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2014 Volleyball Schedule

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 23 (H) 14 Eastern Oregondef(A) Menlo - CA23-25,25-12,25-17,25-19 
 NAIA National Championship - Opening Round
   (H) 21 Vanguard - CAdef(A) RV Concordia - OR25-16,25-17,25-18 
 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round
 221:00PM(H) 16 Madonna - MIdef(A) RV Union - KY25-20,25-22,21-25,25-20 
 2014 NAIA National Championship Opening Round
  7:00PM(H) Vanguard - CAdef(A) Concordia - OR25-16,25-17,25-18 
  6:00PM(H) Eastern Oregondef(A) Menlo - CA23-25,25-12,25-17,25-19 
  2:05PM(H) College of Idahodef(A) Cal State San Marcos18-25,25-23,25-14,21-25,15-11 
  12:00PM(H) Southern Oregondef(A) College of the Ozarks - MO25-17,25-15,25-14 
  7:30PM(H) 12 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) Xavier - LA25-16,25-15,25-16 
 NAIA Volleyball National Championship Opening Round
  8:00PM(A) 25 Evangel - MOdef(H) 20 Wayland Baptist - TX20-25,22-25,22-25 
 NAIA National Tournament - Opening Round
  4:00PM(N) Trinity Christian - ILdef(N) Lincoln Christian - Il25-10,22-25,29-27,25-12 
 NCCAA Div I North Central Regional Semifinal
  4:00PM(H) 18 Jamestown - NDdef(A) RV Kansas Wesleyan25-20,22-25,26-24,25-20 
 NAIA Volleyball National Championship Opening Round
  7:30PM(H) 15 Georgetown - KYdef(A) Point Park - PA25-19,25-16,25-18 
 NAIA Volleyball National Championship Opening Round
  7:00PM(H) 12 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) Xavier - LA25-16,25-15,25-16 
 NAIA National Championship opening round
  7:30PM(H) 13 Davenport - MIdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL25-18,25-18,25-18 
 NAIA National Opening Round
  6:00PM(H) Trinity Christian - ILdef(A) Bethel - IN25-20,25-18,25-16 
 NCCAA Region Tournament Final
  6:00PM(N) Trinity Christian - ILdef(N) Bethel - IN20-25,18-25,16-25 
 NCCAA Regional Championship
  2:00PM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Judson - IL22-25,25-21,31-29,24-26,15-10 
 NCCAA Regional Tournament
  1:00PM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Judson - IL25-22,21-25,29-31,26-24,10-15 
 NCCAA Regional Tournament
  3:00PM(H) 19 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) RV Cardinal Stritch - WI25-16,27-29,25-18,22-25,15-6 
 NAIA National Championship Opening Round
  3:00PM(H) Jamestown - NDdef(A) Kansas Wesleyan25-20,22-25,26-24,25-20 
 NAIA National Champioship Opening Round
  2:00PM(H) 23 Coastal Georgiadef(A) RV Embry-Riddle - FL25-17,21-25,25-20,25-18 
 2014 NAIA Volleyball National Championship Opening Round Match
 214:30PM(N) Oklahoma Wesleyandef(N) SAGU - TX25-22,29-27,25-22 
 NCCAA Regionals
  8:30PM(N) Colorado Christian Universitydef(N) SAGU - TX25-16,25-14,25-16 
 NCCAA Regionals
 206:30PM(N) SAGU - TXdef(N) McMurry University22-25,22-25,22-25 
 NCCAA Regionals
  6:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Oakland City University25-19,21-25,25-20,25-15 
 NCCAA Midwest Regional Championship
 1510:00AM(N) 9 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(N) Cumberlands - KY25-15,25-15,25-23 
 Mid-South Conference Tournament Semifinals
  6:00PM(N) 17 Georgetown - KYdef(N) 9 Lindsey Wilson - KY25-18,25-22,25-19 
 Mid-South Conference Tournament Finals
  9:00PM(N) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(N) Lewis-Clark State - ID25-22,25-19,22-25,25-18 
 2014 Frontier Conference Tournament Championship
   (H) Oklahoma Citydef(A) SAGU - TX25-17,25-23,25-15 
 SAC Tournament
  10:00PM(A) Menlo - CAdef(H) UC Merced - CA23-25,26-28,25-23,16-25 
 California Pacific Conference Championship Game
  3:30PM(N) Point Park - PAdef(N) Indiana Southeast25-21,25-23,28-30,25-20 
 KIAC Championship-Pittsburgh, Pa.
  10:00AM(N) Indiana Southeastdef(N) Asbury - KY16-25,25-16,22-25,23-25 
 KIAC Tournament Semifinal-Pittsburgh, Pa.
  1:00PM(H) Xavier - LAdef(A) Southern-New Orleans - LA25-9,25-19,25-17 
 Gulf Coast Athletic Conference Championship Final at Convocation Center, New Orleans, La.
