H) Presentation - SDtied(A) Central Christian - KS2-2 (2OT) 
 4:30PM(H) Culver-Stockton - MOdef(A) Benedictine - KS3-2 
 3:00PM(H) Madonna - MIdef(A) 4 Davenport - MI1-0 
  5:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OHdef(H) Kentucky Christian7-0 
 Senior Day
 5:00PM(A) Embry-Riddle - AZdef(H) La Sierra - CA4-0 
 4:30PM(H) Avila - MOtied(A) Baker - KS1-1 (2OT) 
Women's Soccer
 8:00PM(A) Bethel - KSdef(H) Friends - KS1-0 
  9:00PM(H) 15 Cal State San Marcostied(A) San Diego Christian - CA0-0 (2OT) 
  7:00PM(A) Johnson & Wales - COdef(H) Stephens - MO3-0 
 2:00PM(A) 16 Benedictine - KSdef(H) Culver-Stockton - MO1-0 
 Homecoming/Senior Day
  4:00PM(H) Presentation - SDdef(A) Central Christian - KS3-1 
  3:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OHdef(H) Kentucky Christian8-0 
 4:00PM(A) 2 Embry-Riddle - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL1-0 
  4:00PM(H) Middle Georgia Statedef(A) Judson College6-0 
 1:00PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) Avila - MO1-0 
 7:00PM(H) Warner - FLdef(A) Thomas - GA1-0 (2OT) 
 7:00PM(H) SCAD Savannah - GAdef(A) St. Thomas - FL3-0 
 3:00PM(H) USC Beaufort (S.C.)def(A) Florida Memorial2-0 
 10:00PM(H) Embry-Riddle - AZdef(A) Simpson - CA25-21,25-10,25-12 
  7:30PM(N) Lincoln Christian - Ildef(N) Concordia University17-25,22-25,25-17,23-25 
 8:00PM(A) 23 Coastal Georgiadef(H) Bethel - TN20-25,17-25,25-23,21-25 
  5:30PM(H) Illinois Wesleyandef(A) Lincoln Christian - Il25-20,25-23,25-16 
  10:00PM(A) University of California-Santa Cruzdef(H) UC Merced - CA17-25,17-25,19-25 
 8:00PM(A) 2 Park - MOdef(H) 7 Missouri Baptist - MO17-25,19-25,25-23,23-25 
 NAIA National Match of the Week brought to you by Raising Cane's and Imo's
  11:00PM(H) 3 Concordia - CAdef(A) 3 Texas at Brownsville16-25,22-25,26-24,25-20,15-11 
 7:00PM(H) RV Trinity Christian - ILdef(A) Saint Xavier - IL27-25,27-25,25-16 
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at Trinity Christian College - Palos Heights, Ill.
  10:00PM(H) 3 Concordia - CAdef(A) 3 Texas at Brownsville16-25,22-25,26-24,25-20,15-11 
  6:30PM(N) RV St. Catharine - KYdef(N) Kentucky Christian25-17,25-8,25-10 
 Liz Lykowski Memorial Tournament
  4:15PM(N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) Kentucky Christian25-15,25-19,25-23 
 Liz Lykowski Memorial Tournament
 8:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyandef(H) Tabor - KS18-25,25-21,24-26,24-26 
 5:00PM(N) Saint Xavier - ILdef(N) Purdue Calumet - IN25-20,20-25,13-25,15-25 
 CCAC Crossover Tournament at Trinity Christian College - Palos Heights, Ill.
 8:00PM(A) Judson - ILdef(H) Calumet - IN17-25,20-25,19-25 
 CCAC Crossover at Trinity Christian College
 9:00PM(H) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(A) Haskell - KS25-21,20-25,25-21,25-20 
 9:00PM(A) Dakota State - SDdef(H) Dickinson State - ND27-25,19-25,24-26,23-25 
 9:00PM(H) Montana Westerndef(A) Westminster - UT20-25,27-25,25-23,19-25,15-11 
 8:30PM(H) RV Hastings - NEdef(A) Morningside - IA25-18,23-25,21-25,26-24,16-14 
 8:00PM(H) Williams Baptist - ARdef(A) Lindenwood-Belleville - IL18-25,28-26,25-23,25-22 
 9:00PM(H) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(A) Montana State-Northern25-14,25-12,25-17 
 8:00PM(H) 22 Wayland Baptist - TXdef(A) St. Gregory's - OK25-13,25-23,25-20 
 8:30PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Briar Cliff - IA26-24,25-23,19-25,18-25,15-7 
  8:00PM(N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) William Penn - IA30-28,25-16,25-22 
 Tournament Game 2
  8:00PM(H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Huntington - IN25-15,22-25,21-25,25-23,16-14 
 8:30PM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Dakota Wesleyan - SD25-21,25-22,22-25,21-25,15-10 
  5:00PM(N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Rochester - MI25-19,25-19,25-10 
 Tournament Game 1
 8:00PM(H) Jamestown - NDdef(A) Presentation - SD25-10,25-16,25-21 
 Dig Pink Night
 8:00PM(A) SAGU - TXdef(H) Southwestern Christian - OK26-28,17-25,25-21,25-22,12-15 
 Dig Pink Night
  8:30PM(N) Wartburg Collegedef(N) Clarke - IA28-26,25-17,25-17 
 at UW-Oshkosh
 8:30PM(H) 12 Midland - NEdef(A) Mount Marty - SD26-24,25-18,25-19 
  6:30PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) RV Point Park - PA21-25,25-18,25-12,27-25 
 Liz Lykowski Memorial Tournament
