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2014 Men's Cross Country Schedule

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 29 Missouri Valley@Oklahoma State Jamboree10th of 16
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 146
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Course Description/Comments: hill/ slower than usual/ wood chips soft
Competing NAIA schools: obu/ southwestern OBU looked very strong in this race on a very tough course.
10Phillip Cheruiyot26:41
19Mark Kogo27:20
76Chandler Harker30:20
84Kevin Morris30:45
95Jacov Carver32:09
 27 Benedictine - KS@Roy Griak Meet25th of 33
  Team Time: 2:26.11 Distance: 8,000 Total Runners: 373
1-5 Time Split: 02:55
1-7 Time Split: 03:07
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Course Description/Comments: hot conditions- 30 runners DNF
Competing NAIA schools: Indiana Wesleyan; Morningside; Dordt; Concordia Ne
89Luke Friess28:12
101Luke Friess28:11
131Chris Buhler28:45
135TJ Simpson28:48
148Chris Buhler28:44
153TJ Simpson28:47
161Bob Bartush29:29
198Bob Bartush29:29
198Andrew Doyle30:57
202Phil Davis31:17
204JonElliott Brubaker31:19
286Andrew Doyle30:56
305Phil Davis31:16
307JonElliott Brubaker31:18
   Graceland - IA@Roy Griak InvitationalNo Team Score
  11:00AMPoint Park - PA@Lock Haven Invitational11th of 15
  Team Time: 2:24:32 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 199
1-5 Time Split: 4:08.8
1-7 Time Split: 4:08.8
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Course Description/Comments: Fast course, many good teams including those from NCAA DI and DII. Every Point Park runner set a season-best time in the 8K.
21Eric Torres26:23
47Heath Hougas27:19
103Paul McCloud28:50
164Eric Engel30:48
171Marvin Walker31:10
   Belhaven - MS@University of West Florida Gulf Coast Stampede (8K)4th of 6
  Team Time: 2:20:29 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 64
1-5 Time Split: 3:10
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Flat course, some grass, some trails, but very sandy, so poor footing for 40-50% of the course
Competing NAIA schools: Auburn University Montgomery, Point
1Alex Ntagwa26:05
1Alex Ntagwa26:06
14Doug Mumme27:13
36Thorburn McGee28:55
37Dave Barnett28:59
38Dave Barnett28:59
44Benjamin Storment29:15
45Benjamin Storment29:16
47Orin Harris29:49
48Orin Harris29:50
59Justin Davis34:26
60Justin Davis34:26
   SCAD Atlanta - Ga@University of North Georgia Invitational6th of 7
  Team Time: 2:30:12 Distance: 8,000 m Total Runners: 71 Course Record: 25:53
1-5 Time Split: 1:31
1-7 Time Split: 1:31
Competing NAIA schools: Dalton State College, Reinhardt University
27F. Fu29:30
30J. Jones29:46
31A. Ganapathy29:50
35M. Cornwall30:05
42B. Starks31:01
46J. Richey31:11
48C. Stuart31:15
   Sterling - KS@Tabor College Invite5th of 8
  Team Time: 149:09 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 70 Course Record: 26:41
1-5 Time Split: 02:38
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Course Description/Comments: We ran very poorly today, 1-4 only had a gap of :29 seconds but we did not run well. Course was very slow despite being flat.
Competing NAIA schools: Friends, Tabor, McPherson, Bethany, Avila
15Joe Magana28:56
20Isaac Barnhart29:23
23David Amador29:35
25Lucas Garrett29:39
41Aaron Pinkerton31:34
  11:45AMFreed-Hardeman - TN@Union University Invitational; Union University; Jackson, Tenn.4th of 4
  Team Time: 175:51 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 33
1-5 Time Split: 8:46
1-7 Time Split: 9:29
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Competing NAIA schools: Bethel (Tenn.), Blue Mountain (Miss.)
13Kyle Currington30:10
23Trent Adams34:30
25Drew Crews35:29
26Kyle Kasarjian37:17
27Robby Thompson38:56
28Christean Covington39:19
29William Murphy39:39
   Oklahoma Baptist@Cowboy Jamboree in Stillwater3rd of 16
  Team Time: 2:17:30.03 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 146
1-5 Time Split: :42
1-7 Time Split: 1:23
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Course Description/Comments: OSU...Hilly, Wood Chips a tough course. Our first 8K of the season and our freshmen's first of their career. Thought the youngsters did good for their first time on a tough course. The upperclassmen are under performing and should be better. #2 Wolters held out for minor injury issue.
Competing NAIA schools: #21 Missouri Valley, Southwestern Kansas.
