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2016 Women's Cross Country Schedule

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 258:00PMPacific Union - CA@PUC XC Invitational 3rd of 5
  8:45PMUC Merced - CA@PUC Pioneer Invitational1st of 7
  8:00PMMenlo - CA@Pacific Union Invite - Angwin, Calif. 5th of 5
  Team Time: 132:05 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 48 Course Record: 19:59
1-5 Time Split: 8:08
1-7 Time Split: 11:48
Link to Results: http://results.active.com/events/puc-cross-country-invitational/women-overall
Course Description/Comments: The course is all off-road with both dirt fire roads and wide trails. There are rolling hills and challenging descents with rocks and roots. There is about a 400 ft. elevation change overall.
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced, Pacific Union, Cal Maritime, La Sierra, Sierra Nevada
1Megan Thompson21:07
18Stephanie Sanchez25:49
29Hunter Dupee27:45
30Antarpreet Dhariwal28:09
31Emily Abrams29:15
32Kelsey Rose30:56
33Tiffani Pumacayo32:55
 8:00PMCal Maritime@Pacific Union College InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 48
Link to Results: http://results.active.com/events/puc-cross-country-invitational
8Alanna Kochuten23:27
38Gwyn Curry29:30
43Evelyn Esparza31:18
47Sarah Kim36:04
   Southwestern Christian - OK@SWIBC II at Whitewood LanesNo Team Score 
 24 Johnson & Wales - FL@Mountain Dew InvitationalNo Team Score
115Nicole Gilbert23:59.59
  11:00AMHastings - NE@Dean White Invitational (Doane)1st of 7
  Team Time: 101:17 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 1:37
1-7 Time Split: 3:21
Link to Results: http://www.hastingsbroncos.com/stats/2016-17/DW_Womens_Results_2016.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Rolling, mostly grass, some wood chips, rough areas with poor footing. This course never seems to run fast. Sam was running with Maddy and ahead of Allison when she made a wrong turn on the course. She had to back track about 400m and was in a panic after that. Obviously she did not finish where she would of with out the wrong turn. We had two hard workouts this week. I think I ran the ladies legs out from under them.
Competing NAIA schools: Doane, Concordia, College of St. Mary (NE), Peru State, Briar Cliff, York College
2Heidi Hennings19:23
4Maddy Smith19:54
6Allison Janedis20:22
10Tera McVicker20:34
11Jessie Johnson21:00
21Sam Crossett21:52
31Makayla Mudloff22:44
  7:30AMWarner - FL@UF Mtn. Dew InvitationalNo Team Score
  8:15AMPoint - GA@Wingfoot Cross Country ClassicNo Team Score
  Team Time: 117:13 Distance: 5000 meters Total Runners: 682
1-5 Time Split: 3:16
1-7 Time Split: 5:54
Link to Results: https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-23550
Course Description/Comments: Community 5k run with 682 total runners of all ages; men and women ran in same race. No team scores.
151Rebecca Guadiana21:02
248Maegan Garritson23:30
279Abby Alcantara24:06
285Ashley Kaeser24:17
288Shelby Garritson24:18
364Lara McCaughey26:46
369Kati Williams26:56
   Southwestern Christian - OK@SWIBC I at Whitewood LanesNo Team Score 
   Our Lady of the Lake - TX@Oklahoma State University Jamboree13th of 20
  Team Time: 109:16 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 170
1-5 Time Split: 4:27
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/okstate.com/documents/2016/9/24/CollegeWomenTeam.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Great weather. Course was firm and dry; fast for OK State.
Competing NAIA schools: OKC, Friends, OLLU, Baker, and Southwest (NM). In that order.
   Allen - SC@Will Wilson Citadel Invitational-Charleston, SCCncl 
 10:00AMCardinal Stritch - WI@Day 1 - Roy Griak Invite40th of 40
  Team Time: n/a Distance: 6k Total Runners: 392 Course Record: n/a
1-5 Time Split: n/a
1-7 Time Split: n/a
Link to Results: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/minn/sports/w-xc/auto_pdf/2016-17/misc_non_event/Griak16_WD2_Res
Course Description/Comments: Hilly gulf course, muddy, hard
Competing NAIA schools: n/a
196Amberly Melendez27:19
245Natalie Renfroe29:16
250Isabella Sakai29:46
255Marleigh Petras30:15
262MacKenzie Mcdonald30:57
268Princess Agi34:06
  7:45AMReinhardt - GA@Wingfoot Cross Country Classic No Team Score
  Team Time: 106:12 Distance: 5K Course Record: 17:14
1-5 Time Split: 1:03
1-7 Time Split: 3:03
Link to Results: https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-23550
Course Description/Comments: 65 degrees very humid and sunny with no wind, overall very pleasant conditions at start. Very fair course that had many sweeping turns but good footing and accurate distance. Large XC festival of races that had the college division cut because of low entries so we had to run the community portion so it was not scored. Slight improvement overall for the top 5 again in TT which I was surprised with because of heavy training they've been doing. Still feel confident they can run TT 20:45 or faster late in season.
