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2014-15 Men's Basketball Div II Schedule

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 199:00PM(N) RV Northwestern Ohiodef(N) 23 Saint Mary - KS81-67 
 Trip Sports Las Vegas Hoopla
  10:30PM(H) Bethesda University of Californiadef(A) Menlo - CA78-66 
  9:00PM(A) Sterling - KSdef(H) Johnson & Wales - CO62-54 
 Johnson and Wales Classic
  7:00PM(A) 12 Cornerstone - MIdef(H) 3 Northwood - FL85-78 
 Marietta Rappaport Family Classic (Hosted by Northwood University - West Palm Beach, Fla.)
  5:00PM(N) SAGU - TXdef(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL78-75 
 Southeastern University Classic (Lakeland, Fla.) (12/18-12/19)
  4:00PM(N) Northern New Mexicodef(N) Bethany - KS86-76 
 Johnson and Wales Classic
  8:30PM(H) Valley City State - NDdef(A) University of Minnesota-Morris76-72 
 9:00PM(H) 17 Robert Morris (Ill.)def(A) Trinity International - IL85-68 
 7:00PM(H) Indiana South Benddef(A) Purdue North Central - IN84-74 
 7:00PM(H) 4 Dakota Wesleyan - SDdef(A) Concordia - NE91-78 
  5:00PM(N) Taylor - INdef(N) Edward Waters - FL55-40 
 Northwood Holiday Tournament
  1:30PM(H) Youngstown Statedef(A) Wilberforce - OH92-71 
 Youngstown State NCAA Division 1
  5:00PM(A) Mayville State - NDdef(H) Waldorf - IA96-58 
 10:30PM(A) Corban - ORdef(H) Evergreen - WA82-68 
 7:00PM(H) Northwest - WAdef(A) Northwest Christian - OR57-55 
 184:00PM(N) Sterling - KSdef(N) Northern New Mexico72-68 
 Johnson and Wales Classic
  7:00PM(H) Friends - KSdef(A) Hastings - NE80-66 
  8:00PM(H) 8 Midland - NEdef(A) York - NE88-80 
 7:30PM(A) RV St. Francis - ILdef(H) Holy Cross - IN61-57 
  6:30PM(N) Ashford - IAdef(N) Grand View - IA71-55 
 Wisconsin Dells Tournament
 8:30PM(H) Judson - ILdef(A) Trinity Christian - IL70-63 
  5:00PM(H) University of Idahodef(A) Walla Walla - WA86-39 
  9:00PM(A) Bethany - KSdef(H) Johnson & Wales - CO90-67 
 Johnson and Wales Classic
  8:30PM(N) Viterbo - WIdef(N) Lawrence University74-55 
 JustAgame Winter Classic
  6:00PM(N) St. Thomas - FLdef(N) Kansas Wesleyan96-74 
 Cruizin' Classic
  7:00PM(H) 3 Northwood - FLdef(A) Taylor - IN68-66 
 Northwood Holiday Tournament
 8:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) 15 Saint Xavier - IL76-64 
  8:00PM(H) AIB - IAdef(A) Grace University86-65 
  8:00PM(H) RV Dordt - IAdef(A) Martin Luther College86-51 
  7:00PM(A) St. Andrews - NCdef(H) Marygrove - MI66-49 
  5:00PM(N) Evangel - MOdef(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL67-58 
 Southeastern University Classic (Lakeland, Fla.) (12/18-12/19)
  5:00PM(N) 12 Cornerstone - MIdef(N) Edward Waters - FL90-65 
 Marietta Rappaport Family Classic (Hosted by Northwood University - West Palm Beach, Fla.)
