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2015 Women's Cross Country Schedule

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 29 Central Methodist - MO@CMU Eagle Invitational1st of 2
  Team Time: 105:45 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 14
1-5 Time Split: 2:18
1-7 Time Split: 3:26
Link to Results: http://www.cmueagles.com/documents/2015/8/29//Eagle_Invitational_Women_2015.htm?id=1491
Competing NAIA schools: Westminister College
1Emily Nealley19:46
3Megan Greener20:53
6Veronica Hancock21:12
7Shannon Fuert21:46
8Abby Cross22:04
10Crystin Wilson22:58
12Cheyenne Randle24:12
  10:00AMBethany - KS@Fort Hays State University Alumni RunNo Team Score
  Eastern Oregon@dual meet with college of idaho. weather pleasent and dry2nd of 2
  Team Time: 080:03 Distance: 4,000 meters Total Runners: 19 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 00:34
1-7 Time Split: 00:58
Link to Results: college of idaho web site
Course Description/Comments: Flat, almost all grass with some pavement, mainly street crossings. Crazy number of turns as in 180 etc. College of Idaho gals are VERY good with surprising depth, especially considering they did not run their number one from last year. Not happy they swept us, but I am happy we had less than a minute between one and seven and just over 30 seconds between one and five.
Competing NAIA schools: EOU and C of I
8McKenzie Evans15:50.9
9Caitlyn Rowe15:52.4
10Amanda Welch15:54.9
11Stormy Bullard16:01.2
12Emily Wren16:23.6
13Kailey Wilson16:43.4
15MeeMee Crossler-Larid16:48.8
   College of Idaho@Eastern Oregon vs. College of Idaho Dual1st of 2
  Team Time: 076:19 Distance: 4k Total Runners: 19 Course Record: 14:45
1-5 Time Split: 01:01
1-7 Time Split: 01:01
Link to Results: www.yoteathletics.com
Course Description/Comments: Fairly flat, gradual grades. LOTS of very sharp turns, grass and pavement crossings. Nice race from gals though race went out VERY slow. Did not run L. Klopfenstein (7th at nationals last fall). Coming off injury from last spring, training and could have race just being cautious. May run her in two weeks, plan to have her racing in October. She is fit enough to run between our 2nd and 3rd today and will hopefully be back in full form by November.
Competing NAIA schools: College of Idaho - 15 / Eastern Oregon - 50
1R. Lewinski14:45
2A. Pfaff14:55
3E. Hawgood15:22
4K. Schut15:28
5A. Ellis15:46
6A. Eagleton15:47
7T. Russell15:47
 287:00PMIndiana Northwest@Northwest Classic6th of 7
14Camille Ochoa21:23.5
22Caridad Ramos22:35.9
36Angela Klukken24:46.4
38Emily Morrison26:07.3
39Lorena Diaz27:45.6
40Patty Mota28:26.5
41Donna Messer28:32.4
  7:00PMGovernors State - IL@Purdue Univ NC/Purdue-Calumet Invite at PNC CampusNo Team Score
48Kendra Riley38:37.3
  6:30PMDillard - LA@Xavier University (http://xulagold.com/sports/2015/7/22/cc2015bigeasy.aspx)2nd of 2
  7:00PMMcPherson - KS@Allen Meet4th of 5
  Team Time: 87:47 Distance: 4k Total Runners: 46
1-5 Time Split: 00:54
1-7 Time Split: 03:45
Link to Results: www.macbulldogs.com
Course Description/Comments: All grass, wet, muddy, windy, 75 deg.
Competing NAIA schools: St. Mary's-No team score Avila- No team score
14Miranda Clark-Ulrich17:04
17Taylor Dreiling17:17
19Laura Gibson17:37
24Savana Cross17:53
25Lauren Wankum17:54
30Erika Doty18:49
39Amanda Lolling20:49
  6:30PMXavier - LA@Xavier Big Easy Opener, New Orleans, La.1st of 2
  Team Time: 075:10 Distance: 2 miles Total Runners: 13
1-5 Time Split: 1:13.7
1-7 Time Split: 1:58.4
Link to Results: http://xulagold.com/sports/2015/8/29/WXC_0829153901.aspx
Competing NAIA schools: Xavier, Dillard
1Zahri Jackson14:27.3
2Brianna Pace14:48.0
3Briana Simms14:56.3
5Dionysia Love15:17.9
6Hannah Finnegan15:41.0
7Clarke Allen15:43.1
9Kailey Willians16:25.7
   Avila - MO@King's Sandwich ClassicNo Team Score
  Distance: 4k
10tJenna Rangel16:42.17
11tTiffany Zinn16:50.31
37tMia Rosinski19:50.76
  7:00PMWebber International - FL@St. Andrews Cross Country Meet1st of 3
  Team Time: 1:28:14 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 19 Course Record: 16:41.73
1-5 Time Split: 2:08
Course Description/Comments: Grass/trail Cool night with no breeze
Competing NAIA schools: St. Andrews
1Christian Vasquez16:41.73
2Sean Trainor17:00.96(
5Jonathan Governor17:46.63
6Marcus Corbett17:53.92
11Trequan Moreland18:49.77
  7:00PMWebber International - FL@The meet was held on St. Andrews University's campus1st of 4
  Team Time: 2:00:31 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 23 Course Record: 21:09
1-5 Time Split: 4:19
1-7 Time Split: 7:43
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/8309.html
Course Description/Comments: The course was made up of both trails and open grassy field. The weather was cool.