15tTyler Helt (Fr.)27:07.07
16tWalker Clampitt(Fr.)27:00.99
21sBlaine Whitson (Fr.)27:38.88
24tNathan Whitson (Jr.)27:43.60
31sZachary Widener (Jr.)27:49.29
37tLandon Franz (Sr.)28:05.12
50tNathan Reed (Jr.)28:30.72
  12:00PMDoane - NE@Dean White Invitational1st of 7
  Team Time: 139:27 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 01:34
1-7 Time Split: 01:43
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Much better run for team. Stoks and Kment are coming along as well as some of the younger guys. We hope to continue improving as a team in two weeks at Lawrence.
Competing NAIA schools: Midland, William Penn, Hastings, York, Briar Cliff, Grand View
2Nick Stoks27:07
4Eric Weers27:33
5Jake Kment27:44
10Michael Shavlik28:21
14Jacob Maris28:41
15Steven Wilson28:48
16Chris Mauer28:50
   Missouri Valley@Oklahoma State Cowboy Jamboree10th of 16
  Team Time: 2:27:17 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 146
Link to Results:
10Phillip Cheruiyot26:41
19Mark Kogo27:20
76Chandler Harker30:20
84Kevin Morris30:45
95Jacob Carver32:09
  11:45AMWilliams Baptist - AR@Rhodes College Invitational 8K 18th of 18
   Tennessee Wesleyan@@ Charlotte Invitational1st of 11
  Team Time: 129:12 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 122
1-5 Time Split: 1:26
1-7 Time Split: 1:26
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: First 8k of the year for the top 6. These results take out the D1 teams but we all ran together. We won the non D1 race an were just barley beat by D1 Samford to finish 2nd. We did defeat Davison and UNC Charlotte and D2 Mars Hill. About 70 degrees at race start and a little humid but overall great weather. Course was fairly flat with a hill about 200m long the runners had to go up twice. Not a bad start, Roderick (our #1) is getting over the Flu so he was not where he usually is and ran #2. Normal #5 actually ran 6 today cause of breathing issues in the race. Joe is shaping up to be quite the front runner finishing 2nd overall in the race by only 1 second. Once Rod gets over his sickness we will have 2 very very good front runners. Next race is Oct. 4th at Greater Louisville. At the moment I think we are a 6-8 team. SCAD Savannah is also worth a look for a top 25 position I was impressed with how they ran. They could be top 20 if they can get a 5th.
Competing NAIA schools: SCAD Savannah, USC Beaufort
1Joseph Mullen25:03
5Roderick Bowman25:41
6Arnold Mutuse25:55
8Samuel Hawkins26:02
17Jacob Simmons26:29
26Chad Whitehead26:51
30Tim Murphy27:00
  12:45PMHastings - NE@Dean White Inviational (Doane)4th of 7
  Team Time: 148:49 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 1:22
1-7 Time Split: 1:22
Link to Results: file:///C:/Users/amaser/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook
Course Description/Comments: Hills, grass, wood chips, gravel, and road crossing. We came off a tough week of practice with high mileage and two very tough workouts this week. Kids legs looked dead.
Competing NAIA schools: Doane, William Penn, Midland, Briar Cliff, York College, Grand View, Hastings College, also NCAA D-2 Peru State.
18Josh Hulbert28:53
22Will Baird29:39
23Matt Bax29:49
26Brady Edwards30:11
28Jackson VanSkiver30:15
52Tyler Lowry32:34
61Eduardo Ochoa34:07
  7:00AMAve Maria - FL@Valdosta State Cross Country Classic2nd of 6
  9:30AMOklahoma Wesleyan@OSU Cowboy JamboreeNo Team Score
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 146
Link to Results:
60Nathan Tripp28:50.84
88Erasmo Huerta III30:18.75
106Andrew Townes30:49.56
  11:00AMAvila - MO@Tabor InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5 K Total Runners: 70
29tWill Ennis30:34.67
42nTaylor Livingston32:51.35
   Southwestern - KS@OSU Cowboy Jamboree7th of 16
  Team Time: 141:11 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 146
1-5 Time Split: 01:27
1-7 Time Split: 03:08
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Dry course with wood chip covered hills. Very Hilly.
19Nick Warnke27:17
45Brandon Hatch28:16
47Caleb Jackson28:24
51Taylor Parker28:29
59Jersey Boydston28:44
76Keegan Gregg29:34
93Jacob Anders30:25
   Midland - NE@Doane Invitational2nd of 7
   Valley City State - ND@Roy Griak Invitational31st of 33
   Viterbo - WI@University of Minnesota Roy Griak Invitational33rd of 33
   UC Merced - CA@Stanford Invitational21st of 22
   Southern-New Orleans - LA@McNeese Cowboy Stampede, Lake Charles, La.No Team Score
   Hannibal-LaGrange - MO@Rhodes College Invite11th of 18
  Team Time: 2:22:39.30 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 171
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: The course was at shelby farms in Memphis. An all grass course with rolling hills. It was quite warm in the mid to upper 70's with a humidity values in the 90% range. The weather certainly had an effect on all the times. The course also came up a little short of an actual 8k.