Competing NAIA schools: Point
131Shelby Rensel20:36
154Savanah Rice21:13
158Jazzmine Gonzalez21:19
164Melanie Gerdes21:25
171Jenna Chance21:39
218Pam Lalo22:43
254Ansley Avera23:39
  10:45AMDordt - IA@Roy Griak Invite25th of 40
  Team Time: 129:22 Distance: 6,100 Total Runners: 392
1-5 Time Split: 01:01
1-7 Time Split: 01:01
Link to Results: https://services.dordt.edu/files/athletics/boxscores/Griak16_WD2_Results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Very wet and soft course of 6,100m. Minneapolis had several inches of rain the two days leading upto the meet. Race was the strongest competition in 3-4 years with 40 teams racing. Cloudy and 65. Our ladies had a rough day with two of our top three not racing. Right now this team isn't a top 15 team. We need to get healthy in the next few weeks in order to get to a top 10 level. Right now, we are probably a 16-20 team. Morningside College ran very strongly with their top runner being a potential top 15 runner at NAIA nationals. I think they are a 10-15 rateable team.
Competing NAIA schools: Manitoba, Morningside, Dordt, Northwestern, Grand View, Graceland, Cardinal Stritch
94Audrey Brooks25:18
114Erika Douma25:34
143Erin Bandstra26:03
151Justine Van Zee26:08
160Erica De Schiffart26:19
167Miranda Moss26:24
177Anniechena Knevelbaard26:45
  10:00AMIndiana East@River States Conference preview meet (at WVU Tech)3rd of 7
  Team Time: 121:22 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 44
1-5 Time Split: 02:48
1-7 Time Split: 05:10
Competing NAIA schools: Asbury, IU Kokomo, IU East, WVU Tech, Brescia, Bluefield State
5Ashley Toschlog22:47
10Erika Beil23:43
11Teresa Huelseman23:47
20Kate Albertson25:30
21Autumn Bleil25:35
26Morgan Stanley26:28
30Sarah Hornak27:57
   Southwest - NM@Cowboy JamboreeNo Team Score
  Team Time: na Distance: 5k Total Runners: 170
Link to Results: Williams, Elias <[email protected]>
56Gabrielle Arsiaga21:06
144Alexandria Adams24:17
169Gabrielle Sites29:20
  11:00AMYork - NE@Dean White InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5k Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Course Description/Comments: Solid Course; overall times not super fast.
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings, Doane, Concordia, College of Saint Marys (Omaha), Peru State
19Madeleine Martinez21:33
28Hailey Stigger22:11
50Jesse Ponema24:57
  10:00AMTexas Wesleyan@Texas A&M Invitational, College Station, TX15th of 17
  Team Time: 126:12 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 166
1-5 Time Split: 25:12
Course Description/Comments: Really fast course with great NCAA Division I Competition. Hot & Humid #2 Runner passed out at the finish line was not able to finish she was right behind my number one girl Our times are similar to Morningside - IA
100Maria Galarza23:51.4
122Melissa Gonzalez24:45.8
135Abby Chaidez25:10.5
148Kaitlyn Mendoza25:59.9
154Alexis Bustos26:27.0
159Carrie Finson26:56.4
  11:00AMPeru State - NE@Dean White Invite6th of 7
  Team Time: 2:15:34.77 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 27:06.96
46Kaitlyn Tennant24:31.87
55Hannah Wynn26:14.12
59Celine Jolicouer27:57.66
60Samantha Daake27:58.28
64Kiana Borengasser28:52.84
65Samantha Carlson29:54.72
66Danielle Wingert32:11.07
  11:00AMDoane - NE@Dean White Invitational2nd of 7
  Team Time: 102:52 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 03:28
1-7 Time Split: 05:45
Course Description/Comments: Tough course with poor footing and rolling hills. We ran with out Emma Frerichs and Ashlynn Baker today. Baker was attending her brothers wedding and has been our #3. Frerichs had her appendix out two weeks ago and is back to running but was not ready to race. I believe that Frerichs will be #3 or #4 when she returns. We will be a much different team with Frerichs and Baker in the line up. The rest of the team is coming along. When all of the pieces are together I believe we will be a pretty tough team.
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings, Doane, Concordia, College of Saint Mary, Peru State
1Marissa DeWispelare18:30
3Logan Sieck19:47
14Samantha Whyrick21:16
16Sarah Kottwitz21:19
24Breanna Gallup21:58
29Cassa McConville22:12
44Keeley Hagge24:15
  9:00AMBethel - TN@Austin Peay Invitational- Clarksville, TNNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 77
Course Description/Comments: Very Hilly. Tough course and conditions
Competing NAIA schools: Lindsey Wilson
41Margaret Horn21:28
46London Martin21:47
  10:00AMMorningside - IA@Roy Griak Invitational21st of 40
  Team Time: 1:26.42 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 398
1-5 Time Split: 2:16
1-7 Time Split: 3:45
Link to Results: Morningside.edu
Course Description/Comments: THe girls race was the 2nd race so the mud was not as bad for the front runners. The course was much slower than years past. OUr gals ran well. OUr #1 looked outstanding. OUr normal#3 was at her fathers wedding. It would have dropped likely 75 points on this day. Still finished as the top NAIA school. ( including ahead of Dordt, although they are still missing a runner or two)
Competing NAIA schools: #5 Dordt, Northwestern College, Indiana Wesleyan. Cardinal Stritch.