  4:00PM(H) Texas at Brownsvilledef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX25-17,25-17,25-17 
 RRAC Tournament -- Final @ UT-Brownsville
  7:00PM(A) Evangel - MOdef(H) MidAmerica Nazarene - KS23-25,25-23,25-13,19-25,9-15 
  12:00PM(N) Kentucky Christiandef(N) Ozark Christian College25-21,25-18,22-25,25-22 
 NCCAA II National Tournament - National Semi-Final
  4:00PM(N) Kentucky Christiandef(N) Ohio Christian University25-21,25-22,25-22 
 NCCAA II National Tournament - National Championship
  8:00PM(A) RV Evangel - MOdef(H) 25 MidAmerica Nazarene - KS23-25,25-23,25-14,19-25,9-15 
 HAAC Tournament Championship
  6:00PM(N) Georgetown - KYdef(N) Lindsey Wilson - KY18-25,18-25,19-25 
 MSC Tournament Nov. 14-15
  4:30PM(H) Ashford - IAdef(A) Rochester - MI 25-16,25-21,25-17 
 A.I.I. Conference Tournament
  5:00PM(N) College of Idahodef(N) Concordia - OR20-25,25-13,19-25,25-21,12-15 
  6:00PM(N) Coastal Georgiadef(N) Mobile - AL25-13,17-25,25-14,25-19 
 SSAC Finals
  12:00PM(N) 23 Coastal Georgiadef(N) Faulkner - AL20-25,25-22,19-25,14-25 
 SSAC Tournament semifinal
  8:00PM(H) RV Kansas Wesleyandef(A) Ottawa - KS25-14,25-13,25-21 
 KCACTournament Championship
  7:30PM(H) 20 Wayland Baptist - TXdef(A) RV Oklahoma Baptist25-15,19-25,25-10,25-16 
 Sooner Athletic Conference Championship
  3:00PM(H) 5 Texas at Brownsvilledef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX25-17,25-17,25-17 
 RRAC Championship Game
  10:00PM(H) Menlo - CAdef(A) UC Merced - CA25-23,28-26,23-25,25-16 
 California Pacific Conference Championship Game at La Sierra
  8:30PM(H) 7 Northwestern - IAdef(A) 12 Midland - NE25-27,25-18,25-16,25-18 
 GPAC Championship
 10:00PM(A) 4 Biola - CAdef(H) The Master's - CA15-25,20-25,25-19,22-25 
 10:00PM(A) Westmont - CAdef(H) Hope International - CA11-25,7-25,20-25 
 Senior Night
 3:00PM(A) Cal State San Marcosdef(H) Johnson & Wales - CO25-21,16-25,17-25,18-25 
 A.I.I. Semifinals
  3:00PM(H) Davenport - MIdef(A) Madonna - MI25-21,25-19,25-19 
 WHAC Tournament Championship - DU Student Center, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  9:00PM(N) Cal State San Marcosdef(N) Ashford - IA25-16,25-19,25-22 
 2014 A.I.I. Volleyball Championship Match - #1 vs. #2
  3:00PM(N) Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(N) Carroll - MT25-17,25-23,25-27,23-25,15-13 
 2014 Frontier Conference Tournament Semifinals
  2:00PM(H) 19 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Taylor - IN25-16,25-21,19-25,26-28,15-10 
 Crossroads League Tournament Championship
  9:00AM(N) 16 Madonna - MIdef(N) RV Northwestern Ohio25-23,25-20,28-30,25-17 
 2014 Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference Championship (hosted by Davenport University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
 10:00PM(H) 21 Vanguard - CAdef(A) William Jessup - CA25-13,25-7,25-16 
  8:00PM(H) RV Kansas Wesleyandef(A) Ottawa - KS25-14,25-13,25-21 
 KCAC Tournament Championship
  9:00PM(H) 10 Viterbo - WIdef(A) 14 Grand View - IA22-25,16-25,25-10,25-19,20-18 
 MCC Championship
  9:00PM(H) 10 Viterbo - WIdef(A) 14 Grand View - IA22-25,16-25,25-10,25-19,20-18 
 MCC Championship
  8:00PM(H) RV Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL25-18,25-16,25-21 
  12:00PM(N) 17 Georgetown - KYdef(N) RV St. Catharine - KY22-25,23-25,25-18,25-22,15-9 
 Mid-South Conference Tournament Semifinals
 12:30PM(H) Point Park - PAdef(A) IU Kokomo25-22,25-21,21-25,25-12 
 KIAC Tournament
  5:30PM(N) Ashford - IAdef(N) Rochester - MI25-16,25-21,25-17 
 2014 Association of Independent Institutions Volleyball Tournament - Denver, Colo.
  1:00PM(H) Rocky Mountain - MTdef(A) Montana Tech25-10,25-19,22-25,25-21 
 2014 Frontier Conference Tournament Semifinals
 5:00PM(A) San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) Arizona Christian8-25,18-25,24-26 
  2:00PM(H) Park - MOdef(A) Missouri Baptist - MO25-18,25-22,25-21 
 AMC Tournament Championship
  2:00PM(H) College of the Ozarks - MOdef(A) Oklahoma Wesleyan16-25,25-17,25-23,25-23 
 MCAC Tournament Championship Match (Point Lookout, Mo.)
  12:00PM(N) 23 Coastal Georgiadef(N) Faulkner - AL25-20,22-25,25-19,25-14 
 SSAC Tournament Semifinals
  12:00PM(H) Davenport - MIdef(A) Aquinas - MI31-29,25-14,29-27 
 WHAC Tournament Semifinal - DU Student Center
  12:00PM(N) Mobile - ALdef(N) Dalton State - GA25-21,25-20,25-18 
 SSAC Tournament Semifinals
  9:00AM(N) 16 Madonna - MIdef(N) RV Northwestern Ohio25-23,25-20,28-30,25-17 
 2014 WHAC Conference Tournament - Hosted by Davenport University
  (A) Coastal Georgiadef(H) Brenau - GA12-25,23-25,11-25 
 SSAC Tournament
  2:00PM(A) RV Embry-Riddle - FLdef(H) RV St. Thomas - FL21-25,17-25,21-25 
 The Sun Conference Tournament - Final

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