 8:30PM(A) 6 Northwestern - IAdef(H) Nebraska Wesleyan18-25,20-25,25-22,21-25 
  8:00PM(N) Aquinas - MIdef(N) Rochester - MI17-25,14-25,14-25 
 Cornerstone University Tournament
  5:00PM(N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Rochester - MI19-25,19-25,10-25 
 Cornerstone University Tournament
  8:00PM(N) RV Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 9 Viterbo - WI25-18,22-25,25-13,25-18 
 Boneyard Brawl Hosted By Georgetown College
  8:00PM(H) Johnson & Wales - COdef(A) Fort Hays State University25-16,25-22,25-15 
 8:00PM(A) Dalton State - GAdef(H) Belhaven - MS25-27,14-25,22-25 
  2:00PM(N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) Point Park - PA15-25,29-27,19-25,26-24,15-11 
 Liz Lekowski Memorial @ Indiana Tech
  5:00PM(N) Benedictine - KSdef(N) York - NE25-18,25-16,25-17 
 Johnson & Wales Tournament
  3:00PM(N) Benedictine - KSdef(N) Fort Hays State University23-25,6-25,18-25 
 Johnson & Wales Tournament
 8:00PM(H) Waldorf - IAdef(A) Oklahoma Wesleyan26-28,25-22,25-22,25-21 
 8:00PM(H) Ottawa - KSdef(A) Saint Mary - KS25-13,25-20,25-16 
 8:00PM(A) College of the Ozarks - MOdef(H) Central Christian - KS16-25,8-25,13-25 
 8:00PM(H) Southwestern - KSdef(A) Bethany - KS25-20,25-17,25-13 
 6:00PM(N) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(N) Indiana South Bend25-23,24-26,24-26,29-27,15-12 
 CCAC Crossover at Roosevelt
  5:00PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI25-9,25-20,25-18 
 Aquinas/Cornerstone Classic
 8:00PM(H) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(A) Haskell - KS25-21,20-25,25-21,25-20 
  7:00PM(N) RV Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 9 Viterbo - WI25-17,22-25,25-13,25-18 
 Boneyard Brawl
  4:30PM(N) 14 Davenport - MIdef(N) RV Indiana Wesleyan18-25,26-24,21-25,19-25 
 Boneyard Brawl
 8:00PM(A) Oklahoma Citydef(H) Mid-America Christian - OK15-25,15-25,17-25 
 8:00PM(A) Coastal Georgiadef(H) Bethel - TN20-25,17-25,25-23,22-25 
  9:00PM(N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) William Penn - IA28-30,16-25,22-25 
 Aquinas/Cornerstone Tournament
 7:30PM(H) St. Thomas - TXdef(A) Southwest - NM25-13,25-17,25-21 
 8:00PM(H) Lyon - ARdef(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO25-16,25-19,25-17 
  7:00PM(H) Northwestern Ohiodef(A) Bethel - IN25-21,25-19,25-19 
  8:00PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Goshen - IN25-9,25-19,25-12 
 AQ/CU Classic (Hosted by Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
  8:00PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Rochester - MI25-17,25-14,25-14 
 Aquinas/Cornerstone Crossover
  7:00PM(A) Tennessee Templedef(H) Cumberland - TN25-22,24-26,24-26,18-25 
  6:00PM(N) Siena Heights - MIdef(N) William Penn - IA19-25,23-25,20-25 
 Aquinas/Cornerstone Tournament
  7:00PM(A) 13 Columbia - MOdef(H) 17 Georgetown - KY14-25,22-25,25-23,16-25 
 Boneyard Brawl
  6:30PM(N) Clarke - IAdef(N) Webster University18-25,25-22,16-25,20-25 
 at UW-Oshkosh
  7:00PM(H) Asbury - KYdef(A) Kentucky State University25-18,25-21,25-18 
 6:30PM(A) Reinhardt - GAdef(H) Truett-McConnell - GA21-25,13-25,25-20,15-25 
 7:00PM(H) Faulkner - ALdef(A) Brenau - GA25-16,25-14,25-20 
 5:00PM(N) Robert Morris (Ill.)def(N) Purdue North Central - IN25-23,25-22,21-25,14-25,14-16 
 CCAC Crossover Tournament
 6:30PM(H) St. Andrews - NCdef(A) Montreat - NC25-11,25-23,25-19 
  7:00PM(H) Indiana Eastdef(A) Michigan-Dearborn25-14,25-22,25-12 
 6:30PM(A) Union - KYdef(H) Point - GA19-25,6-25,24-26 
 5:00PM(A) St. Francis - ILdef(H) Roosevelt - IL17-25,25-14,25-22,19-25,13-15 
 CCAC Crossover (at Roosevelt)
  4:15PM(N) RV St. Catharine - KYdef(N) Indiana Southeast25-20,19-25,25-22,12-25,7-15 
 Liz Lykowski Tournament @ Indiana Tech
  2:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Indiana Southeast20-25,25-20,25-18,25-16 
 Liz Lykowski Memorial Tournament
  6:00PM(N) Benedictine - KSdef(N) York - NE18-25,16-25,17-25 
 Johnson and Wales University Dig Pink Tournament
  6:00PM(N) Marygrove - MIdef(N) Grace Bible College25-11,25-11,25-20 
 Kuyper Tri-Match
  5:00PM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) Aquinas - MI16-25,25-11,22-25,25-16,11-15 
 Aquinas/Cornerstone Crossover
  2:00PM(N) 14 Davenport - MIdef(N) RV Bryan - TN25-20,16-25,25-18,25-20 
 Boneyard Brawl (Hosted by Georgetown College - Georgetown, Ky.)