20Tiffany Shepherd23:53
65Michelle Mumm24:47
122Natalie Lambert25:43
152Alex George26:08
154Cassie Warner26:09
185Destiny Scar26:58
206Megan Maaske27:38
  10:45AMDickinson State - ND@University of MinnesotaNo Team Score
  Distance: 6000 Total Runners: 392
Link to Results: https://xc.tfrrs.org/results/xc/10762.html
Course Description/Comments: 100% rolling hills. Course experienced heavy rain for days leading up to the race. Muddy, soft, slick footing. Very large field, 392 runners and 40 teams. Didn't have a full team today, missing one girl with illness and another girl coming back from injury. We will have full team at our next meet on Oct. 7. But our four finishers today were faster than our top three at this same meet in 2015, so that was good to see.
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside, Dordt, Northwestern (IA), Grand View, Graceland, and Cardinal Stritch with team scores in that order. Waldorf, Dickinson State, Dakota State, and Valley City were there but didn't field a full team.
155Amanda Wolff26:00
216Jade Sheffield26:54
236Brittney Grove27:12
239Ashly Kraenzel27:15
  10:45AMGraceland - IA@Roy Griak (University of Minnesota)36th of 40
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 398
Link to Results: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/minn/sports/w-xc/auto_pdf/2016-17/misc_non_event/Griak16_WD2_Res
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside College, Grand View University, Cardinal Stritch University, Dordt College
126Kami Tabor25:44.8
187Kalee Dowell27:06.1
233Elizabeth Straub28:30.5
238Madeline Glowdowski28:46.3
260Marina Flores30:34.7
267Kylie Malmberg33:53.7
269Taylor Farnsworth34:08.5
  9:00AMWebber International - FL@Mountain Dew Invite University of Florida25th of 27
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 266
1-5 Time Split: 6:24
Link to Results: www.halfmiletiming.com
Course Description/Comments: Very hilly Golf Course Hot and Humid
Competing NAIA schools: SCAD Webber Keiser Johnson Wales Warner St. Thomas
107Kathi Whitfield20:39.70
128Natasha Menifee21:38.20
153Koree Ream23:34.80
163Joyce Caba26:00.00
165Alexis Tucker27:04.10
169Larica Solomon28:21.90
  2:00PMValley City State - ND@Roy Griak Invitational @ Les Bolstad GCNo Team Score
  10:00AMPoint Park - PA@Lock Haven Invitational8th of 18
  Team Time: 2:01:41 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: :33
1-7 Time Split: 3:01
Link to Results: http://www.pointpark.edu/media/Athletics/CrossCountry/2016results/lhu_invite_womens_results.htm
Course Description/Comments: 6K race at NCAA DII Lock Haven. The seven schools finishing ahead of Point Park were three NCAA DII schools, NCAA DI Cleveland State and club teams from Pitt and Penn State. Impressive split of 33 seconds for Point Park's 1-5 runners. The Pioneers were without conference champ and top runner Katie Guarnaccia, who missed the meet due to academic obligations.
36Anna Shields23:57
50Jenny Murtha24:22
51Kara Rohlf24:23
52Saydi Lappe24:27
54McKenzie Wilson24:30
85Taylor Celich25:15
138Alexis Sherman26:58
  10:00AMLindsey Wilson - KY@Austin Peay State Cross Country Festival7th of 9
  10:30AMCarlow - PA@Franciscan University Cross Country Invitational 2nd of 4
  Team Time: 2:03:38.59 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 29
1-5 Time Split: 4:55
1-7 Time Split: 5:26.5
Link to Results: http://www.smileymiles.com/2016Results.html
Course Description/Comments: Grass and Hills
Competing NAIA schools: N/A
2Janika Hutton22:27.83
4Megan Horgan24:00.83
8Leanne Glaub24:30.83
10Ashley Hankins25:16.27
13Katherine Winter27:22.83
14Lea Chwilka27:40.52
15Gabrielle Kluger27:54.31
  11:00AMConcordia - NE@Dean White Invite3rd of 7
 6:00PMBethany - KS@Day 1 - Tabor College InviteNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5k Total Runners: 42 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: http://www.taborbluejays.com/stats/2016-17/TC%20RESULTS%20WOMEN%202016.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Flat, windy, evening race. Footing was tough but well marked. Good event overall.
Competing NAIA schools: McPherson, Bethany, Oklahoma Wesleyan and Tabor
8thElizabeth Benoit21:27
30tElyse Bergquist24:53
  7:00PMDakota Wesleyan - SD@BVU Invite Host: Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, Iowa)2nd of 3
  10:30AMGrand View - IA@Univ. of Minnesota - Roy Griak Invitational35th of 40
  Team Time: 139:15 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 392 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 3:00
1-7 Time Split: 3:53
Link to Results: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/minn/sports/w-xc/auto_pdf/2016-17/misc_non_event/Griak16_WD2_Res
Course Description/Comments: All grass, rolling hills throughout, always a challenging course. Very wet, muddy, sloppy conditions, course did not produce fast times.