   (H) Hope International - CAdef(A) La Sierra - CA104-60 
  7:00PM(H) 19 Southeastern - FLdef(A) SAGU - TX77-71 
 174:00PM(A) 1 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon72-58 
  7:30PM(H) Hope International - CAdef(A) La Sierra - CA104-60 
  7:30PM(A) Faulkner - ALdef(H) Point - GA90-70 
  10:30PM(H) Pacific Union - CAdef(A) Whittier College91-89 
  8:30PM(H) Ashford - IAdef(A) Viterbo - WI73-67 
 JustAgame Winter Classic - Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
  7:30PM(H) Truett-McConnell - GAdef(A) Kentucky Christian81-70 
  7:00PM(N) Florida Memorialdef(N) Kansas Wesleyan93-64 
 Cruizin' Classic
  1:00PM(N) RV Rochester - MIdef(N) Finlandia University71-49 
 Madonna Tournament
  8:00PM(H) Waldorf - IAdef(A) Presentation - SD84-78 
 7:30PM(A) Concordia - MIdef(H) Indiana Tech69-67 
  6:30PM(A) Grand View - IAdef(H) Lawrence University71-63 
 Wisconsin Dells Tournament
  3:00PM(H) Madonna - MIdef(A) RV Goshen - IN65-64 
 Best Western Crusader Classic (hosted by Madonna University - Livonia, Mich.) Tournament Info
  11:00AM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Webber International - FL60-57 
 162:00PM(N) 1 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras82-62 
 @ UPR-Bayamon
  8:00PM(A) Oklahoma Wesleyandef(H) Grace University73-55 
 8:30PM(H) Roosevelt - ILdef(A) Judson - IL59-39 
  5:00PM(N) RV Goshen - INdef(N) RV Rochester - MI79-72 
 Madonna Tournament
  10:00PM(H) Colorado Collegedef(A) Johnson & Wales - CO61-57 
 8:30PM(A) 22 Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(H) Trinity Christian - IL70-61 
  9:00PM(H) Briar Cliff - IAdef(A) AIB - IA78-67 
  9:00PM(H) Wayland Baptist - TXdef(A) Northern New Mexico85-61 
 NAIA DI #16
  7:00PM(H) Piedmont Collegedef(A) Kentucky Christian99-71 
  8:00PM(H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) 11 St. Ambrose - IA89-68 
 8:00PM(A) Indiana South Benddef(H) Calumet - IN72-61 
  8:00PM(H) Indiana Northwestdef(A) Manchester College68-50 
  7:00PM(A) Albion Collegedef(H) Spring Arbor - MI61-57 
 Parma Lions Club Food Drive
  7:00PM(H) Madonna - MIdef(A) Finlandia University97-56 
 Best Western Crusader Classic (hosted by Madonna University - Livonia, Mich.) Tournament Info
  7:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Shawnee State - OH79-58 
  6:00PM(H) Fisher - MAdef(A) Mitchell College83-62 
  8:00PM(H) 20 Thomas - GAdef(A) Coastal Georgia81-73 
  7:00PM(H) Florida National Universitydef(A) 19 Southeastern - FL87-73 
 1510:30PM(H) Pacific Union - CAdef(A) William Jessup - CA74-73 
 Angwin, CA
  7:30PM(H) Truett-McConnell - GAdef(A) Hiwassee College77-64 
  9:00PM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) Haskell - KS88-76 
  8:00PM(H) University of Nebraska-Kearneydef(A) Hastings - NE94-86 
  7:00PM(H) Reinhardt - GAdef(A) Fisk - TN92-85 (OT) 
  9:00PM(H) Marian - INdef(A) Lincoln Christian - Il86-32 
  7:30PM(A) Marygrove - MIdef(H) Olivet College78-72 
  6:00PM(H) Point - GAdef(A) Kentucky Christian103-100 (OT) 
  7:00PM(H) Bethel - TNdef(A) Bryan - TN88-77 
  4:00PM(H) Warner - FLdef(A) Grace - IN68-50 
  12:15PM(H) Rio Grande - OHdef(A) Ohio - Chillicothe98-56 
 Champions of Character Classic
 143:00PM(A) Clarke - IAdef(H) Langara82-69 
  5:00PM(A) Corban - ORdef(H) Cal Maritime82-56 
  11:00PM(A) Warner Pacific - ORdef(H) Walla Walla - WA77-43 
  4:00PM(H) Ave Maria - FLdef(A) Coastal Georgia71-49 
 133:00PM(A) Berea Collegedef(H) IU Kokomo87-84 
 Kids Day
  4:00PM(H) 24 Briar Cliff - IAdef(A) Dakota State - SD81-61 
 3:00PM(H) Davenport - MIdef(A) Michigan-Dearborn81-52 
  1:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian - OHdef(H) Great Lakes Christian College84-66 
  4:00PM(H) Purdue North Central - INdef(A) Brescia - KY85-69 
 8:00PM(A) Bethel - KSdef(H) Kansas Wesleyan80-70 
  3:00PM(A) 1 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Olivet College73-53 
 5:00PM(A) RV Dordt - IAdef(H) Hastings - NE83-76 
  3:00PM(A) Marian - INdef(H) Taylor - IN57-38 
  4:00PM(A) Clarke - IAdef(H) Langara61-40 
 8:00PM(H) Friends - KSdef(A) Ottawa - KS86-73 
  4:00PM(H) 9 Bellevue - NEdef(A) 21 William Penn - IA102-90 
  10:00PM(H) Chapman Universitydef(A) La Sierra - CA89-72 
  5:00PM(A) William Woods - MOdef(H) Haskell - KS86-70 
 8:00PM(H) 23 Saint Mary - KSdef(A) Sterling - KS87-78 (OT) 
 3:00PM(H) Concordia - MIdef(A) 12 Cornerstone - MI78-69 
  10:30PM(A) Oregon Techdef(H) Simpson - CA94-85 