Competing NAIA schools: Williams Baptist was the only other NAIA school in attendance.
28tTaylor Whitmore27:08
53Andrew Daw27:53
77John Bedsworth28:43
88Dylan Bernatky29:07
104Troy Pace29:46
108Austin Matters29:57
122Tyler Brockhouse30:56
   Cumberland - TN@44th Annual Patty Forgey Invitational - Rio Grande, Ohio4th of 6
  12:30PMConcordia - NE@Roy Griak Invitational20th of 33
  Team Time: 141:29 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 325 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 1:10
1-7 Time Split: 1:29
Link to Results: univ minnesota athletics
Course Description/Comments: Griak course is a challenging course with constantly rolling hills. Was firm and good footing this year. Nice day to run. Sunny and about 77 degrees at race time. We struggled today and did not run well. May have been a little tired from last weeks tough race conditions at Greeno. This team could run considerably better as the season goes along. Indiana Wesleyan looked very good. We finished behind NAIA schools Indiana Wesleyan, Morningside, Northwestern and Dordt.
Competing NAIA schools: Indiana Wesleyan, Morningside, Concordia NE, Northwestern, Dordt, Benedictine, Valley City State, Viterbo
44Ben Sievert27:29
100Josh Allwardt28:23
102Taylor Mueller28:26
114Jordan Potrzeba28:32
124Kohlton Gabehart28:39
144Chris Shelton29:00
145Charlie Bloomfield29:05
   Xavier - LA@McNeese Cowboy Stampede, Lake Charles, La.No Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 4 miles Total Runners: 74 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Kwame Jackson set school record for 4 miles: 21:21.7
Competing NAIA schools: Xavier (La.), Southern (La.), Loyola (La.)
36Kwame Jackson21:21
49Christopher August22:12
61Emmanuel Detiege24:30
   McPherson - KS@Tabor College Inv2nd of 8
  Team Time: 142:40 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 70
1-5 Time Split: 00:53
1-7 Time Split: 03:08
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Long grassy, flat, lots of turns and loops
Competing NAIA schools: 1-Friends 2-McPherson 3-Tabor 5-Sterling 7-Bethany
8Dixon Cooney28:06
11Chris Le28:13
13Kurt Katzdorn28:35
14Chris Newell28:45
16Michael Janzer28:59
32Jordan Bost30:27
37Jonathan Dominguez31:14
  1:30PMNorthwestern - IA@@ Roy Griak Invite15th of 33
  Team Time: 139:39 Distance: 8000 meters Total Runners: 409 Course Record: 24:38
1-5 Time Split: 00:43
1-7 Time Split: 01:54
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Rolling hills from start to finish, temps in mid-70s with 10 mph winds
Competing NAIA schools: Benedictine (KS) Concordia (NE) Dordt Indiana Wesleyan Morningside Valley City State Viterbo
54Skyler Giddings27:35
72Logan Hovland27:48
76Peter Smith27:50
95Hans Epp28:08
109Will Norris28:18
191Tanner Goetsch29:22
199Caleb VanderBaan29:29
  11:15AMFriends - KS@Tabor Invitational (Marion Reservoir)1st of 8
  Team Time: 141:09 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 70 Course Record: 26:41
1-5 Time Split: 02:27
1-7 Time Split: 02:27
Course Description/Comments: Weather: 73deg, 55dewpoint = 55% humidity, SSW 13mph, Clear. Course was very flat consisting of 2 loops. The grass loop which was run 4 times was 1km long. The trail loop which was run 2 times was 2km long. Grass was very shaggy. Trail was 4 to 8ft wide, making passing tough in the 1st half. Trail was chat based for the most part with a short stretch of soft sand. A lot of mild turns with 2(grass) & 1(trail) at 90 deg on each loop. In talking w/several runners I'd estimate the course to be ~50 seconds slow. We ran our best race thus far. 28:14 avg. which we'd calculate to be low to mid 27s w/course consideration. #1-Moore had a strong debut. #2-6 w/1:11 split was strong. #7 Hiser is still far from what he's capable of. Nice gains with more to give.
Competing NAIA schools: Mcpherson College, Tabor College, Sterling College, Bethany College
2Easton Moore26:42
9Brooks Rummery28:07
10Max Burley28:12
17Mitch Heller29:00
18Joseph Newman29:09
19Jacob Newman29:18
26Damien Hiser29:45
   Morningside - IA@Univ. of Minnesota Roy Griak Invitational9th of 33
  Team Time: 2:17.44 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 409
1-5 Time Split: 1:56
1-7 Time Split: 2:04
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Very hilly and it was hot! The field ran quite slow compared to years past. We had heat issues with two of our key runners. We were quite pleased with how people stepped up despite. A 9th place finish, we felt, was underachieving. We, however, are feeling great about where this team is going. We figured a lot out today. Our # 1, Jay Welp is our 3rd number one runner in three meets and we feel our good about our top leadership.