Competing NAIA schools: 21st-Morningside(NAIA #21), 25th-Dordt(NAIA #5), 30th-Northwestern(IA), 35th-Grand View, 36th-Graceland, 40th-Cardinal Stritch
166Maren Jeppson26:05
227Michelle Thayer27:06
294Hayley Leonard28:18
308Michaela Barretta28:38
321Christa Nordgren29:05
326Hannah Sobaski29:10
349Sarah McMurtry29:58
  IU Kokomo@WVU Tech Meet2nd of 7
   Pikeville - KY@Patty Forgey Invitational, Rio Grande, Ohio3rd of 3
  11:00AMBriar Cliff - IA@Dean White Invite (Doane College-Crete, NE)No Team Score
  11:00AMVanguard - CA@Coyote Invitational8th of 8
  Team Time: 1:47:06 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 111 Course Record: 17:47
1-5 Time Split: 2:03
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC%202016/Invites/Coyote/women.pdf
Course Description/Comments: The course starts and finishes on the campus of CSU San Bernardino on grass. The majority of the course is on dirt trails through wilderness area to the north of campus. This is a very challenging course with several long uphill grades. Temps were very warm today...almost 80 at race time. Today's high in SB reached 95.
Competing NAIA schools: Vanguard
34Bayleigh Porter20:22
39Morgan Tapia20:30
74Lauren Soholt21:43
81Bethany Hinson22:04
86Addie Blair22:25
88Sarah Finch22:26
  10:00AMWVU Tech - W.@WVU Tech Golden Bear Classic4th of 7
  Team Time: 2:06:09.6 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 44 Course Record: 20:59.2
Link to Results: http://www.tristateracer.com/race.php?ID=3303
Course Description/Comments: Summit Betchel Reserve on Garden Ground Mountain
Competing NAIA schools: IU Kokomo, Asbury, IU East, Brescia
4Nikki Aleshire22:39.1
7Kylie Lang23:05.7
12Kaite Ervin23:57.9
18Atiyyah Herron25:26.9
35Cheyenne Davis31:00.0
  8:30AMSCAD Savannah - GA@UF Mountain Dew Invitational3rd of 16
  Team Time: 98:50 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 144 Course Record: 16:54
1-5 Time Split: 02:35
1-7 Time Split: 03:22
Link to Results: http://halfmiletiming.com/live-results/2016/9.24.16ufxc/9.24.16ufxcunivfemale.htm
Course Description/Comments: 82 Degrees. 98% Humidity at 8:30am. Course surface: well mown grass less that 1.5 inches in height. Grass is soft and well irrigated like most golf courses. Race is held on UofF Golf Course. Very few "rollers" 50-100 meters in length, but absolutely nothing that I would call a hill. We are training through early competitions until Pre-Nats/Sand Shark. Cook had a great day, running very comfortably and moving up throughout the race. Reuffurth and Zeiler raced comfortably together, keeping the effort at Continuous Aerobic Threshold effort. Gorin is progressing well. Room for improvement from 5-7.
Competing NAIA schools: Keiser, St. Thomas, Webber
3Caroline Cook18:37
17Lotti Zeiler19:14
21Alessa Reuffurth19:26
38Diana Gorin20:19
60Courtney Pansza21:12
79Eiise Engles21:57
80Jenny Seeliger21:59
  10:45AMNorthwestern - IA@@ Roy Griak Invite30th of 40
  Team Time: 136:26 Distance: 6000 meters Total Runners: 392 Course Record: 21:34
1-5 Time Split: 02:12
1-7 Time Split: 02:44
Link to Results: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/minn/sports/w-xc/auto_pdf/2016-17/misc_non_event/Griak16_WD2_Res
Course Description/Comments: Rolling hills from start to finish, done on golf course that was muddy from heavy rains. 4.5 out of 5.0 rating. 65 degrees, cloudy with 10 mph winds from SE.
Competing NAIA schools: Cardinal Stritch Dakota State Dickinson State Dordt Graceland Grand View Minot State Morningside Northwestern Valley City State Waldorf
149Sarah Lunn25:57
168Breanna Harthoorn26:07
281Wesley Milligan28:02
283Alicia Darling28:08
284Sam Sinclair28:09
298Kelsey Lang28:24
311Alexandria Helmink28:41
   College of Saint Mary - NE@Dean White Invitational4th of 7
  10:00AMAsbury - KY@River States Preview Meet1st of 6
  9:00AMSAGU - TX@SAGU Invitational (Maypearl, Texas)2nd of 2
  Team Time: 106:09 Distance: 5K Course Record: 19:04.56
1-5 Time Split: 3:35
1-7 Time Split: 4:26
Link to Results: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=119479
1Destiny Garza19:04.56
6Genny McCullough23:01.15
8Caitlin Cruz24:09.26
10Keila Padilla25:03.99
12Hannah Lee27:45.49
13Hannah Dotson28:58.27
  12:30PMRio Grande - OH@Patty Forgey Invitational1st of 3
  Team Time: 103:43 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 25
1-5 Time Split: 01:19
1-7 Time Split: 02:29
Link to Results: www.baumspage.com
Competing NAIA schools: University of Rio Grande, University of Pikeville, Kentucky Christian University
1stLucy Williams20:08
2ndMaggie Dellinger20:22
3rdKeri Lawrence20:31
7thRachel Ball21:15
8thAubrey Dunfee21:27
9thEmili Sannes22:15
11tKatie Glover22:37
  10:45AMWaldorf - IA@Roy Griak InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 392 Course Record: 21:38.7
Link to Results: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/minn/sports/w-xc/auto_pdf/2016-17/misc_non_event/Griak16_WD2_Res
Course Description/Comments: Hilly course, muddy conditions following rainfall this week.