 8:00PM(A) Tabor - KSdef(H) McPherson - KS87-67 
  10:00PM(H) Northwest - WAdef(A) Quest University67-42 
  10:00PM(H) Pacific Union - CAdef(A) Northwest Indian College100-76 
 8:00PM(H) Bethany - KSdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS97-93 
 5:00PM(A) Trinity International - ILdef(H) Judson - IL70-64 
  10:00PM(A) 16 Southern Oregondef(H) UC Merced - CA94-71 
 Toy Drive
  7:30PM(H) RV Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Cedarville University97-82 
  7:30PM(A) Winnipeg - MBdef(H) Valley City State - ND80-70 
  6:00PM(H) Rio Grande - OHdef(A) University of Miami-Middletown89-68 
 Newt Oliver Coaches Classic
  1:00PM(A) Johnson & Wales - FLdef(H) Johnson & Wales - CO71-45 
 4:00PM(H) 15 Saint Xavier - ILdef(A) 17 Robert Morris (Ill.)115-101 
  7:00PM(H) 3 Northwood - FLdef(A) 10 Saint Francis - IN69-65 
  4:00PM(H) Cumberlands - KYdef(A) RV Union - KY63-61 
  7:00PM(A) Grand View - IAdef(H) Waldorf - IA74-57 
  6:00PM(H) Viterbo - WIdef(A) Wisconsin-River Falls75-74 
 5:00PM(A) 4 Dakota Wesleyan - SDdef(H) Doane - NE90-65 
 DAC Social Gathering
  5:00PM(H) Grace Bible Collegedef(A) Wilberforce - OH79-64 
 5:00PM(H) 8 Midland - NEdef(A) Northwestern - IA103-99 
  5:00PM(A) Indiana Northwestdef(H) University of Cincinnati-Clermont75-72 
 4:00PM(H) 22 Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) Roosevelt - IL65-46 
 5:00PM(A) 14 Morningside - IAdef(H) Nebraska Wesleyan96-68 
 4:00PM(H) Purdue Calumet - INdef(A) Holy Cross - IN78-68 
 5:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Mount Marty - SD78-60 
  4:00PM(H) RV Rochester - MIdef(A) Lincoln Christian - Il88-61 
  4:00PM(H) Bridgewater Collegedef(A) RV Milligan - TN81-71 
 Don Glick Classic
  2:00PM(N) RV Mount Mercy - IAdef(N) Central College73-46 
 St. Ambrose Shootout
  4:00PM(H) St. Andrews - NCdef(A) Columbia International University67-59 
  4:00PM(H) Tennessee Templedef(A) Bryan - TN64-61 
 4:00PM(H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Calumet - IN74-71 
  4:00PM(H) 5 Bethel - INdef(A) Saint Joseph's College99-61 
  3:00PM(H) Fisher - MAdef(A) Vaughn College70-69 
  4:00PM(H) 11 St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Culver-Stockton - MO97-77 
 St. Ambrose Shootout - tournament schedule
 3:00PM(A) Marygrove - MIdef(H) Lawrence Tech - MI79-53 
 3:00PM(A) RV St. Francis - ILdef(H) Indiana South Bend82-76 (OT) 
 3:00PM(H) RV Northwestern Ohiodef(A) Siena Heights - MI75-56 
 3:00PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Indiana Tech60-58 
  5:00PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Trinity Christian - IL69-64 
 3:00PM(A) Lourdes - OHdef(H) Madonna - MI63-61 
   (H) 20 Thomas - GAdef(A) Florida Memorial83-75 
  8:00PM(A) RV Warner Pacific - ORdef(H) Whitman College83-71 
  4:00PM(H) St. Thomas - FLdef(A) Coastal Georgia80-47 
  5:00PM(H) Eastern Oregondef(A) Multnomah University101-83 
 4:00PM(H) 19 Southeastern - FLdef(A) RV Warner - FL92-85 (OT) 
  3:00PM(H) Webber International - FLdef(A) Alice Lloyd - KY69-64 
 127:00PM(H) 3 Northwood - FLdef(A) The Apprentice School93-75 
  6:30PM(N) RV Mount Mercy - IAdef(N) Culver-Stockton - MO79-65 
 St. Ambrose Shootout
  7:00PM(H) Albany Statedef(A) Point - GA76-74 
   (A) Mayville State - NDdef(H) University of Minnesota-Morris77-72 (OT) 
  10:30PM(H) Cal Maritimedef(A) Northwest Indian College90-60 
  5:00PM(N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) Florida National University96-93 
 Northwood University Tournament/West Palm Beach, FL
  8:30PM(N) Johnson & Wales Universitydef(N) Johnson & Wales - CO71-66 
  8:00PM(H) Ashford - IAdef(A) AIB - IA62-55 
  8:30PM(A) Central Collegedef(H) 11 St. Ambrose - IA86-84 
 St. Ambrose Shootout - tournament schedule
  8:30PM(H) Presentation - SDdef(A) Oglala Lakota College121-86 
  7:00PM(H) RV Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Ohio Christian University65-63 
  6:00PM(N) Eastern Mennonite Universitydef(N) RV Milligan - TN88-83 
 Don Glick Classic
  5:00PM(A) Wilberforce - OHdef(H) Kuyper College90-82 
  3:00PM(A) Cincinnati Christian - OHdef(H) Grace Bible College83-77 
  12:00PM(H) St. Catharine - KYdef(A) Indiana Southeast76-70 
  11:00PM(A) Pacific Universitydef(H) Evergreen - WA81-71 
  1:00PM(H) Florida Collegedef(A) Webber International - FL79-64 
  7:00PM(H) 7 Embry-Riddle - FLdef(A) Alice Lloyd - KY97-70 

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