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2014-15 Women's Basketball Div II Schedule

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 30 (H) Hope International - CAdef(A) La Sierra - CA82-40 
 298:00PM(H) Midway - KYdef(A) St. Catharine - KY64-57 
 Double Header JV and Varsity
  7:00PM(H) William Penn - IAdef(A) Waldorf - IA80-61 
  6:30PM(H) Columbia - SCdef(A) Columbia International University72-55 
  7:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Indiana South Bend80-62 
  8:00PM(A) RV Indiana Northwestdef(H) Goshen - IN90-78 
  6:00PM(H) Calumet - INdef(A) Aquinas - MI64-49 
  5:30PM(H) Bryan - TNdef(A) Hiwassee College86-52 
 287:00PM(A) Brescia - KYdef(H) Wilberforce - OH84-81 
  5:00PM(H) Warner - FLdef(A) Florida College73-46 
  9:00PM(A) Oregon Techdef(H) Simpson - CA62-50 
 Weak Lower Third Awareness Night
  9:00PM(A) Oregon Techdef(H) Simpson - CA62-50 
 Weak Lower Third Awareness Night
  8:30PM(H) Rochester - MIdef(A) Michigan-Dearborn75-59 
 Played at Rochester High School
  6:30PM(H) Oklahoma Wesleyandef(A) Ecclesia College89-37 
  6:00PM(H) Warner Pacific - ORdef(A) Warner Pacific - OR61-55 
 278:00PM(A) Haskell - KSdef(H) Bethany - KS92-51 
 263:00PM(N) Montana Westerndef(N) Dickinson State - ND72-38 
  2:00PM(N) Winnipeg - MBdef(N) Jamestown - ND90-77 
 University of Manitoba Shoot for the Cure Tournament
  4:00PM(H) University of Montana-Westerndef(A) Dickinson State - ND72-38 
  2:00PM(N) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(N) Walla Walla - WA98-27 
 253:00PM(N) Jamestown - NDdef(N) University of Northern British Columbia81-43 
 University of Manitoba Shoot for the Cure Tournament
  9:30AM(H) Northwest - WAdef(A) Northwest - WA53-35 
  1:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Holy Cross - IN53-44 
  1:00PM(H) Indiana South Benddef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI62-49 
  7:00PM(H) Montana Westerndef(A) Walla Walla - WA82-22 
  5:00PM(A) Corban - ORdef(H) Simpson - CA57-48 
  6:00PM(H) Valley City State - NDdef(A) Brandon University58-44 
  4:00PM(N) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(N) Dickinson State - ND60-44 
  5:00PM(H) Rochester - MIdef(A) Redeemer University College84-57 
 Travis Bass Classic
  12:30PM(H) Northwest - WAdef(A) Vancouver Island University53-35 
 248:00PM(A) Jamestown - NDdef(H) University of Manitoba72-47 
 University of Manitoba Shoot for the Cure Tournament
   (H) Mayville State - NDdef(A) Brandon University92-80 
  6:00PM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI72-59 
  5:00PM(H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) Florida College94-52 
 238:00PM(H) Rochester - MIdef(A) Redeemer University College103-70 
 Travis Bass Classic

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