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside College, Dordt College, Northwestern College, Grand View University, Graceland University, Cardinal Stritch University, Dickinson State University
222Marissa Kuik26:59.4
334Marissa Widener29:28.9
379Charley Buddenhagen33:48.5
   Friends - KS@OSU-Cowboy Jamboree11th of 20
  8:00AMMobile - AL@Gulf Coast Stampede4th of 4
  Team Time: 129:42 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 36
14LaDonna Bonner21:33
28Tatyana Johnson26:33
31Dunkin DeMouy26:53
32Alainee Hansen27:19
33Rachel Jackson27:23
35Kayla Smith28:25
  7:00AMSt. Thomas - FL@UF MOUNTAIN DEW INVITATIONAL12th of 16
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 143
Link to Results: http://halfmiletiming.com/event/uf-mt-dew-invitational/
Course Description/Comments: Note results on competition based on Non-D1 schools. St. Thomas posted a better team point finish than D1 school FIU.
32Susana Gutierrez20:09.44
54Andrea Peterson20:54.34
61Emily Hernandez21:13.20
106Katerina Alvarez23:27.51
  11:00AMDakota State - SD@Roy Griak Invitational (University of Minnesota)No Team Score
  Distance: 6000
Competing NAIA schools: Dickinson State (N.D.), Waldorf (Iowa), Morningside (Iowa), Valley City State (N.D.), Northwestern (Iowa), Cardinal Stritch (Wis.), Grand View (Iowa), Dordt (Iowa), Graceland (Iowa),
273Karen Mayfield27:50
  9:00AMMilligan - TN@Bulldog Stampede2nd of 9
  Team Time: 119:30 Distance: 6000m Total Runners: 68 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: 02:20
1-7 Time Split: 03:47
Link to Results: timinginc.com
Course Description/Comments: hot and humid - real feel of 80 degrees w/ 90 percent humidity at race time hilly course - multiple surface loop format (grass..thick in spots, gravel, packed dirt) w/ rolling hills throughout and a long 200m+ gradual climb and a 400m+ gradual climb at start. team - we're in a heavy training window and ran without no. 3 Katlyn Haas (back training yesterday after a week under concussion protocol...freak accident) and no. 4 Amber Grello (18:40 in 2015) who is back to full training.
Competing NAIA schools: No NAIA schools...all regional D2 field
1Hannah Segrave22:25
5JJ Robinson 23:02
13Erica Stone 24:34
14Ashton Bunch 24:42
15SK Gartman 24:45
22Haley Keylon25:54
25Kaitlyn Carringer26:12
   Keiser - FL@Mountain Dew Invitational28th of 29
 23 Rochester - MI@Call of the Vikings Invitational 2nd of 3
  6:00PMJudson - IL@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational12th of 26
  Team Time: 193:14 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 226
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/augustana.sidearmsports.com/documents/2016/9/23/2016wccbrissma
Competing NAIA schools: Greenville College, Purdue University Calumet, Millikin University, Calumet College of St. Joseph, Maranatha University
21Chloe Burkhart25:19
55Anali Cisneros26:25
71Amanda Zylstra26:45
74Kristi McClure27:03
115Lindsey Rodig28:47
121Lacey Heaver29:20
128Abby Burgett29:35
   Saint Mary - KS@Emporia State Invitational8th of 14
  Team Time: 107:25 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 125 Course Record: 18:29
Link to Results: https://xc.tfrrs.org/results/xc/10767.html
Course Description/Comments: Lorena and Alisn ran a Tempo, Alisn ran first two miles with girls and then I let her press the last mile. Course was on a golf course, ran mostly in the rough and only crossed fairways. Pretty rough footing and long grass. Weather was hot enough to postpone race back 1 hour to try for cooler weather. Team averages for teams that ran at MSSU where between 45 to 1:15 slower.
56Krystal Rivera21:44
59Kaitlynn Ellis21:47
60Kaitlynn Tuey21:47
61Shelby Stouffer21:52
63Brooke Colglazier21:59
64Kimberli Callier22:00
82Rachel Tindell23:09
   Bethel - KS@Tabor College InviteNo Team Score 
16Katelyn Fatten22:20.66
26Kiley Varney23:45.07
35Kendra Samuels26:58.79
41SkyLa O'Neal31:38.14
  7:00PMAvila - MO@Papa Johns InvitationalNo Team Score
  4:30PM(A) Washington Adventist - MD @ (H) Virginia State UniversityNo Team Score 
 Virginia State University Invitational
  4:00PMAquinas - MI@GRCC Raider Invitational2nd of 9
  Team Time: 99:40 Distance: 5000 Meters Total Runners: 85
1-5 Time Split: 00:38
1-7 Time Split: 00:59
Link to Results: http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=118716#/20616
Course Description/Comments: The course was at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids. The same park we host Great Lakes and the WHAC Championships. It was the earliest we have raced at Riverside in some time. Footing was softer than it will be in later October/early November and the grass was pretty lush from all the rain in the area. Temp's were 70 degrees and winds were between 10-15 mph. Overall our best day for racing yet. I was really impressed with our ladies today. We rested our top nine and saw some very good results. Four of our top six were freshman and we handled being up near the front of the race very well. Each week we are developing more depth. Only other WHAC teams in the field were Siena Heights and Davenport. Based on their performance on Friday, I believe Siena Heights should be ranked in the top 25. The have a nice front runner and a solid pack in the mid to high 19's. Davenport's top two ran well.