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia, Northwestern, Dordt, Indiana Wesleyan.
21Jay Welp26:42
29Mark Abrams26:59
39Alec DeVries27:20
81Jacob Klein28:04
122Sean Skillern28:38
133Jacob Scott28:46
140Zach Waite28:50
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Cowboy Jamobree, Stillwater, OK4th of 7
  Team Time: 216:24 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 64
1-5 Time Split: 03:09
Course Description/Comments: Course is just not what it used to be...way to many wood chips!!! #4 ok state times were fairly slow. It was the hottest I can ever remember at the jamboree and I have been bringing Wayland teams for 11 years. We had faster team time than RV OBU by 1:06. We had faster team time than #21 Missouri Valley by 11:00. No way Missouri valley should be rated. Keter was in second with 1 mile to go and really faded from 24:40 pace to 25:10. He is good. Ran faster than multi time all American tarragon ever ran for me there. Rest of guys struggled. Wood berry was a national qualifier but had not ran for two weeks prior due to shin splints. Lopez is in great shape but for some reason hasn't put it together on race day. Still think we are a good team...if wood berry gets back going. Will see in two weeks at pre nationals. We ran different division than OBU or mo valley...much hotter when we ran...but same course so you can use team times
1Be nard Keter25:10
19Ulisses lopez27:26
23Jason Rowe27:37
28Damarius lowery27:51
35Cameron woodberry28:19
  11:00AMGrand View - IA@Doane College - Dean White Invitational7th of 7
  Team Time: 153:13 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 68 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 3:36
1-7 Time Split: 5:15
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: 3 loop course, several tight turns and a few hills/inclines each loop. MIx of grass, woodchip paths, and gravel/dirt paths. I'd rate it as a 3 on a scale of 1-5.
Competing NAIA schools: 1st-Doane, 2nd-Midland, 3rd-William Penn. 4th-Hastings, 5th-York, 6th-Briar Cliff, 7th-Grand View
12Kennedy Kiprop28:21
38Orie Brown30:50
39Ray Quiroz30:53
44Seth Harjes31:20
48Lorenzo Baker-Martinez31:47
55JR Snyder33:08
57Roy Hummel33:36
   Point - GA@Gulf Coast Stampede6th of 6
  Team Time: 160:45 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 62
1-5 Time Split: 07:20
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: 73 degrees, 90% humidity, 12 mph wind, course was a combination of grass and sand. The grass was a little high and a portion of the course was running on slanted ground. The trails were pretty sandy and footing was difficult. The course was flat but it ran pretty slow due to the above. We ran without our #5 guy but it would not have effected the result just our overall time. He probably would have ran 33:00.
Competing NAIA schools: Auburn Montgomery (5th of 6), Belhaven (4th of 6)
36Justin Braswell28:56
51Jacob Walters30:45
54Johnathan Hall31:56
57Leonard Scott32:51
60Aaron Taylor36:14
62Aaron Hargrove37:15
   Reinhardt - GA@North Georgia College Invitational5th of 7
   William Penn - IA@Doane Dean White Invitational3rd of 7
  Team Time: 146:23 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 02:51
1-7 Time Split: 03:36
Link to Results:
7Saromo Mugisha27:53.29
11Yonas Desta28:21.39
13Ochaung Akway28:39.18
35Brenice Ndayizeye30:44.54
36Tyler Connelly30:44.83
43Garrett Heckman31:17.51
46Zach Johnson31:29.47
  Embry-Riddle - FL@Embry-Riddle Asics Invitational 1st of 10
  Team Time: 2:13:07 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 94
1-5 Time Split: 1:02
1-7 Time Split: 1:36
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: This is probably the toughest course in the state of Florida. Lots of rolling hills with a both grass on mulch trails going over old sand dunes. Historically runs about a minute slow. Bett was leading race at 3 mile when Gator driver went the wrong way and took him to finish a mile and a half early. So he did not finish. Others ran full course. Carpenter (top 5 last two meets) sat out meet for team rule issue. He will be back next week. Rest of guys told to tempo through 3 then race - pack of 7 came through 3 mile just over 16 minutes.
Competing NAIA schools: Truett-McConnell, Johnson and Wales
1Alec Hernandez26:06
2Paul McKenna26:10
3Jamin Mays26:48
5Ryan Larson26:54
7Matt Graves27:08
8Jacob Dordick27:11
10Ken Pineiro27:42
 8:00AMTruett-McConnell - GA@Embry-Riddle Invitational5th of 10
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 94
Link to Results:
Competing NAIA schools: Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University; Johnson & Wales (Fla.)