  4:30PM(N) 14 Davenport - MIdef(N) RV Indiana Wesleyan25-18,24-26,25-21,25-19 
 Boneyard Brawl (Hosted by Georgetown College - Georgetown, Ky.)
  4:00PM(A) Marygrove - MIdef(H) Kuyper College24-26,12-25,14-25 
 Kuyper Tri-Match
  3:00PM(A) 9 Viterbo - WIdef(H) 17 Georgetown - KY25-27,20-25,22-25 
 Boneyard Brawl Hosted By Georgetown College
  2:00PM(A) 9 Viterbo - WIdef(H) 17 Georgetown - KY25-27,20-25,22-25 
 Boneyard Brawl
 7:00PM(A) RV Embry-Riddle - FLdef(H) RV St. Thomas - FL24-26,25-23,23-25,25-19,12-15 
  7:00PM(A) Webber International - FLdef(H) Warner - FL25-20,11-25,17-25,21-25 
 10:00PM(A) 8 Eastern Oregondef(H) Warner Pacific - OR7-25,10-25,18-25 
 7:00PM(A) Southeastern - FLdef(H) Florida Memorial13-25,15-25,20-25 
Men's Basketball Div I
  10:30PM(H) Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) Northwest Indian College115-59 
  10:00PM(N) Montana State-Northerndef(N) University of Lethbridge93-87 (OT) 
Women's Basketball Div I
  8:00PM(A) Great Falls - MTdef(H) Lethbridge82-57 
  8:30PM(H) Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) Trinity Western University69-59 
  4:00PM(A) Montana State-Northerndef(H) Mount Royal College80-45 
Men's Basketball Div II
  10:00PM(A) Simpson - CAdef(H) Eastern Oregon84-81 
  9:00PM(A) Carroll - MTdef(H) Valley City State - ND63-60 
  8:00PM(A) Southwestern - KSdef(H) Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College80-68 
  7:00PM(H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) Florida College85-67 
Women's Basketball Div II
  6:00PM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI72-59 
  8:00PM(A) Brandon Universitydef(H) Mayville State - ND92-80 
  8:00PM(A) Jamestown - NDdef(H) University of Manitoba72-47 
 University of Manitoba Shoot for the Cure Tournament
  5:00PM(H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) Florida College94-52 
Men's Tennis
   (A) Northwestern Ohio @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 University of Louisville Winter Invitational
Women's Tennis
  11:00AM(N) Brescia - KYdef(N) Indiana East9-0 
 Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament quarterfinals (at Asbury University)
  3:00PM(N) Indiana Southeastdef(N) Asbury - KY5-1 
 KIAC Tournament-Wilmore, Ky.
  3:00PM(A) Indiana Southeastdef(H) Asbury - KY5-1 
  4:00PM(N) Ashford - IAdef(N) Brescia - KY5-0 
 2014 KIAC Women's Tennis Tournament - Wilmore, Ky.
  12:00PM(N) Ashford - IAdef(N) Alice Lloyd - KY9-0 
 2014 KIAC Women's Tennis Tournament - Wilmore, Ky.
   (H) Asbury - KYdef(A) Carlow - PA9-0 
 KIAC Tournament
  4:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Emory & Henry CollegeCncl 
Men's Swimming & Diving
  9:00PMSt. Gregory's - OK@Wayland Baptist Invitational3rd of 4
  4:00PM(N) Mars Hill Collegedef(N) Union - KY111-89 
Women's Swimming & Diving
  9:00PMSt. Gregory's - OK@Wayland Baptist Invitational4th of 4
  4:00PM(N) Union - KYdef(N) Mars Hill College100-82 
  4:00PM(A) Union - KYdef(H) Milligan - TN115-74 

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