Competing NAIA schools: Siena Heights, Davenport
5Aly Schwartz19:36
10Janie Noah19:48
11Tannah Adgate19:50
17Megan Huettner20:10
18Ellen Hackett20:14
19Tea Romanowski20:15
26Allison Dible20:35
   Siena Heights - MI@GRCC Raider XC Invitational (Grand Rapids, Mich.)1st of 9
  Team Time: 1:37:44 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 85
1-5 Time Split: 19:32
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/10069.html
1Ashley Russo18:42.2
4Kristin Stobinski19:34.0
6Mariah Ridal19:44.3
9Luren McMahon19:45.8
13Katie Figueras19:58.0
   Rocky Mountain - MT@Great Falls/MT-Western/Rocky Tri Meet1st of 3
  Team Time: 105:02 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 23 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:16
1-7 Time Split: 3:35
Link to Results: ugfargos.com
Course Description/Comments: Hickory Swings Golf Course, Great Falls/ 1 k loop followed by 2 X 2k loop with slight incline/ course wet from prior rain/ Rocky had 5 women in top ten / missing our #1 and #3 runner to sickness/ Univ. of Great Falls and Montana- Western improving/
Competing NAIA schools: Great Falls, MT-Western, Rocky Mountain
3Cassidy Rude19:41
5Stephaine Robbins20:14
7Corrine Hamilton21:26
8Jaylen Henderson21:44
10Carrie Cota21:57
15Erica Gwinn-Musser22:54
16Stephanie Wilson23:16
  6:00PMBenedictine - KS@Emporia State Invitational2nd of 13
  Team Time: 100:02 Distance: 5,000 M Total Runners: 125 Course Record: 18:29
1-5 Time Split: 2:26
1-7 Time Split: 2:46
Course Description/Comments: without #3 runner (other commitment) won by NCAA DII Ft. Hays State
Competing NAIA schools: Newman; Sterling; Park; St. Mary; Ottawa; Missouri Valley;
6Lauren Benzing18:48
9Lucy Leighton19:07
21Monica Davied20:22
25Katherine Ross20:29
42Paige Case21:14
48Kendra Stewart21:29
50Sydney Moser21:34
  6:00PMSouthwestern - KS@Emporia State InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5000m Total Runners: 125
Course Description/Comments: Golf Course. Good footing. Warm temps caused the race to be moved back. Still warm and muggy.
Competing NAIA schools: St. Mary University Park University Benedictine University Missouri Valley College Southwestern College Sterling College Ottawa University
17Justine Vogele20:13.33
23Ashley Smith20:26.26
87Tierney Sutton23:41.51
   Missouri Valley@Emporia State University10th of 13
  Team Time: 112:01 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 125
1-5 Time Split: 03:43
Link to Results: http://www.esuhornets.com/documents/2016/9/23//women_results.pdf
29Sydnei Crouch20:36
52Breanna Phillips21:39
74Chase Burns22:30
80Emily Kissinger22:57
98Taylor Faccaro24:19
107Madelyn Deigan25:30
  5:30PMSt. Francis - IL@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational5th of 24
  Team Time: 119:30 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 370
1-5 Time Split: 01:07
1-7 Time Split: 1:44
Link to Results: www.onlineraceresults.com
Course Description/Comments: Course: 2x3k loop on golf course. First 2k is flat. 2-3k rolling in the loop. Weather: Very hot and humid. 80's with high 70% humidity. We ran awful! Two weeks ago we avg. 23:30 as team and 25sec gap 1-5. Lopez are # 2 ran bad. As did Knott who should be are #1 (she was 33 at NAIA Nationals last year). I am not sure if it was the heat but we looked really bad. Olivet # 22 beat us. They looked very good! Probably under ranked in my opinion. We need to be more consistent with our team.
Competing NAIA schools: ONU#22, St. Francis #19, Cornerstone- ran very well!
13Catherine Crosson23:18
24Ashlee Knott23:40
36Daryll Rodriguez23:49
56Gracie Ball24:19
61Lesley Lopez24:25
69Julia Caithamer24:44
85Celine Ezpinoza25:02
  3:15PMDavenport - MI@GRCC Raider Invitational4th of 9
  Team Time: 100:10 Distance: 5000m Total Runners: 85 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 01:09
1-7 Time Split: 01:37
Link to Results: www.michianatiming.com
Course Description/Comments: flat, ok footing, grass longer than normal, soft in spots from rain
Competing NAIA schools: Aquinas, Siena Heights, Davenport
12Morgan Posthuma19:54
15Laine Switzer20:07
32Sara Jungersten20:54
35Stephanie Schaub20:58
37Kelli Weighmink21:05
48Avri Beach21:29
49Olivia Bordewyk21:31
  5:15PMCornerstone - MI@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational7th of 24
  Team Time: 120:28 Distance: 6 kilometers Total Runners: 370
1-5 Time Split: 1:20
1-7 Time Split: 2:04
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=55639
Course Description/Comments: Hot day, 80 and humid. Golf course with good footing, a little spongy in places from a mid day thundershower. We raced well, :57 behind #19 St. Francis, IL and 2:19 behind Olivet Nazarene (their 1-2 ran very well). Three of our top 7 ran best times for this course, two others did not deal well with the heat/humidity. Out team time for 6k, converted to 5k is faster than every team ranked 21-30 ran this week (except ONU). I think we're worth consideration.