  12:00PMBethany - KS@Tabor College Invite7th of 8
   Bethel - TN@Union University Invitational- Jackson, TN- Union University Campus3rd of 4
   Blue Mountain - MS@Union Invitational2nd of 4
  11:45AMYork - NE@Doane College Invite5th of 7
  Team Time: 148:21 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: 3:40
1-7 Time Split: 6:14
Course Description/Comments: Some hills, Grass, wood chips, and gravel. Better weather than last week.
Competing NAIA schools: Doane, William Penn, Briar Cliff, Grand View, Hastings
3Matthew Gastineau27:28
17Brennan Jarvis28:51
25Caleb Magner30:04
37Kyle Bottom30:48
42Jeff Austin31:08
50Jake Hasenauer32:14
58Troy Kelly33:42
  11:00AMCulver-Stockton - MO@Maryville Invitational7th of 7
  Team Time: 2:53:24.4 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 64
Link to Results:
28Riley Keleher30:22
39Billy Wilson34:00
40Eric Crawford35:57
41Brian Bangi35:58
42Kennedy Kattelman37:06
46Nate Smith40:23
  9:00AMCollege of the Ozarks - MO@Oklahoma State University Cowboy Jamboree14th of 16
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 146
Link to Results:
46Chris Mitchell28:25.83
63Travis Dillard29:07.08
83Tag Grisham30:44.15
85Dameon Davis30:49.23
87Loyal Carpenter31:07.00
92Michael Maxwell31:42.54
97Austin Wenger32:27.85
   Dordt - IA@Roy Griak Invite17th of 30
  Team Time: 140:38 Distance: 8,000 Total Runners: 409
1-5 Time Split: 00:59
1-7 Time Split: 00:59
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Tough 8k course with a lot of hills. Times seemed a little slow this year because of the heat. We had last year's #2 runner finally run a good race and was our #1 today. Still need some guys to move up, but overall a pretty good day for us.
Competing NAIA schools: INdiana Wesleyan, Lakehead, Morningside, Northwestern, Dordt, Concordia (NE), Benedictine, Valley City, Viterbo
48Nathan Jackson27:34
62Stephan McNamara27:47
94Sam Wensink28:14
110Ryan McNamara28:30
117Nick Vander Kooi28:33
125Hunter Weinert28:39
154Adam Daane29:13
  12:15PMTabor - KS@Tabor College Invitational @ Marion Reservoir-Cottonwood Point3rd of 8
  Team Time: 144:00 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 70 Course Record: 26:40
1-5 Time Split: 3:34
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Flat, thick grass on half of course, mostly dirt/grass on other half of course.
Competing NAIA schools: Friends, McPherson, Tabor, Sterling, Bethany
 11:45AMBriar Cliff - IA@Doane Invite6th of 7
  Team Time: 148:19 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 68
Link to Results: /d/2014-15/xc/deanwhitem.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Doane, Midland, William Penn, Hastings, York, Briar Cliff, Grand View
6Tommy Thelen27:51
8Mitchell Schleis27:59
24Matt Mayer29:57
41Zach Groves30:59
47Matt Koeppe31:33
54Casey McEvoy33:01
63Austin Sampson34:49
   Texas Wesleyan@University of North Texas Ken Garland Invitational, Denton, TX4th of 5
  Team Time: 110:11 Distance: 4 Miles Total Runners: 47
1-5 Time Split: 22:02
1-7 Time Split: 22:02
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Hot and humid weather. Dry winding course. Swiatocha's first competition this season. Rams finished ahead of TCU.
Competing NAIA schools: Only NCAA Division I schools: North Texas, LA Tech, UTSA, and TCU.
4Isaac Lalang20:15
15Oraine Wint21:03
33Brandon Goolsby22:39
35Nathan Garcia22:48
38David Swiatocha23:24
39Tal Thomas23:43
42Michael Vega24:04
  11:30AMIndiana Wesleyan@Griac Invitational3rd of 32
  Team Time: 135:43 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 409 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:05
1-7 Time Split: 2:45
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Very hot and humid which affected times. One team member struggled at the end of the race due to the heat and cramps. Difficult course that is hilly.
Competing NAIA schools: Morningside, Northwestern, Dordt, Concordia (Neb.), Viterbo
3Neno Bellinotti25:46
35John Wilson27:14
38Tyler Laubach27:19
46Jacob Reinking27:33
67Alex Brown27:51
99Josh Neidick28:23
111Nathan Gerick28:31
  10:45AMRio Grande - OH@Patty Forgey Invitational1st of 6
  Team Time: 137:13 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 47
1-5 Time Split: 00:18
1-7 Time Split: 00:18
Link to Results:
Competing NAIA schools: Rio Grande (Ohio), Cumberland (Tenn.) University, University of Pikeville (Ky.)