Competing NAIA schools: St. Andrews University
1Kathi Whitfield21:09
6Rachel Fredrick23:51.4
8Marly Joseph25:00.4
9Koree Ream25:03.2
11Jessica Hester25:27.2
14Joyce Caba27:11
17Quantavia Stalworth28:52.8
  7:30PMSt. Andrews - NC@St. Andrews Invitational (teams include Salem, Chowan, and Webber Int'l)2nd of 4
  Team Time: 2:12:26 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 22 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: 12:49
Competing NAIA schools: Webber International, St. Andrews
2Kaitlyn Stempien21:16.69
4Hannah Biddle22:18.19
9Scout Maddox25:11.89
18Nina Havelka29:33.89
20Kate Neidrick34:05
  7:00PMSaint Mary - KS@Allen County InviteNo Team Score
  Distance: 4000 Meter
Course Description/Comments: Did not run 3 of our top 5 runners. Relatively flat course. several inches of rain the day before the race. Extremely muddy with several switchbacks. The course went through a ditch 2 times with 8-10 inches of water and mud. No Team Score
Competing NAIA schools: Mcpherson
2Lorena Moreno16:05.04
4Alisn Stevens16:20.74
22Sophia Defeo17:47.26
  8:00AMJarvis Christian - TX@Texas Wesleyan OpenNo Team Score
  6:00PMGrace - IN@Stephen Kearney Classic1st of 7
  Team Time: 100:53 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 01:50
1-7 Time Split: 02:36
2Katelyn McCullough19:32
3Ariel Arellano19:38
6Raven Arellano19:55
8Karla Singer20:24
13Emma Mitchell21:22
  7:00PMRoosevelt - IL@Northwest Classic4th of 6
  7:00PMPurdue Calumet - IN@Northwest Classic 5K5th of 7
  Team Time: 1:54:25 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 47
Link to Results: http://www.thtiming.com/images/2015_pnc_xc_womens_team.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Grace College, Indiana Kokomo, Purdue North Central, Roosevelt, Purdue Calumet, Indiana Northwest, Governors State.
12Sara Kubas21:14
21Amanda Baker22:24
23Christine Lewandowski22:40
29Megan Gliva23:48
33Ashley Ulanwoski24:16
35Abigail Bondi24:40
37Georgina Diaz25:32
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Lubbock Christian Rust Buster Relays, Lubbock, TexasNo Team Score
  6:00PMIU Kokomo@Northwest Classic2nd of 6
  Team Time: 103:58 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 103:58
1-7 Time Split: 151:48
Link to Results: /d/2015-16/2015%20Northwest%20Classic%20Womens%20XC.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Grace College Purdue North Central Roosevelt Purdue Calumet Indiana University Northwest
4Taryn Thor19:42
5Brittany Sloan19:55
9Caitlin Eltzroth20:34
16Karly Sprouse21:48
17Amy McCauley21:58
27Paige Scherzinger23:41
31Brooke Runyon24:08
  7:00PMPurdue North Central - IN@Northwest Classic (PNC & PUC Co-Host)3rd of 7
  Team Time: 1:48:32 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 48 Course Record: 19:14
Link to Results: http://thtiming.com/2015raceresults.html
Competing NAIA schools: Purdue University Calumet Grace College Roosevelt University Indiana University Northwest Indiana University Kokomo Governor's State
1Kyleigh Werner19:14
10Ariel Langley20:53
19Ellyn Johansen22:11
20Andrea Violanti22:22
30Abbey Scowden23:49
34Maria Miller24:33
42Ceara Floyd29:14
  5:00PMIndiana East@Indiana University East Red Wolf Rumble1st of 2
  Team Time: 120:15 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 11
1-5 Time Split: 04:05
Link to Results: http://www.iueredwolves.com/stats/2015-16/150828WXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Tough course with gradual uphill finish and a warm day.
Competing NAIA schools: Ohio Christian University
1Morgan Stanley22:00
3Teresa Huelseman23:33
4Allie Kann23:52
5Hayley Rogers24:45
8Haley Day26:05
10Tessa Rhodus27:58
  8:15AMSt. Gregory's - OK@Texas Wesleyan Opener1st of 2
  Team Time: 110:54 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 11 Course Record: n/a
1-5 Time Split: 3:25
1-7 Time Split: n/a
Link to Results: www.ramsports.net
Course Description/Comments: clear, warm, 84 degrees
1Alexis Gee20:23
2Sabrina DeSantiago20:27
3Shannah Daymude22:31
4Heather Johnson23:45
5Adriana Garza23:48
6Sophia Weisbruch25:12

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