Competing NAIA schools: There were two divisions at this meet with NAIA teams in both. In the Blue Division: ONU 3rd / 150, St. Francis, IL 5th / 190, Cornerstone 7th / 227
20Cathy Coryell23:26
31Valerie Richter23:45
44Ally Rabe24:05
55Katya Bohatch24:16
77Rachel Gohn24:56
88Brooke Owens25:06
111Grace Hamilton25:30
   Central Christian - KS@Race Hosted by Emporia State UniversityNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 125
Competing NAIA schools: Haskell, Ottawa, St. Marys
85tChelby Draper (unattached)23:30.61
108Cierra Hess 25:41.39
115Alyssia Johnson27:19.49
  7:00PMTabor - KS@Tabor College Invitational2nd of 6
  Team Time: 113:47 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 42
1-5 Time Split: 7:22
Link to Results: http://www.taborbluejays.com/stats/2016-17/TC%20RESULTS%20WOMEN%202016.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Flat, winding nature trail, hot and humid. Historically a tough course to run fast on. Extra sandy on nature trail this year. Gusting winds.
Competing NAIA schools: McPherson College (3), Oklahoma Wesleyan (5), Bethany (No score), Bethel (No score)
4Emily Kemling20:37.46
5Julie Loewen21:02.89
6Katey Whitesell21:09.25
20Lindsay Crist22:58.31
38Kelsey Nitzsche27:59.56
   Purdue Northwest - IN@Brissman Lundeen17th of 24
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 226
16Emma Weissbeck24:50
65Sara Kubas26:27
86Amanda Baker27:09
166Shyla Huppenthal30:00
196Abigail Bondi32:29
 6:00PMHaskell - KS@Emporia State Invitational No Team Score
  7:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan@Tabor Cross Country Invitational5th of 6
  Team Time: 123:14 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 42 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 6:01
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: na
Course Description/Comments: Flat
Competing NAIA schools: Tabor College, McPherson College, Oklahoma Wesleyan
  7:00PMSterling - KS@ESU XC Invite6th of 13
  Team Time: 1:46.10 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 125 Course Record: 18:29
1-5 Time Split: 01:47
1-7 Time Split: 02:11
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2016/xc/16ESUXCInvite.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Very Hot and Muggy but great NCAA D2 competition to keep it fast. Golf course was very nice, grass was long in most areas athletes ran. Normal #4 dropped out with 300m to go and that hurt us significantly (20+ spots or so)
Competing NAIA schools: 2nd - Benedictine (NAIA #25), 7th - Park, 8th - St Mary, 9th - Ottawa, 10th - Missouri Valley
28Madison Caffrey20:36
31Payden Shapland20:43
33Lacey Buckwalter20:50
51Jennifer Calderwood21:37
70Renee Lanham22:23
76Anna Kuns22:34
78Elaina Hubbell22:47
  6:00PMBethel - IN@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational3rd of 26
  Team Time: 126:17 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 226
1-5 Time Split: 01:43
1-7 Time Split: 02:05
Link to Results: http://www.onlineraceresults.com/event/view_event.php?event_id=18238
Course Description/Comments: Mostly flat on a golf course. Weather was hot and a little humid. Course seemed to run approx. 20-30 sec slower than years past due to the temps. We ran in the gold race which was the "non-seeded" race. We ran well as the girls are responding to the principles we discuss. We showed some good depth as our 2-7 gap was only 41 sec and 2-8 gap only 69 sec. Our top 5 were all freshmen today. This was our 2nd 6k in 6 days so I was impressed with how well our young team responded. A note from the blue race: ONU, St. Francis (Ill.), and Cornerstone all looked pretty good.
Competing NAIA schools: Bethel, Grace, Judson, Calumet St. Joe, & Purdue Calumet
6Jessica Duvall24:01
29Molly Campbell25:26
32Vanessa Steiner25:32
34Anna Nisen25:33
40Natalia Johnson25:44
47Breann Fawcett26:00
52Taylor Gilliam26:06
  6:45PMOlivet Nazarene - IL@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational3rd of 24
  Team Time: 118:09 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 383
1-5 Time Split: 01:18
1-7 Time Split: 01:18
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/augustana.sidearmsports.com/documents/2016/9/23/2016wccbrissma
Course Description/Comments: Golf course. Basically flat w/ a few rolling hills. 85 degrees and high humidity.
Competing NAIA schools: #19 St Francis & Cornerstone
5Sarah Ray22:54
8Elizabeth Soper23:02
39Alexa Beezhold23:54
46Courtney Vande Voorde24:07
53Karley Brown-Divan24:12
94Heather Halverson25:08
103Andrea Wojciechowski25:19
  7:00PMMcPherson - KS@Tabor College Invitational3rd of 6
  Team Time: 113:42 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 41
1-5 Time Split: 03:41
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: www.taborbluejays.com
Course Description/Comments: Long Grass, Winding Trail. Sandy and muddy on trail. Very hot and humid. 20 mph winds
Competing NAIA schools: 2. Tabor 3. McPherson 5. OKWU DNS Bethany DNS Bethel
3Lauren Wankum20:30
15Laura Gibson22:04
21Rachel Foreman23:22
22Ane Archuleta23:23
28Taylor Dreiling24:21
   Grace - IN@Brissman-Lindeen Invitational5th of 26
  Team Time: 128:42 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 226
1-5 Time Split: 1:15
1-7 Time Split: 2:55
26Emma Mitchell25:25
31Brooke Smith25:32
32Jesse Zvers25:58
40McCalah Mast25:47
69Karla Singer26:40
  4:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Augustana CollegeNo Team Score 
 Brissman-Ludeen Invitational
  3:00PMGreat Falls - MT@Great Falls - Rocky Mountain - Montana Western Challenge2nd of 3
  Team Time: 108:25 Distance: 5000 meters Total Runners: 23 Course Record: 18:17
1-5 Time Split: 5:42
1-7 Time Split: n/a
Link to Results: http://www.ugfargos.com/documents/2016/9/23/UGF_XC_WomenResults.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Hickory Swing Golf Course, Great Falls, MT - Elevation 3300 feet. 5,000 meter race course, mostly grass three loop course (1KM and 2km) with mostly flat with a few rolling hills. Fast course with the right conditions. Weather was great for running, cool with some light rain. Ground soft. Team ran better than they did a couple of weeks ago. I'm pleased with improvement.