1Dallas Guy27:15
2Nate Goodhart27:23
3Blake Freed27:29
4Matt Engstrom27:33
5Lane Hagar27:33
7Kyle Sanborn27:57
16Todd Tolliver29:34
  9:30AMAuburn Montgomery - AL@Gulf Coast Stampede hosted by Univ. of West Florida - Pensacola, Fla.5th of 6
   Science & Arts@Race will be at OSU Cowboy Jamboree in StillwaterNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 146
Link to Results:
90Matthew Crow30:22
95Kyle Garretson30:27
127Sean Harvey33:06
132Manish Puri34:03
  11:00AMMissouri Baptist - MO@Maryville CC Open No Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 64
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Flat, grassy terrain
Competing NAIA schools: Culver Stockton
11Jacob Pinkley28:05.8
13Logan Jaggie28:16.2
40Collin Trower31:31.9
   Lindenwood-Belleville - IL@Maryville University Open Cncl 
 267:00PMHaskell - KS@Emporia State University InviteNo Team Score
  7:00PMTougaloo - MS@Spring Hill Gulf Coast Cross Country Classic5th of 5
  Team Time: 2:33:30.36 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 43
32Terrence Green27:19
36Nicolos Jones28:47
39Denzel Hardy32:00
40Terrel Payton32:00
41Andravious Smith33:22
43Malcolm Sanders34:34
  7:45PMAntelope Valley - CA@Bakersfield InvitattionalNo Team Score
  6:45PMCentral Christian - KS@Emporia Invitational hosted by Emporia State University14th of 15
  Team Time: 2:54:35.40 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 133
1-5 Time Split: 34:55:.08
1-7 Time Split: 34:55:.08
Link to Results:
Competing NAIA schools: Park University, Ottawa University, University of St. Mary,
33Jeremy Stark28:43.70
116Matthew Haynes34:44.70
121Josh Wardle35:42.50
127Masaki Yamashita37:07.00
130Karlo Mandani38;14.50
   Saint Mary - KS@Emporia State Invite - ran B team4th of 15
  Distance: 8k
1-5 Time Split: 02:30
Course Description/Comments: Did not run 0ur top 5 guys, only our number#6-#13 runner ran Our #6 26:34 and #7 ran great on a tough course.
  7:00PMWilliam Carey - MS@Gulf Coast Classic2nd of 5
   Viterbo - WI@St. Mary's University No Limit InvitationalNo Team Score 
   Trinity International - IL@Dupage Invitational - Glen Ellyn, Ill.17th of 19
  6:00PMCentral Methodist - MO@Augustana Brissman-Lundeen Invite15th of 38
  Team Time: 136:40 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 495
1-5 Time Split: 01:48
1-7 Time Split: 2:54
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Well groomed golf course, fairly flat but pretty hot temps in the 80 degree range. There was a good number of ranked NAIA and division III schools present. Overall we ran well, but our #4 had an off day (about a minute slow). This team will be stronger at the end of the year
Competing NAIA schools: Olivet Nazarene, Goshen, Cornerstone, St. Ambrose, Robert Morris, Mount Mercy
51Tyler Meierarend26:23
87Brett Davis26:53
134Austin Jones27:25
169Michael Neely27:48
203Ryan Dickson28:11
260Rory Concannon28:58
290Zach Feurt29:22
  7:00PMTexas at Brownsville@Islander Splash Cross Country Meet3rd of 5
  Team Time: 2:26:19.90 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 47
Course Description/Comments: West Guth Park, Corpus Christi, Texas
3David Guillen26:16.6
10Hector Becerra27:32.3
14Juan Cardenas27:58.5
25Eloy Marroquin28:50.7
44Michael Schlater35:41.8
  7:00PMPurdue Calumet - IN@Brissman Lundeen Invitational - Rock Island, Ill. 28th of 39
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 532
69Alex Cordova26:38
164Salvador Cordova27:45
309Justin Peterson29:47
324Roger Jachna29:59
339Fernando Pina30:13
387Stephen Bazjatt31:10
393Michael Buckman31:17
  5:00PMRoosevelt - IL@College of DuPage Invitational9th of 19
  6:00PMCornerstone - MI@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College12th of 38
  Team Time: 2:20:37 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 495
1-5 Time Split: 1:24
1-7 Time Split: 5:04
Course Description/Comments: Course was beautiful. Temps were 81 at race time. Sat our top 2 to be safe for minor injuries. Both should be back in Kansas. For a hot day and not many people running PR's my guys ran excellent. Top 6 ran PR's and many of them 45-60 seconds faster. They ran excellent. Top 6 today all freshmen and one soph. With top 2 in we would have been 10 seconds and 40-60 points behind Goshen. Easily Beat St Ambrose without our top 2. Goshen looks top 20. Keep an eye on us. We may take until Great Lakes or conference to get it all together but we are a solid team improving every day.