Competing NAIA schools: 1. Rocky Mountain 25 pts., 2. Great Falls 32 pts., NP. Montana Western no score.
2Baylee Green19:11
4Claudia Hewston20:03
9Maddie Scheppler21:51
12Alexis Rickets22:26
19Kaitlyn Leist24:53
21Bryanna Starks28:30
  11:30AMSan Diego Christian - CA@Aztec Invitational hosted by San Diego StateNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 45
30Mayra Espitia25:43.7
41Jazmine Swindler27:39.0
43Kristin Jones28:16.6
   Ottawa - KS@Emporia State University Invitational 9th of 13
  Team Time: 1:51:07.50 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 125
Link to Results: http://www.esuhornets.com/documents/2016/9/23//women_results.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Benedictine, Sterling, Park, Saint Mary, Ottawa, Missouri Valley,
15Jordan Calderwood20:16.44
27Chisholm Branscum20:57.09
34Breanna Clayton21:21.72
64Sydney Coleman23:46.70
71Natasha Rodriguez24:45.55
80Shaye White28:45.42
   Park - MO@Emporia State7th of 13
   William Penn - IA@Brissman/Lundeen Invitational21st of 26
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 226
1-5 Time Split: 07:05
Link to Results: http://sidearm.sites.s3.amazonaws.com/augustana.sidearmsports.com/documents/2016/9/23/2016wccbrissma
23Guadalupe Gonzalez25:17
92Deja Lewis27:29
148Alexys Devlin29:25
153Bree'Anna Lee29:33
181Rachel Surbaugh31:08
194Charlotte Hackett32:22
  6:00PMCalumet - IN@Brisman-Lundeen Invitational 13th of 26
  Team Time: 203:54 Distance: 3K Total Runners: 226
1-5 Time Split: 02:37
1-7 Time Split: 08:36
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=55641
50Harley Sutton26:04
51Dayanir Montoya26:06
56Kellyn Vale26:17
99Celeste Rosillo 27:45
128Danielle Weems28:41
213Camyrria Baggett34:21
215Annette Herrera34:40
   Montana Western@Great Falls/Rocky Mountain/Montana Western ChallengeNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5k Total Runners: 23 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: ugfargos.com
Course Description/Comments: Flat with no real hills, 1 1k loop and 2 2k loops, some wind and rain, no real mud. pretty good conditions overall. Women ran good overall, had to hold out my other two girls because of sickness.
Competing NAIA schools: Montana Western Rocky Mountain College University of Great Falls
1Mindy Kaufman19:07
6Beth Jansma20:28
11Gabi Gomez21:57
14Megan Tarmicheal22:50
  6:30PMMiddle Georgia State@Mercer Invitational5th of 8
  Team Time: 131:31 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 6
30Theresa Lasal24:26
36Cheyenne Kelly24:49
40Rhodelle Lewis26:30
41Kim Warren 26:43
47Mary Esmond27:49
54Alyssa Adkins 29:05
   Montana State-Northern@Yellow Jacket Invitational (Amend Park, Billings MT)6th of 7
  Team Time: 144:34 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 4:12
1-7 Time Split: 7:20
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/165226
Course Description/Comments: The course was a flat, loop course with some very small hills (berms) on each lap. The course was wet on a misty and cool day with no wind. The elevation of the course is approximately 3,100 feet. The field was primarily NCAA division II runners as this was a preview meet for 2016 west regional championships.
Competing NAIA schools: There were no other NAIA schools competing.
28Rachel David26:00
37Courtney Cota29:05
38McKenna Barkus29:24
39Kaitlin Nystrom29:54
40Breck Don30:11
41Savannah Rose33:20
  6:30PMCulver-Stockton - MO@Brissman/Lundeen InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 187
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=55641
43Abri Perchetti25:48
117Renate Richardson28:21
136Lezlie Wofford28:58
152Karlee Gray29:32
  12:15PMSoka - CA@@ San Diego State University Aztec Invitational1st of 5
  Team Time: 1:46:56 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 44
1-5 Time Split: 3:08
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC%202016/Invites/SDSU-Aztec-Invite-2016/aztecwomen5k.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Grass with consistent rolling hills and camber.
Competing NAIA schools: none
7Miranda Almeida20:09
9Lindsey Shoenhard20:46
10Christina Boutin21:01
12Linden Amundsen21:41
17Jessica Lee23:17
44Rashida Khan28:39

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