Competing NAIA schools: ONU, Goshen, Bethel (IN), Central Methodist, St Ambrose, Robert Morris, Mount Mercy,
50Kevin Vroegh26:22
76Brent Dunn26:43
115Zach Feldpausch27:11
155Jacob Benson27:40
166Trevor Curtis27:46
227Garrett Tremain28:30
399Isaac Withrow31:26
  7:00PMSt. Ambrose - IA@Brissman-Lundeen Invite Course map (8K)18th of 39
  Team Time: 137:17 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 532
1-5 Time Split: 1:15
1-7 Time Split: 2:17
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Our No. 3 (Coyer) got injured during the race and our No. 2 (Niedermeier) had his shoe stepped on and come off within the first mile... That's about how the day went for the Bees... Times were really slow compared to previous years because of temps in the 80's and a field of over 500 runners.
Competing NAIA schools: Olivet (3rd, 78 pts.), Goshen (7th, 226 pts.), Bethel (10th, 393 pts.), Cornerstone (12th, 446 pts.), Central Methodist (15th, 493 pts.), St. Ambrose (18th, 532 pts.), Robert Morris (21st, 634 pts.), Mount Mercy (26th, 738 pts.), Purdue Calumet (28th, 774 pts.),
92Ty Balduf26:56
124Jonah Niedermeier27:17
132Dean Knieps27:21
141Tanner Arntzen27:32
206Grant Colborn28:11
207Anthony Peters28:12
282Ben Coyer29:13
  7:00PMGoshen - IN@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational7th of 38
  Team Time: 131:17 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 504
1-5 Time Split: 01:29
1-7 Time Split: 02:13
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Flat, all-grass course. Large number of runners makes the course not as fast as it would appear to be. Very high level of competition. Some very good D3 and D2 schools competing in this meet.
Competing NAIA schools: Olivet Nazarene, Bethel College, Cornerstone, Central Methodist
14Ryan Smith25:33
34Jordan Smeltzer25:57
48Moses Kaelo26:17
58Isaiah Friesen26:28
101Danny Klink27:02
160Lucas Harnish27:43
165Luke Graber27:46
  6:00PMPark - MO@Emporia State University Invitational6th of 15
  Team Time: 146:25 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 132
1-5 Time Split: 03:14
Link to Results:
Competing NAIA schools: University of St. Mary (Kan.), Ottawa University, Haskell Indian Nations University
6Thomas Chelulei26:41.0
37Luke Bailey28:55.2
51Peter Frank29:17.2
52Ryan Zitter29:21.9
64Akwy Gawg29:55.5
97William Henry31:16.5
   USC Beaufort (S.C.)@UNC Charlotte Invitational6th of 11
  Team Time: 142:33 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 122 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 06:39
1-7 Time Split: 11:22
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: McAlpine Park in Charlotte---75 degrees--decent evening--course splits near finish--some runners counted as finishing when they had another mile loop to run. Did not change top results though. Vecchio, O'Neill and Rhodus continue to improve--will see where they are in six weeks. They ran conservatively though the first two miles and each picked up ten places in the last 3 miles.Our # 4 & 5 also getting better too., but probably too far back to make any impact in our conference. 8th ranked Tennessee Wesleyan is the real deal---their #1 was sick yet they still ran low 2:09 as a team averaging 25:50. The race was run with several D-1 schools and they were just nipped by Samford for the over-all win. SCAD was 4th. Their 1-3 are solid and will need 4 & 5 to get better to be considered as an at large.
Competing NAIA schools: Tennesse Wesleyan, SCAD, USCB.
7Anthony Vecchio25:57
15Nic O'Neill26:17
51Chase Rhodus27:59
103Corey Godfrey31:33
107Joel Norras32:36
116Darryl Dunham37:19
  6:45PMOttawa - KS@ESU Invitational9th of 15
  Team Time: 2:25.34.50 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 133
Link to Results:
10Jeo Mendez26:56.10
38Cole Carlson28:57.20
56Brian Newkirk29:35.10
71Evan Smith30:01.50
73Brett Simshauser30:04.20
83Caleb Love30:20.30
85Kameron Blanding30:25.10
  6:45PMSCAD Savannah - GA@UNC Charlotte Invitational4th of 11
  Team Time: 133:09 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 122 Course Record: N/A New Course Structur
1-5 Time Split: 01:22
1-7 Time Split: 02:30
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: **NOTE: The results linked and scored do not include NCAA-Division I coverage/results. Perfect race day conditions in Charlotte, NC. Around 65 degrees at the men's start. Course followed large 2-3K loops around the perimeter of McAlpine Park. Surfacing was well mown grass (2 inches in height), limestone compacted trail, and well-packed dirt trail. Course was primarily flat with a 180-200 meter hill at 5 percent grade that was repeated twice. We are still in a pretty high volume four week cycle, just beginning to focus on racing a bit faster. I am pleased with the men's progress so far this season, racing between 26:15-52 for our front four is a step in the right direction. Our 5, Joseph Macgown, has been a bit sick with the flu, while our #6 and #7 are returning from reconstructive surgery (hip) and severe Achilles tendon injuries. The men will be racing at full capacity in two weeks time on the same course.
Competing NAIA schools: SCAD-Savannah, Tennessee Wesleyan, USC-Beaufort
10Aesop Brown26:11
12Emanuel Krieg26:14
14Matthew Smith26:17
27Canaan Meester-Kitterman26:52
42Joseph Macgown27:33
57Kyler Jourdan28:08
68Sebastian O'Dell28:41
  4:00PMWashington Adventist - Md@Virginia State University Invitational 3rd of 4
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 22
Link to Results:
10Leland Pittman31:03
  6:00PMMount Mercy - IA@Augustana (Ill.) Invitational26th of 39
  Team Time: 142:27 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 532
1-5 Time Split: 03:00
1-7 Time Split: 04:39
104Tyler Keith27:04
180Evan Bowman27:55
216Anthony Kinley28:18
271Colton Blay29:06
332Eric Stevenson30:04
382Rhett Thys31:02
416Jacob Herndon31:43
  7:45PMOlivet Nazarene - IL@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational (Augustana College) Rock Island, Ill. (Saukie Golf Course)3rd of 39
  Team Time: 127:59 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 531
1-5 Time Split: 00:36
1-7 Time Split: 00:36
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Golf course with a few rolling hills. 80+ degrees & sunny. Did not run #1 man Ethan Gallagher, #3 man Ron Milbocker & #10 man Ryan Larkin due to minor injury conditions and still only 4 points from winning the meet.
Competing NAIA schools: Bethel College (IN), Cornerstone Univ (MI), Central Methodist, St Ambrose, Robert Morris, Mount Mercy & Purdue Univ Calumet
8Dylan Creger25:20
9Caleb Drake25:23
10Marshall Hawn25:27
30Andy Cowen25:53
33Mitchell Dale25:56
43Ian Lofgren26:13
54Brandon Divan26:25
  6:30PMBethel - IN@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational10th of 39
  Team Time: 134:42 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 497
1-5 Time Split: 01:27
1-7 Time Split: 02:02
Link to Results:
Course Description/Comments: Golf course, relatively flat with some slightly rolling sections. 495 total runners which slowed down some sections, but not much. We had a great 1-4 split today of 14 seconds, which was right behind Goshen's 2-4 runners. Our 5-7 runners had a rough day. We need to close that gap considerably, but overall good improvement. Olivet Nazarene looked very good (and set out 2 of top 3). Goshen may be ratable with the addition of Ryan Smith and Moses ran today as well.
Competing NAIA schools: in order of finish with current ranking if applicable: Olivet Nazarene #3, Goshen, Bethel (Ind.), Cornerstone, Central Methodist, St. Ambrose #35, Robert Morris, Mount Mercy, Purdue Calumet
63Taylor Neff26:34
68Joel Hartman26:38
75Andy Herbert26:41
82Jordan Annis26:48
187AJ Fraser28:01
220Logan Kimmel28:25
231Jarrett Walbolt28:36
  7:30PMMobile - AL@Spring Hill College Classic4th of 5
  Team Time: 124:13.79 Distance: 4 miles Total Runners: 43
Link to Results:
13Colby Verdin23:17.18
14Alex Guillory23:18.93
23Colby Quinn25:03.89
25Landon Delozier25:08.87
33John Craft27:24.92
34Conner Akey28:00.99
37Daniel Holley29:07.99
  8:00PMRobert Morris (Ill.)@Brissman Lundeen Invitational - Augustana College22nd of 40
  Team Time: 140:45 Distance: 8km Total Runners: 500
1-5 Time Split: 05:11
Link to Results:
1Mizael Carrera24:43
51Alejandro Garcia26:27
193Jesus Medina29:48
194Fabian Ocampo29:53
195Travis Lewis29:54
240Oscar Avila31:46
  5:45PMSaint Xavier - IL@College of DuPage Invite, St. James Park, Warrenville, Ill.No Team Score
  6:00PMAshford - IA@Brissman-Lundeen Invitational - Rock Island, Ill.No Team Score

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